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I've been playing rdr2 now for 2 years. I hate john marston and think its biggest demotion in the world to be king bad ass Arthur Morgan get him next to unstoppable everyday I play my ps4 has never had internet so its original u actually get to play as a real outlaw would committing B AND E on locked doors scoping out house to steal best horses and get money. Y any means you can that's ac n outlaw and doing so I have a certain way to play that in first 3 hours I have 3 epilogue horses and a tamed white arabian staying far away from missions except 3 both hosea ones to get map kill bear open closer fence by end of chapt2 all legendary ch2 animals killed including master 10 panther every challenge has a very easy way to complete east satchel right away I Donald tomahawak challenges before it even unlocked by the one you find.. by chapter 4 before you start bronte you gotta be prepared to go str8 to na make one big loop getting herbalist 9,10 only left and 3 leg anim and otis miller gun and then get east suit I hate to were so remains on horse and I found a way to keep 3 talons highlighted .and to were you can were gator talon before he's killed only disappears if you you cut hair I keep my boy clean shaven and w slick hair pomades with modified expensive suits type clothes and even though I leave dumb ass 3 or 4 million everytime and all my guns I ve DDT y rarely finish with him I'll start back over but I've asked rockstar to make a revamped version were Arthur lenny and charles leave dutch in ch 1 and go else were and he lives. I even talked to the guy who plays Arthur and liked idea and poster I made 4 fun...why there sitting on a gold mine and don't mind coming out with milkweed is my question we have enough gta. And if this is my last game I buy cuz I won't buy another without Arthur morgan then whatever but I finally figured out how to put arthur in to epilogue taking John's place so till I see a revamped version or a 3 with Arthur it has to do also I hate how it forces you to follow a game is made from choices my Arthur was so strong I could hog tie the entire odricol camp and i took out every army guy on cliff in front top and side so we didn't have to jump and they both holstered there weapons then had heart attacks. Or I'm on the roof of st Denis bank money in hand I promise you I could of made it back to camp instead of stupid guarm and the entire camp treats Arthur like shit and I'm providing for them and they don't even care I'm dying and Abigail's a damn rat to her and micah so I love arthur to death he should have lived and rest can rot except lenny charles and uncle..