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#101 Posted by Vexxan (4635 posts) -

4 stars, would be cool to see some more livestreams other that TNT.

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#102 Posted by Kyreo (4680 posts) -

@ManlyBeast said:

4 stars. 5 star if Patrick would learn to speak less in the podcast and if he wasn't in 3/4 of the quick looks.

This, completely.

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#103 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

@Kyreo said:

@ManlyBeast said:

4 stars. 5 star if Patrick would learn to speak less in the podcast and if he wasn't in 3/4 of the quick looks.

This, completely.

People I present you the jocks of the internet.

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#104 Edited by Kyreo (4680 posts) -

@Bourbon_Warrior said:

@Kyreo said:

@ManlyBeast said:

4 stars. 5 star if Patrick would learn to speak less in the podcast and if he wasn't in 3/4 of the quick looks.

This, completely.

People I present you the jocks of the internet.

I love Patrick and what he has done for the site in terms of writing, I just hate his voice. And I would appreciate it if you did not associate me with sports enthusiasts. Thank you, and good day.

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#105 Posted by sungahymn (1171 posts) -

4 stars. Could've done better, but it's still a great website.

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#106 Edited by Marokai (3684 posts) -

3 Stars. It's the best in it's class, but it's class also sucks. Setting aside the future implications of the sale to CBS, it created a months-long rut in the middle of the year where content was a wasteland for a time. There seems to be less emphasis being placed on premium content in comparison to the end of last year and the first couple months of this year, and while the site has improved from it's slow pace in the middle third of the year, it's not shown any inclination of beefing up premium content frequency or getting their atrocious time management in order. 
But when content is there, the site is fantastic, and the quality of discourse on the site among the crew and among the community still places Giant Bomb head and shoulders above the tone and quality of discourse in GB's competition. Still, the site has been incredibly inconsistent this year, and the crew themselves feel detached from their community more and more as time goes on, and there's area for improvement. I worry about them becoming more complacent in financial security, but look forward, eagerly, to being proved wrong.

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#107 Posted by Captain_Insano (3133 posts) -

I would love some Spoilercasts for games that they dance around on the podcast. Things such as ME3, The Walking Dead or even Sleeping Dogs would benefit from a short, half hour discussion of what the hell happened in the story. I miss those.

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#108 Edited by Superfriend (1730 posts) -


I have to say, after this year I really kinda understand some of the hate Patrick gets. He seems to be in every Quicklook and I really, honestly think he has added to the crews growing negativity towards EVERYTHING. A lot of the content is still amazing, the bombcast is somewhat entertaining, at least compared to other podcasts out there but there´s a lot of things wrong with the site:

- They do Quicklooks for games that don´t deserve it- and even worse: They quicklook games that they have little to no interest in. This needs to stop.

- With the amount of time Jeff, Vinny and Ryan (?) seem to be involved in corporate meetings, they need another crew member. Desperately. R. O. R. I. E.

- They seem overworked, not sleeping at all, not having fun anymore a lot of the time. This is absolutely horrible for a site like GB

- They need to have more guest appearances on the bombcast, as well as the video productions. Why not try some Gamespot crossover? I know they did some appearances over there, so why not the other way around. Sessler on the podcast was a goddamn revelation. Too bad he joined Rev3.

- I miss their random game playing streams. This should replace TNT if they don´t have anything interesting to play. The SNES has a lot of hidden gems and very obscure (Japanese) games. Not just Tetris Battle Gaiden.

- Most importantly: You guys are no movie critics. Story is kinda important, but it ain´t everything. GAMES are based on a thing called gameplay. A lot of you seem to forget that sometimes. "Yeah the story is kinda dumb *5 Minutes rambling about how *bad* the story in a videogame is* but the gameplay is superb, so yeah"

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#109 Posted by Ghostiet (5832 posts) -


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#110 Posted by sub_o (1037 posts) -

Jeff's badumb jokes: 5/5

Patrick's news stories: 5/5

Vinny's son: 5/5

GiantBomb's anime editor's anime and furry recommendations: 5/5

Ryan Davis' China Don't Care shirt: 5/5

Supreme Leader Drew's North Korea propaganda: 5/5

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#111 Posted by Claude (16661 posts) -

I choose other motherfucker.

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#112 Posted by Winternet (8412 posts) -

I'm way too biased to do take a solid stance on this subject.

