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#1 Posted by leafhouse (151 posts) -

Whether it be because it was difficult, fun or a combination of both.

Mine is definitely Dark Souls. After moving into a new SF apartment and having absolutely no money, internet, cable or new games, I finally managed to finish that monster.

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#2 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3413 posts) -

Call of Duty 4, only because of Mile High Club. Assassin's Creed I and II are up there, too.

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#3 Posted by UitDeToekomst (799 posts) -

I have a grand total of 2 S-ranks. One of them is Avatar: The Burning Earth, which makes the other one the most impressive by default. That other one? DeathSpank. Not exactly prestigious.

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#4 Edited by leafhouse (151 posts) -

i only have 2 too, i rarely spend much time with a single game. Dark Souls was the giant nasty exception

Edit: Giant gaping exception, if you will.

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#5 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

Alone in the dark. 
YES..every...single... tentacle...

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#6 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2079 posts) -

My favorite legacy S-rank is probably Vice City because that was probably the most fun I've had playing a game to death. I especially liked how the 100% completion bonus was infinite ammo, being able to recruit 4 "homies" in the mansion (kinda teasing how that'd be feature in GTA: SA) and the fact they went so far to give you "all I got was a stupid t-shirt" wardrobe option. So worthwhile and so much fun between the really classic radio stations (between the 80s music and the crazy dated political commentary) and the overall awesome story, characters, and locale.

More recently I especially loved playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, since my first playthrough on that was actually my pacifist playthrough and that was definitely a change of pace in terms of how I played video games. I loved a bunch of elements of the game so much that I played it twice in a row in a span of a few days in the summer.

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#7 Posted by bushpusherr (1075 posts) -

Probably Super Meat Boy?

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#8 Posted by Little_Socrates (5844 posts) -


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#9 Posted by blueaniman93 (620 posts) -

I just S-ranked solitaire on windows 8.... so yeah, there's that. But otherwise, Mass Effect 2. It was the most fun I had S-ranking something.

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#10 Posted by Vexxan (4633 posts) -

Trials HD!

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#11 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Skate 2. I'm an Online Legend yo.

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#12 Posted by Justin258 (14374 posts) -

Rage, because it's my only one. It wasn't particularly difficult.

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#13 Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) -

@Little_Socrates said:


@bushpusherr said:

Probably Super Meat Boy?

You sicken me you fucking sadists. =P

Hmm... I'd have to say Dragon Age Orgins? I've got all the trophies on the PS3 version for the main game and all the DLC. Its not that hard to do all of the achievements but god does it take FOREVER. And there are a few that are a pain in the ass especially in the Darkspawn Chronicles.

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#14 Posted by Little_Socrates (5844 posts) -

@Demoskinos: The Dragon Age Origins S-Rank sounds far more masochistic to me. Mostly because I think completing DAO at all requires some level of masochism.

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#15 Posted by BeachThunder (14579 posts) -
No Caption Provided
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#16 Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) -

@Little_Socrates: Oh man. Thats like one of my favorite games of all time. You crazy foo!

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#17 Posted by JoeyRavn (5219 posts) -

@bushpusherr said:

Probably Super Meat Boy?

@Little_Socrates said:


We're all golden gods, duders.

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#18 Edited by Winsord (1531 posts) -

I don't have any good S Ranks, really. The three retail games I've got 100% on are Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and Forza Horizon, but all of those games were supremely easy to S Rank. I wish I could say The Orange Box, but I'm just never going to get the 10 last TF2 achievements that I need. I've got all of the other achievements for it though, and probably about half of the TF2 achievements, but that only makes up for 89/99. Also had an S Rank in Beat Hazard for a little while, but I lost that when Ultra came out. I'd even gotten most of the Ultra achievements, but my save ended up corrupting in the Steam cloud at some point and then I stopped playing. Actually, come to think of it, Audiosurf is probably my favourite S Rank, even if it's not that difficult.

Edit: Mile High Club is easily the most overstated achievement. Without using any walkthroughs or the like, I was able to beat it within five tries, right after having completed Veteran. If you can beat the rest of the game on Veteran, it's really not that hard. Err, guess I should clarify that a bit though. It's mostly just that MW2's 69 star Spec Ops achievement was way more difficult than Mile High Club ever was.

