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Poll: RTS or Turn Based Strategy (179 votes)

RTS 23%
Turn Based Strategy 77%
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They are both great?

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#2 Posted by BaneFireLord (3264 posts) -

I can't do it...I can't choose between Civilization and Age of Empires, I just can't! It's like being asked which leg I want to cut off or which child I want to sacrifice to appease a vengeful god. Can't do it!

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Either type is great. I can get the same amount of intensity out of a game of Starcraft as I can out of an XCOM mission. Both are amazing in their own way.

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Fire Emblem beats all.

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#5 Posted by phrosnite (3519 posts) -

RTS but more importantly Dawn of War 2, CoH, Age of Empires and C&C 3. Never been of Starcraft and never will.

Always liked the concept of Heroes M&M 3 but never cared enough to play it. Civ and the such... don't care.

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#6 Posted by gaminghooligan (1822 posts) -

this is the most difficult poll I've seen in a while...

turn based

but damn you for making me choose you monster

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#7 Posted by Nephrahim (1221 posts) -

RTS, but I like both genres. I've just had more good experiences with RTS then TBS.

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#8 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

I always go for the real-time option in any game type. But I totally get why a lot of people like turn-based games.

Speaking of real-time games that could also make decent turn-based: Legend of Grimrock 2 is coming along. They are showing above ground screenshots. Can't wait!

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#9 Posted by MocBucket62 (1892 posts) -

Man I love both, I love me some Age of Empires and Age of Mythology, but I also love XCOM Enemy Unknown and Final Fantasy Tactics back in the day. Total War, however, captures the best of both worlds with the campaign mode in each iteration.

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#10 Posted by rittsy (99 posts) -

Total War? Real-time battles, turn-based management.

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#11 Posted by Dimi3je (486 posts) -

this is the most difficult poll I've seen in a while...

turn based

but damn you for making me choose you monster

Same here

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#12 Edited by ripelivejam (11265 posts) -

brain work slow so need time to do think thing :\

honestly i prefer turn based as i can puzzle out my moves a/o be more lazy and casual about it at the same time. a little more conductive to drunkeness too. :D

RTS can be fun but only solo for me. i'm an old, lazy, slow curmudgeon who can't keep up with all these kids hopped up on penny whistles and moon pies >:(

e: i'm not THAT old, but i sure feel like it

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#14 Posted by Justin258 (14491 posts) -

I like to take my time and mull over my strategies, so turn based all the way.

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#15 Edited by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

That was a hard choice but I went with RTS.
I like having to change my strategy on the fly depending on what the other bozo decides to throw at me instead if having the pleasure of relaxing.
If all that fails just grab all units and Attack Move and win.

Or if you really want it described the easy way, pick whatever unit in your RTS that could be desribed as a Void Ray and only build those and a unit that has detection just to be safe.
Skillrays! build lots of them, Attack Move them all to a point behind the enemys base, watch as you win

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#16 Edited by kmdrkul (3497 posts) -

I've been in a Civ fan my entire life, so turn-based for me. I just like the more relaxed pace.

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I like all isometric view based thinking war games, real time or not.

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#20 Posted by Atlas (2575 posts) -

In my life, I have loved dozens of turn based games - Advanced Wars, Civ 5, the Pokemon games, and most recently XCOM: EU and Fire Emblem: Awakening - and I have loved one RTS game (Age of Empires II). So while I definitely appreciate RTS games, and like plenty of them, I prefer the slower and more tactical style of turn based combat, and I have more TBS games among my favourite games than I have RTS games.

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#21 Posted by Nezza (387 posts) -

I love both, but if you forced me to choose then I would take turn based. I just like being able to pick a game up and put it down when I like.

Thinking about it, asynchronous turn-based games are only multiplayer games I really play nowadays. Turn based means I can take it slower, maybe just do a turn or two during a lunch hour or whilst waiting for something.

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#22 Edited by deactivated-589cf9e3c287e (1984 posts) -

I do enjoy combat heavy RTS games like Dawn of War, Command and Conquer, and Warcraft III. However, I enjoy TBS/Tactics games like XCOM, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Civilization more than most RTS games.

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I personally prefer turn based more, but that's also because I play a lot of card and minis games. Easier to take my time and view the consequences vs just trying to be "faster" than my opponents.

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#24 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

Apples and oranges, but if I had to choose I'd take oranges.

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#25 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2079 posts) -

Real Time Strategy is the realest.

