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Hey, I could use some help! I am getting a PS4 Pro for Red Dead II as well as a new LG OLED tv (OLED65C8PUA to be precise). I always knew getting into 4K and HDR gaming was going to be more involved than plugging a console into my tv and just going but I am finding out the amount of variables and options and what needs to be turned on or off is a lot. The folks on the beastcast went down some of the set ups they had for their tvs and I've been looking through some youtube videos and reddit threads and I can't see the woods for the trees. I was just wondering if anyone has a clear set up they like or knows where I can find an easy to digest description of setting up a PS4 Pro on an OLED. And if this has been covered else where let me know.


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Look up what Digital Foundry and Rtings has to say.

I have a Samsung, not an LG so I don't want to give you false info. I can tell you HDR requires backlight and contrast at max. put color space to native. Really though rtings is your best bet. They know their stuff.

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Check RTINGS.com for starters and see if that's sufficient. This is what you want. I should also mention, if you have Facebook, and want more insight from RTINGS specifically, you can go on their Facebook page and message them and they'll reply within a day. It's pretty helpful. I would ask them the question.

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I can only echo what others are saying here. I using rtings to calibrate my tv and it looks great!

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Thank you kindly, this is all very helpful.

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Turn everything off, all 'enhancements' need to be off. HDR and OLED benefit with contrast at max.

Colour temp is a preference, I personally like W45

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I looked at rtings after I got my B7 and used a bit of what they said, but ultimately I just set what I think looks good and adjust as necessary - which isn’t often.

There was a brief period when I was obsessing over it and even considered paying someone to calibrate but... nah. Caring about a TV that much is bad for my mental health.