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My "Giant Bomb" History

Giant Bomb, in my opinion, is the best website ever. I have been following Ryan, Jeff, Brad, and Vinny since the Game Spot days, well when they were actually working for Gamespot. After the "Incident" that lead to Jeff leaving, I was sad. He had become one of my favorite critics. So to see Giant Bomb's birth and continued existence has been very inspiring. I believe Giant Bomb can do no wrong and will watch everything and anything that features a member from this great site, multiple times. I might be ignorant and what I am about to ask might already exist but, I shall ask anyways.

The Real Request

I would like Giant Bomb to have a "Random Video Button" in the video section of the site. This RVB would have a filter for what kind of random video it would spit out; endurance run, TANG, events, quick look, featured and subscriber. This way I could discover old videos that I might want to watch again, instead of going seven pages deep in the quick look section (or any section) and picking a video. If I wanted to stop watching a particular video for another one, I would simply hit the RVB with a filter checked or unchecked and a new video would be there for me to decide to watch, not watch, or skip to a new video. So please Giant Bomb take up valuable time building a feature of the site to appease one person, me.

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I would totally use this, hell even if they took trailers out of the pool it would be an improvement.

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Yeah I really come to Giant Bomb for the commentary of the crew on games, not the games themselves.

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@Paboned: There is a random button on all of the video pages, but it doesn't have any filters like you want. Its possible that they could add something like that for the new site design.

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Thank you Ventilaator, thank you.

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@thebroken: Wow, four years and I never noticed that.

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