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#26 Edited by afabs515 (1818 posts) -

Turn based, because I like taking my time to think about stuff. RTS just feels like theres a bit more of a random element to it (if that makes any sense) and a small disconnect between me and my units. Turn based strategy gives me full control over everything at my leisure.

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#28 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

Turn based strategy by a mile Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and Xcom are all great. I think maybe this is because I'm a single player kind of guy, and a lot of the Real Time Strategy games I've tried don't place very much emphasis on single player. Also they feel more about skill than strategy to me. If anyone has a recommendation to change my mind though, I am open to hearing it.

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#29 Posted by blackichigo (337 posts) -

I think too slow. I like to think a few turns ahead, guessing what my opponent might do and play accordingly. Most RTS don't me the the time I need.

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#30 Edited by ripelivejam (11265 posts) -

turn based real time point and click tower defense CCG with third-person cockpit view

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For as many fond memories as I have of certain RTS games (Warcraft III, Age of Empires II, Dawn of War II), I'm also awful at them and I think most RTS single player campaigns aren't very well designed. Unsurprisingly, quite a few of my favorite moments in Warcraft III came from playing all of the crazy and weird custom maps people made.

Conversely, more than a few of the games I hold near and dear are turn-based strategy or are RPGs with turn-based combat. Maybe you haven't heard, but I think the Fire Emblem series is pretty rad, and Civilization isn't half bad either.

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#32 Posted by kerse (2453 posts) -

turn based all the way

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#33 Posted by ShaggE (8450 posts) -

Turn based. I like to lose horribly because I overthink things as opposed to not building units in the right order/fast enough/etc. :P

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#34 Posted by Addfwyn (2011 posts) -

Civ or Starcraft? I...can't...decide.

But I think USUALLY I like turn-based tactical strategy RPGs. Something like a Fire Emblem or a Disgaea.

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#35 Posted by Reisz (1623 posts) -

Turn Based, though I am specifically referring to unit based close quarters strategy like Xcom, Fire Emblem or FF Tactics. I don't go in for Civ.

But the real answer is Shogun Total War 2. best of both in my opinion. The stuff I don't like about Civ is more presentation related than gameplay.

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#36 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

Turn based strategy seems to encourage actual strategy and planning over RTS, which encourages speed above all else.

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#37 Posted by TangoUp (327 posts) -

I loved Age of Mythology but I frankly cannot keep up with the computer on anything above medium difficulty and it is simply too stressful.

Even online, I never understood how some people attack with elite troops within 2 mins.

It's why I enjoyed Valkyria Chronicles so much as well. Perfect blend of difficulty and fun.

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#38 Posted by toolzz360 (253 posts) -

Voted for Turn based.....I am not very good at fast paced games like a Starcraft ect.....just get more fun out of an x com or advance wars game

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#39 Posted by President_Barackbar (3610 posts) -

Turn based, I'm not good enough at micro management for RTS.

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#40 Posted by Xeiphyer (5837 posts) -

@dimi3je said:

@gaminghooligan said:

this is the most difficult poll I've seen in a while...

turn based

but damn you for making me choose you monster

Same here

Hahaha yeah me too.

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#41 Edited by TheDudeOfGaming (6116 posts) -

Total War.

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#42 Posted by StarvingGamer (11399 posts) -

Turn based, if only because there's more quality to go around. Starcraft and Warcraft are the only RTS'es I've managed to enjoy in a long time.

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#43 Posted by ToTheNines (1456 posts) -

Fuck man, both. I'm a huge jagged alliance and old school x-com fan, but my life would be lacking something without a good RTS. I can't pick.

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#44 Edited by SonicQuack (2 posts) -

Can't believe I just saw an article for Age of Wonders III.

Have wood.

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#45 Posted by Drebin_893 (3184 posts) -

Turn based, for sure.

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#46 Posted by Mayu_Zane (709 posts) -

Turn-based, but I still enjoy a good RTS.

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#47 Posted by redcream (833 posts) -

I suck at RTS so turn-based by default.

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#48 Edited by SleazyWizard (248 posts) -

I adore both RTS and turn based games. However, nothing can compare to taking time tending your empire and slowly watching it grow so turn based wins for me.

@sonicquack said:

Can't believe I just saw an article for Age of Wonders III.

Have wood.

Wait... What? Can it be? I always have an on going game of AoW2 in my household. They can have my money even if it's terrible. I just want to flood the world again or raze cities with an army of angels.

Edit: Haha wow. I've now been informed. http://www.ageofwonders.com/trailer/