Recommendations for a good monitor

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I am looking to buy a new gaming PC here in the near future and am having trouble deciding on a monitor. I've thought about ultra wide, 4k, curved, etc.

Can you recommend a good monitor? Price isn't too much of a concern but cheaper is always preferred. I'll post the PC specs below.

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • DRAM
    32GB 2666MHZ DDR4
    1TB M.2 NVME SSD
  • PSU
    500W SFX, 80 PLUS GOLD
  • OS

Here are a couple of the monitor's I've been looking at

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What kind of games do you play? 1440p 144hz IPS monitors with gsync are pretty damn slick, but 4k HDR looks beautiful.

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@css_switchfoot: Really anything and everything. In the near future, looking forward to playing Battlefield V and Forza Horizon 4

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Take a look at the top FPS streamers on twitch. Shroud, summit, etc, and see what they rock. It's a good launchpad for monitor research.

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I'd go with one of the 1440p or 1080p gsync high refresh rate low lag monitors and leave it at that. I'm not familiar with every monitor on the market, but ASUS's PG series seems to have a lot to recommend it, including aforementioned low input lag. Also, the PG279Q's price seems to be dipping a bit lately.

(I have a GTX 1070, went with a PG248Q. Really just wanted a monitor that my card would consider child's play, and that would display fighting games with minimal lag without screen tearing, and didn't want a 1080p signal to display awkwardly. If I had my decision again, one thing which might make me favour splashing out extra cash for the PG279Q might be IPS, since configuring colours on the TN panel was a bit unpleasant, but I got it into a good place.)

I wouldn't look at 4K monitors. I don't get the impression that the 1080Ti handles 4K comfortably at high framerates, standardization around 4K HDR adaptive-sync is a total mess that will hopefully change, and the monitors that do all that stuff at once are ridiculously expensive early adopter things that will likely be rendered obsolete if the market shifts to good standards.

I personally wouldn't want to be on the market for PC monitors right now. Nvidia basically owns the high-end GPU market, and they're using that control to proprietarize the next generation of video standards: adaptive sync, HDR, etc. Maybe with Intel supposedly entering the market by 2020, or if AMD's next generation of GPU tech surprises us and manages to compete with Nvidia at the top, we'll see GPU hardware commoditize and open standards like freesync/freesync 2 and HDMI 2.1 prevail. Until then, I think buying into 4K HDR is risky.

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@fnrslvr: 1080 Ti can do 4k 60 on most games with minor dips but I wouldn't expect that to last too much longer (for cutting edge titles).

I usually play on my monitor and sometimes play games on my TV at 4k (like Forza Horizon). At 1440P I'm usually over 100 FPS on any game maxed out.

Any monitor from the last 2-3 years that has 1440P and G-Sync will be a solid buy! I would spring for an IPS if possible

I'm going to try and avoid upgrading for at least another year, I think 60 FPS average at my monitor resolution should still be attainable.

My TV is HDR and I'm not impressed with it. I don't think HDR is much of a selling point (it's not a fake HDR).

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8700K, 1080Ti and a 500W SFX power supply? Dude, no! Get something that's 650W-700W. 80+ Gold is perfect.

Also, SFX means that it's a small form factor for Mini-ITX builds, which judging by what you listed, is not what you're going for, I think?

So, yeah, 650W-700W. Definitely.

Sorry for being off-topic.

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@therealseaman: yeah, that's roughly where I figured the 1080Ti was. I wouldn't feel great about pairing that with a PG27UQ.

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@mak_wikus: 500W is enough, his system will likely only peak at a little under 400w and that's only if both the CPU and GPU are at 100% usage sustained (not likely to happen on games).

My 7700k and 1080 Ti don't even go over 350w playing PUBG. I have all my USB ports filled too.

Intel and Nvidia are very efficient. I believe some are even running 1080 Ti SLI on 500w PSUs but that would be cutting it too close for me.

I have a 650W PSU and should have saved some money.

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@mak_wikus: I will definitely look into that. It's not that much more money for a 650w (another $30 or so). Thanks for the advice. Better to be safe than sorry when you are spending $3,000 on a PC lol.

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Since you have the specs for it, you should get an ultrawide. It makes a much bigger difference in how games look and feel than 4K does. I have a relatively early 34” that is limited to 100 Hz and has some scanlines and I would not trade it for any recent fancy 4K 16:9 monitor.

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Take a look at this monitor:

I linked the 32" because it's on sale for only $50 more than the 27" which would probably be amazing if you have the room for it. I'm not sure if that size a monitor would take away from it being 1440p or not so that's another thing. From what I understand the footprint is rather large as well.
I got Samsung's 27" QLED 144hz 1080p gaming monitor around the holidays and I'm pretty happy with it but man I wish I got this one instead. I'd typically suggest an ASUS (specifically the one you already linked) or another brand that comes to mind when thinking about PC gaming but figured hey, Samsung makes great TVs and phone screens for themselves and other companies why not take a chance.
The HDR isn't really a factor for me but says the 32" model has a peak brightness of 600 nits which I believe is the bare minimum to qualify for HDR. The size, resolution, response time, refresh rate, and colors pretty much tick all the boxes for me with this monitor.
Anyway, just thought I'd add another option! Take a look and happy deciding! : )