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in the quentin tarantino movie Reservoir dogs who killed nice guy eddie? no one whas shooting at him

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E.T maybe or jhonny number 5

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He was caught in the crossfire

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Either he was caught in the crossfire, or Mr. Orange shot him while he was on the floor. Can't recall.

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#5 Edited by Meliv (96 posts) -

Mr. White shot him as he went down

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#6 Posted by lux (129 posts) -

Mr. White

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orange whas on the floor bleeding out and he dint have his wepon mr white whas aiming at his boss his boss whas aiming at Mr. orange and nice guy eddie whas aiming at Mr white no one whas aiming at nice guy eddie ( Mr pink whas hiding under a ramp)

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Watch the clip again. You'll notice Mr Whites gun ejects smoke (with no flash) when he shoots Joe and flashes when he shoots Nice Guy Eddie. The two reasons for this are:

Prop malfunction:
The first flash didn't go off

Bad acting:
Keitel simply didn't make it obvious enough that he was aiming at Eddie

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#9 Posted by Mr_Pink (24 posts) -

i think you are 100% right about the Prop malfunction just whanted to see other opinions about the same subject

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#10 Posted by Gary_Jinfield (92 posts) -

There was some sort of malfunction in terms of the props utilized which lead to the ambiguous scene. ( ie: a blood pack bursting earlier than expected or the lack of a flash as previously stated) However, it appears Mr.White was meant to shoot both of the other two individuals.

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dang, I just saw that movie last night.  I wasn't expecting it to be so, er, strong, those guys are really unforgiving.

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got another question why did they make Mr Brown drive the car if he had a bullet in the head?

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He seemed to be just fine as the driver. It was until after he started driving when he started to go blind and then die.