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Hey, I could use some help! I am getting a PS4 Pro for Red Dead II as well as a new LG OLED tv (OLED65C8PUA to be precise). I always knew getting into 4K and HDR gaming was going to be more involved than plugging a console into my tv and just going but I am finding out the amount of variables and options and what needs to be turned on or off is a lot. The folks on the beastcast went down some of the set ups they had for their tvs and I've been looking through some youtube videos and reddit threads and I can't see the woods for the trees. I was just wondering if anyone has a clear set up they like or knows where I can find an easy to digest description of setting up a PS4 Pro on an OLED. And if this has been covered else where let me know.


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Look up what Digital Foundry and Rtings has to say.

I have a Samsung, not an LG so I don't want to give you false info. I can tell you HDR requires backlight and contrast at max. put color space to native. Really though rtings is your best bet. They know their stuff.

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Check RTINGS.com for starters and see if that's sufficient. This is what you want. I should also mention, if you have Facebook, and want more insight from RTINGS specifically, you can go on their Facebook page and message them and they'll reply within a day. It's pretty helpful. I would ask them the question.

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I can only echo what others are saying here. I using rtings to calibrate my tv and it looks great!

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Thank you kindly, this is all very helpful.

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Turn everything off, all 'enhancements' need to be off. HDR and OLED benefit with contrast at max.

Colour temp is a preference, I personally like W45

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Ratings has been good for SD calibration but not HDR. Furthermore their guides are never for Game Modes, I mean they’ll tell you to turn on GM but Contrast 82 Brightness 51 Color 53 just ain’t going to be the same on Game Mode as on the THX Mode or whatever.

Furthermore, there are no calibration Blu-ray’s for HDR that I know of yet. And there’s no way to launch any calibration thing like the one built into the Xbox One while in 4K or HDR modes. (The dashboard of the Xbox One is Native 720p regardless of what you set the output to.) That insects demo thing is useless too, it simply doesn’t have the 16-235 bars or a contrast demo that truly lets you know if you’re clipping data. It’s like trying to calibrate an audio system just by listening to the THX Wail over and over again.

It’s a shame. So much stuff works when set to Auto on PS4 and Xbox One, like enabling 4K, enabling 24hz, RGB limit or full... and get there are extra settings you have to do guesswork with. HDR looks non existent on my new B8 OLED despite having double the peak brightness sustained brightness and color volume of my 2016 Samsung. The black levels look amazing, but I can’t seem to get HDR to work on it, games like Forza H4 look the same as on the old TV we just got rid of. There’s this weird unexplained Use YCC 420 HDR setting on Xbox, and that doesn’t seem to hange things to my eyes

My recommendation, since we’re talking about buying $1,500-2,500 TVs here, we should save up the $250-350 required to get them professionally calibrated by a Robert Heron type .

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I looked at rtings after I got my B7 and used a bit of what they said, but ultimately I just set what I think looks good and adjust as necessary - which isn’t often.

There was a brief period when I was obsessing over it and even considered paying someone to calibrate but... nah. Caring about a TV that much is bad for my mental health.