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#19 Posted by Dixavd (2497 posts) -

The only game I have ever S-ranked (although I have 100% a couple games which didn't have achievements) was Final Fantasy XIII-2 earlier this year. And since I did in the first two weeks of release not much of the info was online (I bet doing the full bestiary would be quite easy now but then it was quite difficult - but I did enjoy running around and finding the secret glitch-portal enemies). I don't the achievements are that difficult and the game is shorter than many other JRPGs (so I was still enjoying it a lot when I had finished it and so did them just to keep playing) but I definitely enjoyed doing it (especially liking some of the write-ups that appear in the database when you collect different fragments).

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#20 Posted by chrjz (430 posts) -

@Demoskinos: I had an S-Rank in Dragon Age before the DLC and have to agree that it's in my top 10 list of all time favourites

@ShadowConqueror: I'm in the same boat I think... S-Ranking CoD 4 was a good feeling because of the Mile High Club achievement and Assassins Creed II just had all those feathers.

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#21 Posted by kerse (2450 posts) -

I think ac2 is my only one, been working on me2 but I'm stuck in the collector base, my teammates are screwing me with how stupid they are.

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#22 Posted by Sackmanjones (5513 posts) -

Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Hate online trophies but I finally got it!!

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#23 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

Motorstorm Pacific Rift.

  • The single player gets really fucking hard at rank 8 so all gold is rather difficult.
  • When you place poorly in multiplayer you lose ranks. Once you are rank 4 gold even a 4th out of 12 placing could lose you progress if a low enough rank beat you. You could easily lose an hours worth of wins in a couple races if someone takes you out a couple times.
  • Winning 3 ranked races in a row was super difficult, especially once all the good players learned the optimal path/vehicle combinations for all tracks.
  • The expansions, while great, were not very commonly played online so winning on all the DLC tracks was rather difficult.
  • It doesn't tell you what the 6 DLC characters are so winning with them was something that was more difficult than it should have been.
  • And finally, since the servers went down on Oct 31st if you don't have the online trophies yet you won't get them, so it's very doubtful anybody will S rank it again, making me the only Bomber to do it.

It was also super fun to play. It's easily the best Motorstorm game and possibly the best racing game this generation, even better than Burnout Paradise.

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#24 Posted by flaminghobo (4779 posts) -
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#25 Posted by ESREVER (2888 posts) -

I'm still the only one who has S-Ranked Malicious.(on GB)

Still one of my favorite games from this year.

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#26 Posted by csl316 (13925 posts) -

I guess Call of Duty 2 because it seemed like the biggest achievement possible in the early 360 days (though I did CoD 4, too).

But I also feel proud of Doom and Contra since I think it validates some of my classic skills. Though Mass Effect 2 was super fun, as were both of the Infamous games.

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#27 Posted by JacDG (2186 posts) -

Mass Effect 2 or Shadow Complex... I guess, only have 6 S-ranks, so not much to choose from.

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#28 Posted by TheVeteran13 (1411 posts) -

I'll say Saints Row: the Third because I had a lot of fun getting it, even the kinda crappy DLC ones.

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#29 Posted by IAmADwagon (84 posts) -

The Walking Dead. From what people tell me, that's probably the hardest S-Rank ever.

But in a less sarcastic vein, I played Super Meat Boy in Steam and got all of the achievements that are in the 360 version, but as the Steam version has extra achievements that are COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS and I'm never going to get, I don't know if I can actually count it. So if not, probably getting 100% in Spyro back in the days of my youth.

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#30 Posted by Cameron (865 posts) -

I have 12 S-ranks, but almost all of them are in easy games. I'd probably go with Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, just because I'm bad at Mean Bean Machine and it took me forever to get that last achievement.

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#31 Posted by jakob187 (22932 posts) -

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. The "100% Completion" achievement has been glitched since release. I have it unlocked, first try. Very happy about that.

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#32 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

Honestly, I'm most proud that I have never gotten one. I have started trying a couple times just to say I did one, but I have yet to see one that wasn't filled with at least 3-4 really fucking ball bustingly masochistic ones. I play games to have fun and it seems like all these trophies just seem to be about who can handle the masochism long enough to unlock it. That's just not for me. The closest I came was L4D 2. I was at a point where all I had to do was one or two more campaigns on the hardcore realistic mode but then they released a new map and they added in something like 10-15 more. Once I realized it would be something I would have to fight for every 6 months to a year when they put out a new map I just gave up.

