Remasters you expect or even hope to be made on next-gen? Or, just back compat?

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I didn't want to fit it into the title, but in addition to the topic title, do you think there'll be a pervasiveness of them like this generation considering there may be back compat on next-gen consoles? Sadly, come to think of it, there really isn't that many games I can actually think of that I care to see remastered on next-gen. I guess the only ones that come to mind currently is 2018's God of War and Spider-Man, where it can handle a steady 60fps at 4K (doing away with the decent enough, but still not ideal checkerboard rendering or dynamic resolution). That said, it'd probably have to do a little more than that considering what we already have is impressive as is. As an example, with Spider-Man they could make the city feel more bustling from the distance, where you're sitting on top of the tallest buildings and you can still see people and cars going down below as opposed to empty streets or simply fewer things going on [better draw distance]. And if even possible, implement raytraced reflections so as you're climbing up buildings you can see all of the city in the windows.

There isn't anything on Microsoft's console that I want a remaster for, and while you can, I am personally not really taking Nintendo into account. Well, okay if I am, I wouldn't mind seeing Breath of the Wild in 4k/60fps, but I kind of doubt that'll happen from Nintendo any time soon unless this rumored 'Switch Pro' does something like it. Obviously, or at least it seems to me remasters haven't been something people fell in love with, at least in terms of the idea of them. If nothing else, going back to backward compatibility, it'd be really neat if Microsoft keeps on going with their enhancements, and PlayStation follows suit in some way. I'm curious to know if there's anything that you would like to see be remastered. In my opinion, the whole 8k thing is a bit pointless right now, so hoping and wanting remasters to target 8k is not something I care about right now. On a bit of an off-topic note, though this got me thinking about it, I wonder if Nioh would be able to do 4K/60fps on the Xbox One X?

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There aren't many games that got remastered from last gen that I think where particularly worth of getting a remaster either. In fact most of them I'd put down as being done as a stopgap to get something released onto the newest console.

I'm not against remasters but I also do not need them if I can just play the game via backwards compatibility.

Anything outside of the Nintendo stuff that got remastered for Switch from Wii U - because nobody bought a Wii U.

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I usually just selfishly want stuff I haven't played, that are hard to come by, or didn't spend enough time with and got rid of for some reason. Love to see the Otogi games, preferably on the PS 'cause I don't see myself owning an Xbox again. Still mad at myself for selling those games and the OG Xbox. Another one would be Kingdom Under Fire. I have a list of re-releases I'd like to see and here are some of them: Asura's Wrath, Drivers: SF, Shadow Hearts 1 & 2, Shadow of Rome, Valkyrie Profile 2. On the Nintendo side Paper Mario: TTYD and F-Zero GX.

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Demon Souls would made the most sense cause a lot off people don't own a PS3 but do own a PS4.

And as far as Breath of the wild goes in 4K/60fps there's some stuff out there that might interest you :D.

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Nothing this generation I can think of. PS3 has a bunch though, I'm mostly hoping PS3 games work with the PS5 because I still have all my games, I just really dislike playing them in 720p.

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I'd also like the Otogi games to be backwards compatible which seems possible. I'm not sure what i'd pay for though, MS back compat is nice because I still have all my discs. I doubt Sony will do the same thing with PS2 discs but if so, then Viewtiful Joe 1&2, Onimusha 4, THPS 3&4, THUG1&2, Persona 3 and a myriad of other JRPGs. The list goes on.

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The original 4 Dot Hack games. I adored those so much in my youth, and while G.U. is fine I don't think it has near the charm or story of the originals. I was hoping the G.U. Re-release was them moving towards remastering the original 4, though I know it's highly unlikely because they are dated as hell and the gameplay isn't really "good"....or anywhere close to good. But god damn if the world of The World isn't a memorizing place in those 4 games.

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God Hand.

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I don't think anything this gen needs or will get a remaster. I think we'd be more likely to see stuff from 360/ps3.

God of War 2018 and spider man won't happen because they will be backwards compatible(more or less confirmed from Cerny).

I would be willing to put money on an ME Trilogy, for Bioware to get some good faith out there in preparation for a new ME entry.

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A good PC port or remaster of Fable II would be sweet.
Can't say I expect it but it would be sweet, so let's call it "hoping".
I'm mainly playing on PC these days so "next-gen" isn't really something relevant.

Furthermore I would say that remasters or ports from current gen to next gen feels a bit too soon in many cases. Let the desire cook for a while I say.

