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#1  Edited By Giantkitty

I'm appealing the concept of "flop" (sometimes called "bombing" - but since there are bomb objects and the act of bombing in video games, people saying you're "the bomb," and this site is called Giant Bomb, made me go to flop).

It was rejected because it was too subjective, but then why do we have a "classic" concept? This is just the opposite of that. Plus I put it in terms of losing more money than came in, so there is a non-subjective aspect, and you can't just put any game that doesn't sell well - some games have a low budget so they only need to sell a few copies. I also added that it has to be either really bad or really over-hyped - some games are good games and don't do well saleswise, but I wouldn't call them a flop. I know there will be some-mislabeling of games (I hate it, so it must be a flop), but that can be done for any concept. I'd hate to see this concept left out of here.