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Anyone else having problems with playlists? i cant seem to make any playlists, they just 404 when i click play (any playlist after the number rolled over from 99999 to 100000 doesn't work)

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@redpandarawr: Now that's embarrassing. Give me a minute to fix it.

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@szlifier daft idea (and probably harder than it sounds to implement) but what about some sort of refresh/randomizer button for the four featured highlights on the main landing page, where upon click it puts another four highlights from the pool up instead of the current ones?

I ask because I keep getting the three highlights "monotone is sexy", "the origins of the word cockpit" and "vinny makes a cameo" all the time when I come to the landing page. I don't know if I've gone through every highlight possible (I doubt it?) but for some reason those three keep coming back to haunt me.

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@dudeglove: yeah, I always forget to do something with those tiles. Right now they show only what I "promote". The things you watch then diseappear and make place for the next one on the list. I should be "promoting" more of them much more often. Then I can add this randomizer.

I also want to categorize highlights in some way.

I would also like to create a Chrome addon for the site that will integrate highlights into the home GB page and also list highlights under videos like on qlcrew.

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It's been a few months since I've been able to get playlists to play any videos. I've tried Chrome, Edge, and Brave browsers all with the same result -- the video box never pulls in and plays the video. However the description for the video does pull in beneath the frame.

Here's an example list http://qlcrew.com/playlist/id-130287/

Love the product and appreciate your hard work @szlifier

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@b3arshark: Having the same issue. Help us, QLCrewcrew, you're our only hope.

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Any way we can get a ”jump to page” function? As in, if there’s 40 pages of video and I want to skip to page 23. Thanks for the invaluable website, you should get paid for this.

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@b3arshark: @pr0p: The fix is on the way. It should be working tomorrow.

@hnke: I will work on that. In the meantime, you can change the page number in the address bar. Not ideal, but works.

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Any reason https upgrade isn't forced?

Keep up the great work.

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Firstly, great work on the site! Allows some wonderful binging!

Now to be annoying :(

Playlists now display for me, however on chrome it shows the video, then moves to the next. Firefox seems to work (though some times it skips too)

Looking at the console when this occurs I get an error like this;

(index):438 Uncaught ReferenceError: VK_PAUSE is not defined

at HTMLDocument.remote ((index):438)

I am not sure if that is the cause of it moving onto the next video before the current loads?

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Just wanted to poke my head in here and mention that I've started getting a CloudFlare 523 error. First appeared an hour or so ago for me.

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Just went premium again after a break and qlcrew.com is saying to can’t retrieve my key from Giant Bomb. Am I doing something wrong?

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Error 523 origin is unreachable says cloudflare