PSP emulation poor performance but not working the CPU or GPU

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Does anyone have experience with running PPSSPP in Launchbox? I'm getting crap performance from all games, but task manager is showing the cpu and gpu have plenty or processing power to spare. I haven't found any answers regarding the low cpu and gpu usage, but plenty of information to improve performance. I would assume that means their computers are finding it difficult to run the games. Not applicable to me. Any advice would be appreciated before I take to reddit. Thanks

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After testing other systems and getting similar results and installing PPSSPP manually and not through RetroArch, I figured out RetroArch was the problem. I searched for answers to RetroArch emulators running slow in LaunchBox and found a dude having the same problem. The monitor/TV was running at 30Hz instead of 60Hz for some weird reason. I changed it to 60Hz and the other emulators are running at full speed now.