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#51 Posted by NegativeCero (3141 posts) -

VI and IX are my favorites of the two eras I guess you can call them (9 being my overall in the series). I feel like the characters in both of these games are so strong. Also, 9 is charming as hell.

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#52 Posted by Alkaiser (394 posts) -

@AuthenticM said:

If you can only get two, buy VIII and IX. VII has not aged very well, graphics or gameplay. But whatever you do, do NOT buy V or VI. They are horrendous ports with incredible loading times.

Eh, yeah the translation is pretty haphazard for 5, but I don't recall any glaring load times. Then again I'm probably more tolerant towards that stuff then most people. Also, that JOB SYSTEM.

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#53 Posted by Selidos (39 posts) -

Really quite surprised to see all the love for IX even if it is my favorite FF game. Never knew as many other people loved it.

I would go with VI and IX.

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#54 Posted by falconpunch (181 posts) -

6 and 9. The best Final Fantasy Games of their respective systems. (in my opinion)