Rockband idea suggestions

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#1 Posted by NinjaPaul (46 posts) -

Rather than the usual "What band do you want to see" nonsense can you suggest some ideas of what to do next in the music game genre. Recently I feel its getting a bit stagnant  with shameless cash ins like Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Rock Revolution.

I would like to see a collaboration between rockband and youtube so that you can automatically upload videos of you playing either direct feed style videos or using the consoles camera.

Have you guys got any ideas?

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#2 Posted by deactivated-5b4a512bb9699 (391 posts) -

You can allready do that kind of thing using Ustream and many people do. I'd like to have a better drum kit and by the looks of things RB2 will improve on the original :D

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#3 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

Shouldn't this go in the Rock Band forum?

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i would love some kind of game that allows you to upload any song you want and create the notesheet automatically...much like audiosurf does...but playing with the Rb instruments would be cool

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I want deeper character customization, as well as deeper instrument customization, like shapes and whatnot too.

Perhaps having the option to gain fans on easy mode?