RICH GALLUP on GiantBomb........

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With added talents from Brad and Vinny, this production would get so many awards and love letters that the world would explode.

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#2 Posted by Axersia (1926 posts) -

A video show?

That wouldn't work, sadly. Rich Gallup lives in Boston.

But they definitely need to have him on the Bombcast sometime.

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Just found this, see if you can hold your tears, :'(

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What does Rich do these days?

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GarrardS said:
"What does Rich do these days?"

I think he moved back home to the midwest.
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Yeah Rich moved back home and is working at 38 studios.

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East Coast actually, he's working at 38 Studios, I believe as a producer. Also, 38 is owned by Curt freaking Schilling, so he's doing pretty well right now I'd say.

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Shame he lives so far away.

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MB said:
"GarrardS said:
"What does Rich do these days?"

I think he moved back home to the midwest."
The midwest

"It caaaannn't be..."

Seriously though, I lived in the midwest and it isn't somewhere Rich belongs.

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#10 Posted by Mushir (2630 posts) -

"Hey everybody and welcome to Oooooon the Spoooooot."

Yea if Rich came here it would be awesome! Don't see that happening though :(

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#11 Posted by samcotts (2434 posts) -

I would LOVE to see Rich here.

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#12 Posted by MrWolf (16 posts) -

Gad, the world almost exploded from pure awesome. Pity it's not true. Rich should definitely make a cameo appearance though!

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Big fan of Rich, but I think he has moved on with his life, and good luck to him in whatever he may do.

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If rich joined Giantbomb it would be a perfect website.

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#15 Posted by Nightkiller93 (175 posts) -

It would be awesome if Rich would be on one episode, i think i would have an orgasm.

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#16 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I'm sure we may see a Rich cameo at some point, but I would never expect to see him on as a full staff member.

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#17 Posted by Anders (62 posts) -

It would be awesome, set up a HD cam and a sat link and it'll be all set for greatness =)

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He's in the games indusrty now, so hes making too much money to care

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Agreed, Rich really held on the spot together, no offence to the others involved, but it just wasn't the same after he left. Great Guy.

Bombcast is awesome though, my fav podcast now by far.

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#20 Posted by Reynolds (89 posts) -

Yeah, Rich his the coolest.  I would at least like to see - and on some level expect to see - a guess appearance from him at some point, if he manages to get himself to leave the much more awesome east coast and head back out west.

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#21 Posted by sdodd02 (762 posts) -

It would be awesome.

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#22 Posted by Otacon (2337 posts) -

I'm sure we will hear from him on a Bombcast, but he would have to move back to join the team and his job sounds pretty comfortable right now.

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Rich actually have a profile on GiantBomb... checked it out yesterday :)

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#26 Posted by Kyle (2383 posts) -
Axersia said:
"A video show?

That wouldn't work, sadly. Rich Gallup lives in Boston.

But they definitely need to have him on the Bombcast sometime.
Absolutely, I can't believe they haven't already had him as a guest. They should get him over skype. Might not be the best sound quality in the world, but it works.
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#27 Posted by I_smell (4221 posts) -

You can continue this conversation on the Rich Gallup forum y'know.

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#28 Posted by Aaron_G (1681 posts) -

He was such a good live host.

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#29 Posted by neilsquibb (16 posts) -
Rich has his own weird blog thing over at Doofy Crap. He has not posted since May though. Here's the link if you 'wana take a look:

I'm hoping Rich will be in the animated Time Trotters serise if it's ever released.
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#30 Posted by Hungry_bunny (423 posts) -

Didn't Rich move from California permanently, it would be cool to see him pop in as a guest for Giant Bomb though.

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#31 Posted by Paradigmer (263 posts) -

I would settle for a call from him on the podcast

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#32 Posted by SonicFire (875 posts) -

There's a lot of old school GS talent that would be great to have. Rich, Greg Kasavin, or (if he wasn't rocking out at Harmonix) Alex Navarro. But the fact that GB is still composed of former Gamespot all-stars isn't too shabby.

We are in a good way folks...
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#33 Posted by WizzyKid (275 posts) -

Yeah, Rich Gallup really needs to get back with his doofyness on Doofy Crap.

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#34 Posted by Vision (794 posts) -

It'd be great if he was on just one bombcast.

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#35 Posted by Shade (121 posts) -

Rich was phenomenal on On the spot. Every time you saw him you couldn't help but smile, he's just got that energetic charisma, similar to Ryan Davis.

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#36 Posted by Wolverine (4642 posts) -

I do miss Rich, but he lives in Boston now so it couldn't work.

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#37 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1685 posts) -

Rich has alot more fans than I thought