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I'll take Demon's Souls just to finally put that long-standing rumour to rest.

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After the dissapointing Metal Gear Survive sales, Konami tries to hit it big one more time by remaking MGS3 in the fox engine using the assets from that one pachinko machine.

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@ripelivejam: Hell yes TIE Fighter (also, Dark Forces, plis!)

I just watched the original (batshit insane) Dune movie from 1984, and it made me REALLY nostalgic for 2001's Emperor: Battle for Dune. Hell, I'd look forward to any Dune based video game nowadays.

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@dasakamov: Mostly being facetious since the topic was about current gen stuff carrying over to next gen. Still one can dream. Considering Fallen Order is coming maybe a good modern star wars sim is possible...

ps3 but never played the Resistance games which might be nice to see carried over.

Switch wise I'd like to see Wonderful 101 and Super Mario 3d Land get ported over. Think thats pretty much it for wii u titles left though. Wind Waker would be nice but that may be dipping into that well once too often.

I think most games this gen could use a 60fps/4k boost so honestly a little hard to pick. Though if you have PC you're covered for most of that. It's actually a little weird now that Last of Us was last gen. I keep tying it to the current generation.

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Not exactly this gen, (or last), but if love Okami to get the same treatment on ps5 that Wind Waker got on Wii U.

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I'll join those saying Demon's Souls Remaster, but with a reworked world tendency system.

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Titanfall 1. It honestly looked fine and played even better, but I'd like to see it get a second chance in 4K HDR, especially since a bunch of folks missed out on it. Hell, release Titanfall 2 with it, because both games kinda deserved better circumstances than they got.

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I'm convinced that Nintendo is going to continue their pattern of remastering Zelda games by putting out a version of Skyward Sword for the Switch that has all of the motion control stuff yanked out of it; the Metroid Prime Trilogy, as well.

As for whether or not this current wave of remasters etc becomes the standard, who knows?

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@soulcake: No, not emulation which I wouldn't be able to do with my PC, but yeah it looks pretty good if that's what you're referring to. I've watched some 4k 60fps gameplay of it on YouTube several times. I don't even love Breath of the Wild, I just think it'd be cool to see it in 4k at 60fps.


Some have already mentioned it, but heck yeah Demon's Souls! That said, I kind of feel like if anything it'd be for this generation, not next. Some believe it's the game Bluepoint Games is currently working on, and it'd be using an updated version of the engine used for Shadow of the Colossus, which would be impressive. I don't know if that's what they're really making, but it'd be cool.

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@frodobaggins: Didn't it though? Or are you saying a bit more in terms of a visual upgrade as opposed to just an up in res? You can basically play Okami on any current console now, and at 4k. I really would like a sequel on consoles.

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I want Asura's Wrath and El Shaddai as...honestly, a pc release; that way you can possibly mod, reshade, config anything ya want and run it at possibly any res/framerate combination too.

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I bet near launch or about a year into the next consoles lifespan we get a Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition with a certain extra character, as is tradition at this point. A re-release of Red Dead Redemption 2 seems like a decent bet too(more so just to get RDR Online on another console) and I wouldn't be shocked if Kingdom Hearts 3: Final Mix also happens. Personally, I'd like to see a remaster of Alien: Isolation if just to get that game into more peoples hands.

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@ntm: Yeah, I'm not one for technical specs or what have you but to me Wind Waker HD was a massive step up, almost made it a different game for me. I played the re release of Okami on ps3 but it didn't seem as major an upgrade. Granted I haven't played it on ps4. Yes a sequal (on console) is a pipe dream of mine too.

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I think a PC backlog and easyish access to a 360 puts most of my yearning for remakes or updates to the back of my brain, but there are a few games that I would love to see have a full on update/remake rather than HDing them up.

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, Psi-Ops and Eternal Darkness were all games I enjoyed upon release but going back to them is tough due to their outdated controls and systems. So, in new engines, I think I'd like to get hold of those to try.

I'd definitely pick up some Amiga/Atari ST collections with art and extras if there were more out there that I could pop on a Steam or other available launcher account. Emulation is okay for those systems but the games were mostly bad, so having some of the history around them would be nicer than just playing them.

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@panfoot: I would have liked to see Alien: Isolation be enhanced on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. It's my favorite game of 2014 (it or Dragon Age: Inquisition), and I still play it from time to time.