And yes, it's 5 stars.

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#113 Posted by mrcraggle (3041 posts) -

I'd still give the site a 5/5 despite the downtime with all of what happened with WM.

We still got a ton of QLs in a time when no games were coming out(335 QLs as of this posting vs 343 2011), Drew going to North Korea, awesome as always BLLSL despite the lack of other sites, 7+ hours of Wii U content, #teambrad, Doom II, Lantern Run, more dumb shit Vinny could do with the tricaster, Girlfriend, Sim Golf and a ton more.

Disappointments for this year have to be a lack of proper endurance run, no more interns to do the side stuff for the Youtube channel, meaty subscriber content(site beta may make up for this).

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#114 Posted by Petiew (1455 posts) -

I feel like there's a lot less variety in the content. No TANG, no endurance run, no video reviews. I had a premium membership up untl this years BLLSL, but for a majority of my subscription there was a serious lack of any worthwhile premium content. Ocassionally they'll try something new and fun, but these are few and far between. Usually there will a decent decent stream of premium content after the BLLSL and then they'll forget about it.
If they really stop reviews altogether like some people have been suggesting I'll most likely stop visiting. More of a personal opinion, but I rarely watch the quick looks these days.

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#115 Posted by kingofpeanuts (566 posts) -

@Petiew: I agree, if it doesn't improve by the next BLLSL then I won't renew.

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#116 Posted by kadayi (192 posts) -

I voted 4, but reading the comments I think a 3s probably more in order (still subbing though). Albeit I enjoy the quicklooks (though let's be honest here they're never quick) I wouldn't be against the odd video review now and then and those just don't seem to be happening any more. Upto now I've been ambivalent about Patrick, however I have begun to notice that he does interrupt like a mofo on the Bombcast at times and cuts people off mid flow (esp Brad) which is kind of unwarranted. They need to put him on suppressants or decaf coffee so he'll let other people get a word in edge ways tbh.

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#117 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

4. The decreased amount of content is understandable, all things considered.

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#118 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

Pretty tame. I don't care to listen to pod casts and the quick looks are pretty painful at times. I'd like to see some actual journalism and see stories or such. Thats why I miss mags from five years ago, they always had great little features and specials.

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#119 Posted by HalfDane1975 (260 posts) -


In other words GREAT !

Patrick has been a good addition with his news sence and seriousness.

I love the bommbcasts and many of the quicklooks. More Dave Sneider and PC game content please and above all , like someone said before me , DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE FUN! It's key !

//Greetings from Sweden !

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#120 Posted by statiknights (33 posts) -

I would give it 5 out of 5, but I just found you this year so I want to leave room for improvement! I also do not have a previous year to compare to, but rest assured you have become my #1 source for game related news and content, I will be around for a while to come yet.

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#121 Edited by Hunter5024 (6705 posts) -

I kind of regret the 4 out of 5 now, because really I don't think its fair to judge them before GOTY, that was my favorite content last year and it could earn them a 5th star. Also I feel like this year set them up for a great sequel next year, and there's some value in that.

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#122 Posted by Spaceyoghurt (166 posts) -

Has been a pretty mediocre year, but with some real highlights like #TeamBrad, Random PC-Games, Drew flying crazy planes etc. But as a subscriber I feel a bit disappointed in the lack of premium content. But I'll cut them some slack, hoping they will deliver a lot better next year. 4 stars.

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#123 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

Four out of Five myself. It's still the only gaming site (not counting Team Liquid or joindota, which is not at ALL the same) that I go to, I stopped coming for a few months but have gotten back into it more, especially recently. The wiki has also become way more useful to me than I felt it was a year ago. Could be more video content I guess, but overall very happy with GB for the most part and will keep coming here. Excited for the GOTY stuff, it lets me know what games I'll be buying when they go on sale next year :p

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#124 Posted by g6065 (291 posts) -

2 stars and the removal of my premium membership : (

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#125 Posted by monsterelite (22 posts) -

Fan-Fucking-Tastic 5/5

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#126 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1841 posts) -

Flame shield up, I said 4, the content from the staff is top notch as always, the community however not so much. aside from a few people this place is a shadow of its former self in terms of community, Hence the knock of a star.

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#127 Posted by kingofpeanuts (566 posts) -

@Superfriend: I agree. I hope it improves