RIP - Paul Darrow - The bad guy from Contradiction (That game with Jinks)

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BBC is reporting that Paul Darrow, best known for starring in Blake's 7 and Contradiction has passed away: BBC ArticleRIP

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Noooooo. His character in Contradiction was incredible. RIP.

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He was roommates with John Hurt and Ian McShane at one point? Man, to have been a fly on the wall of that place...

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That's a shame to hear; anything south of 80 is too soon. I should check out some of his most famous roles.

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That is sad news. He was not Jenks, though. He was Paul Rand.

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Aw shame. I was just re-watching Blake’s 7 recently. He was the best thing about that show and the best thing about Contradiction.

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Aw that's sad. Loved his performance.

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@ltcolumbo: Yeah, bad topic naming on my part there.

This actor played the bad guy 'Paul Rand' and not detective inspector 'Jinks'.

Sorry for any confusion.

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Someone on the GB subreddit put it well: even though Contradiction was a tiny little low-budget game that (were it not for GB) nobody would have even heard of, he fucking brought it to every scene he was in. A great performance.

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RIP, didn't realize he was so sick seems he's been ill since around the time they made that game.

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It's sad. He did a great job as the gloating villain in Contradiction, really brought it together.

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I had no idea he was in that.

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Sad news, my father actually told me about him being in Blake 7. I loved Contradiction, charming as hell. Rest in Peace.