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My current hope is the back compat combined with support of variable resolution or increased framerate cap via update. So the games that scale on current consoles keep all the way up of the resolution scale they support or framerate, with possible upgrade to 60fps where possible. No need to re-sell those games, although I didn’t mind it this gen at all - never understood the backlash those practises got.

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Shadowrun on Sega Genesis...and leave the fucking music alone, it’s already perfect.

KOTOR and KOTOR 2 (with the cut content restored and a proper ending).

An all 4k Metal Gear saga that ties into current-tech remakes of Metal Gear 1 and 2...I know, post-Kojima, this may by Silent Hill Collection-levels of terrible...

Silent Hill 1-3...throw in Shattered Memories for good measure...Silent Hill 2 and 3 were done dirty with that 360/PS3 remaster...let’s do better, Konami!

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They should make a new NOLF. If it's a rights issue, just drop the HARM organization & Cate Archer. As long as it retains the 60's vibe, the clever dialogs & the smart spy lady that uses gadgets you got what you want.

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@nutter: Man, largely because they decanonized the KOTOR games, I find it hard to want to get through them despite actually liking the games way more than any of the movies. It probably shouldn't matter as much to me, but canon plays a big part in wanting to play or watch things. I'd love for Konami to put something Silent Hill or MGS related out that's actually good, but at this point, I have very little confidence that'll ever happen.

@onemanarmyy: I agree that another No One Lives Forever would be great! That said... That has nothing to do with the topic, ha ha. On a side note, if you didn't know already, you can (and it seems legal considering it was Monolith themselves that pointed me toward it) freely play all the NOLF games. That's how I finally got to play the first one last year after having wanted to for so many years. I really enjoyed it. I should have gone back through two but stopped somewhere into it.

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@ntm: I actually totally forgot about the whole decanonizing thing with Star Wars.

I’m trying to think of a franchise where I’d be bothered if an IP holder decanonized something I love, but I really don’t think I’d care what a board room thinks about some fiction I like.

If Breaking Bad had a season or the whole run decanonized for the sake of Better Call Saul, I really don’t think it would bug me. The fiction is out there. I’d find the decision stupid, but Breaking Bad wouldn’t change for me.

The Godfather movies, Alien, The Man with no Name trilogy...wouldn’t care. I already have what I love.

The only thing that would maybe bug me (and I might find it fittingly absurd) would be if Kojima made another Metal Gear and decanonized something super lore heavy like Snake Eater or MGSIV. Frankly, I think I’d find the absurdity amusing and in-line with the bananas direction that franchise has taken...

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Yeah i know about it. That's how i replayed both games last year. Still had a ton of fun with both games, but NOLF2's interconnected levels only really worked out in the snow level where you start planting bombs on bridges in the earlier levels & then let them explode as you escape. Some of the indoor levels had a real bad spawnbox problem as well while NOLF1 didn't have that problem.

But yeah, this is all quite offtopic, my bad.

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@nutter: Yeah, it shouldn't bother me, especially when whatever was decanonized is better than a lot of what's canon, but it does. I'm speaking mostly Star Wars here; there are a lot of things in other franchises that have been considered non-canon in which I'm totally fine with, like AVP.

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THQ Nordic will put out another version of Darksiders and I will buy it because I’m an idiot.

It's the one active property they bought with any clout, to be fair. Unless they fancy remastering the Timesplitters series. That would be cooler.

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While i agree that they don't have many IP that strike me as potential mainstream hits, i do think they have some that could end up becoming profitable 15-30$ B-games. I'm looking at

Honestly, i feel like they did quite some savvy business picking up a sizeable library on the cheap.

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@onemanarmyy: I would love a new Red Faction in the vein of the original, which was kind of like Half-Life but had destructible environments. The first is still my favorite one. When I made this thread, I wasn't thinking of previous generations, but if we do go back that far, I think a full-on remaster (or, visual remake) of the Soul Reaver games would be awesome. There are a bunch from previous generations though. I mean, IO has Freedom Fighters under their belt, using their ever increasingly updated engine, they could remaster Freedom Fighters. That's still my favorite IO game. These are things, however, that can be remastered for this-gen, so it's not really what I meant. I think RDR2 is one that looks extremely good this-gen, and I'd be interested to see what can be improved and worked on for a next-gen version. The jump that GTA 5 did from original to remaster was great.

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Viewtiful Joe.

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It would be quite a lot of work but I wouldn't mind a Mass Effect trilogy remastered, maybe with the gameplay of the first remade to be like the second and third. Two generations past is a nice bump.