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#33 Posted by Animasta (14903 posts) -

new vegas as the only other ones I have are the multiplayer version of blops and walking dead vOv

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#34 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

Infamous, because it took forever. I never even want to look at that game again.

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#35 Posted by poisonjam7 (541 posts) -

Solitaire Collection.

J/K. ;) I'd probably say Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, even though it isn't listed on my profile. I don't have all of them because of the DLC, and fuck that stupid last boss. I have a Platinum Trophy, so that counts as an S-Rank to me. Either that or Assassin's Creed 1, because it was quite hard finding all of the flags back in the day.

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#36 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1262 posts) -

The Orange Box - Getting gold medals with a 360 controller in Portal...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
Super Meat Boy -  Not that bad actually
F.E.A.R. Files - Fuck this game. I dont know why I did it, but I did it and fuck this game.
Final Fantasy XIII - Again, why did I do this?
Bioshock 2 - I hate all video games.

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#37 Posted by 49th (3552 posts) -

Noby Noby Boy, getting the prince to ride me was a bitch.

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#38 Posted by VoshiNova (2268 posts) -

Assassins creed? Those fucking flags......

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#39 Posted by BurningStickMan (244 posts) -

I suppose I'm most proud of Dead Space and Oblivion, because they exemplify what I like about the achievement system. The achievements pointed me in the right directions and make me feel like I've gotten the maximum value out of two games I really enjoyed to begin with.

Meanwhile, completing Call of Duty Classic on Veteran makes me feel like I slept with a skeezy whore. I don't even know why I did it. Looking back, nothing about it was a good idea.

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#40 Posted by Geurge (116 posts) -

Trials HD was a memorable one because I spent literally all day on the last extreme track and was elated when I finally finished it. Unfortunately it was after the patch that made it easier, so I can never brag about that.

Marvel 3, just because I'm not very good at fighting games and I loved this so I spent a good chunk of time learning how to play so I could actually be decent.

And 1 vs 100 because my friend is missing one achievement and he will never be able to get it.

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#41 Posted by NarficAcid (119 posts) -

As far as difficulty goes -- it has to be Super Meat Boy. But the Steam version of Psychonauts was a great time all around.

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#42 Posted by Vinny_Says (5914 posts) -

Not because of difficulty or anything, but I'm most proud to have S-Ranked every Elder Scrolls and Fallout released on xbox360. That's a lot of DLC money :p

Halo ODST was fun to get because those firefight missions really brought out the best in teamwork.

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#43 Posted by aaverager (16 posts) -

Shank, because somehow I managed to finish the co-op by myself, using 2 controllers. The 4th boss was a pain to beat that way though.

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#44 Posted by fantasyfreak07 (74 posts) -

It's Batman Arkham Asylum for me. It isn't too hard to do but it was pretty satisfying finishing all the challenge room stuff.

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#45 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

Probably Tales of Vesperia. It wasn't all that hard (at least no where near the difficulty of super meat boy. you crazy motherfuckers who did that have my respect) but it did take a whole lot of time to complete. I ended up having to play through it multiple times. I don't think I've ever done that with any JRPG and I enjoyed all of it. I remember a lot of bombcast listening when I was grinding for grade.

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#46 Posted by Binarynova (122 posts) -

Demon's Souls

Rez HD


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#47 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

Oblivion, i know the S-rank isn't hard to acquire though it is fairly time consuming. The reason it is the one I'm most proud of is because its my favorite game this generation and remains even to this day the only retail game i have got all 1000 and DLC achievements.

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#48 Posted by bushpusherr (1075 posts) -

@IAmADwagon said:

probably getting 100% in Spyro back in the days of my youth.

Pshhhh, that ain't no S-Rank son. That shit goes to 120%

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#49 Posted by Chtasm (470 posts) -

Probably Crackdown.






It was a heartbreaker when the guide I was using left me with 1-2 still missing and huge sigh of relief when I finally found them.

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#50 Posted by Flappy (2415 posts) -

S-Ranking Bayonetta felt pretty satisfying to me. It helped that the game was a ton of fun to play.