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#51 Posted by smitty86 (708 posts) -

Kotaku for news
N4G for rumors (mostly bad) and little odds and ends
IGN sometimes for.......something.....
Gamesradar every once and awhile for some laughs
GB for the staff/personalities (the most important factor)

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#52 Edited by Milkman (18914 posts) -

I really don't use other sites besides Giant Bomb. In the in-between period of the GameSpot debacle and Giant Bomb, Destructoid was my go-to site but I eventually realized that I really hate that site. I think the next best place besides here is probably Joystiq. They have a great podcast too from the little I've heard of it.

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#53 Posted by cnlmullen (910 posts) -

GaintBomb is all I know.  
I was a fan of Gamespot before all the awesome people left. But now Giantbomb is better than Gamespot ever was.

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#54 Posted by velucyraptor (364 posts) -
@RagingLion said:
" Rock, Paper, Shotgun is an awesome awesome awesome site (for PC games) sitting pretty much at the very other side of the spectrum to Giant Bomb though I love them both.  It has an amazing quality of writing displayed particularly in all the editorials or other specials that frequently crop up and  the editors have a depth of experience and integrity which means I really trust and value their comments on the state of gaming and whatever controversies emerge.  Also it's great for highlighting indie and smaller profile games that are nevertheless really good and I would never hear about otherwise.  Plus a British sense of humour - I feel at home there. ... "
I love RPS.
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#55 Posted by spazmaster666 (2112 posts) -

The larger sites are still useful when it comes to news, screenshots, videos, etc. (as much as I would love to hate on IGN or Gamespot, they are still have useful information on a pretty consistent basis) though when it comes to editorial stuff, the only other website that I actually take seriously aside from GB is Eurogamer. I do visit Gametrailers pretty often (Bonus Round, Pack Attack, etc.) and enjoy reading some Destructoid articles here and there.

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#56 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

Rock Paper Shotgun: they're pretty good, their treating of Notch as a god creeps me out though 
Gamespot: don't visit it much, but anytime I do its just because they have some video or news that others don't have yet, usually just make fun of the reviews 
Kotaku: I fucking hate them, in every way possible
1UP: indifferent

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#57 Edited by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Joystiq - I like how they only post relevant stories, even if they can be a bit slow.  Good comment system.
Gametrailers - I like trailers
Blue's News - I've been visiting the site for well over 10 years so I'm not going to stop now...
Penny Arcade - they're funny
Cheap Ass Gamer - useful site for deals
NeoGAF - people post news here very quickly, avoid the discussion if you value your sanity and blood pressure
BonusEXP - ???

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#58 Posted by Animasta (14903 posts) -
@Aronman789 said:
" Rock Paper Shotgun: they're pretty good, their treating of Notch as a god creeps me out though 
I think it's just one guy though, right? which is probably a little creepier but eh.
also they need to do their podcast more often, even if Kieron isn't there :(
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#59 Posted by W0lfbl1tzers (1790 posts) -
Toastyfrog is where it's at! It's actually now called Gamespite and it has the best reviews I have ever read. They are the best for that and always will be.
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#60 Posted by Vinny_Says (5914 posts) -


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#61 Posted by ArchScabby (5877 posts) -

Giantbomb is a horrible site to ask this question.  No other site on the web has bigger fanboys then giantbomb.
for example:
@blacklabeldomm said:


@Tastyburger8 said:
" They are all shit. "
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#62 Posted by Jasta (2246 posts) -

I use Kotaku and Dtoid quite regularly, enjoy most of the articles they write and there is plenty to keep you checking back throughout the day.

One website I just cant seem to use is The Escapist, asides from some of the funny channels they have on there, I just don't get the website. =/

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#63 Posted by DrPockets000 (2877 posts) -

Gamesradar is awesome and hilarious. 
Gameinformer is just a great site, even if their forums are practically broken.

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#64 Posted by gla55jAw (2776 posts) -

Kotaku when I'm bored. IGN for Greg Miller and podcasts, sometimes for reviews.

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#65 Posted by Gahathat (177 posts) -

GB Only! (which sorta rhymes)

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#66 Posted by mrfizzy (1663 posts) -

giantbomb is really it for me, moved here from gamespot for obvious reasons. iv always been told rock paper shotgun is loved, cant really get into it tho. 

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#67 Posted by Deusoma (3222 posts) -
GameSpot's forums are supposedly nothing but fanboys and arguments, but I never really hung out there much so I don't know. Their reviews are always pretty professional (Gerstmanngate aside), if a bit dry, and their 'fun' content (On The Spot, the Hotspot) kinda sucks. 
IGN always struck me as a bit too clinical, and I don't bother with any of their non-review content or the forums. They're wrong a lot, too. 
Gamesradar is an overly silly site that focuses far too much energy into being funny and cool than they do into writing accurate reviews or reporting on industry news. They have an unfortunate obsession with their top seven lists, which are never quite as funny as they think they are, not to mention that they get the facts in them wrong an awful lot. Basically to be avoided. 
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#68 Edited by Wrighteous86 (3927 posts) -

I go to Joystiq for up-to-date and more obscure/specific news.  I like their podcast, so I stick with them.  I watch a lot of videos/features at GameVideos.
Everything else is Giant Bomb.
I was a refugee from the 1UPocalypse, and before that, in my younger, dumber days, I read IGN.  Terrible writing, no integrity, and a truly idiotic sense of humor.  Oh, what a fool I was.

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#69 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8881 posts) -

These are the other gaming sites I go to, and I don't participate at these sites like I do here at GB.
IGN - I think overall the site is good. A lot of people hate, and sometimes I can see why, but I think it's a good place to go to for info and reviews and occasionally some interesting articles.
Gamespot - I don't go here much anymore. After the fallout, it's just not the same. It was my favorite site before the Bomb dropped.
GameFAQS - The polls may often be stupid, but I enjoy checking them out. It's a great place to find guides and help, or secrets. Lots of crazy fanboys and idiots, however.
Gamerankings.com - I used to really love this site. Then CNet bought it and gave it a layout like GameFAQs. I think the quality of the site has really dropped since then. It's basically a Metacritic.
Xbox360achievements.org - Good place to get achievement help.
Really, though, for game info, GB (mainly the forums) and IGN are my go-to sites.

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#70 Edited by Toxin066 (3470 posts) -

Gamespot's main page is a bit too cluttered for my liking, but it's still pretty easy to find a top story and get the latest news. Their search engine is sorta broken and I'm not fond of the layout of their forums. I really like the Hotspot, though. The editors seem like insightful folk. Pretty good site for gaming info, shoddy place for gaming discussion.
Gaminformer's homepage is pretty good. Haven't visited their forums since about 2006. They almost seem afraid to take an opinion in their articles, and I'm not fond of their writing styles. I think I'm coming off far more negative about them than I intend to. It's a very "okay" site.

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#71 Posted by inevpatoria (7064 posts) -

Penny Arcade. Super insightful game commentary. Also, an awesome webcomic. 

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#72 Posted by dudeglove (12584 posts) -
I used to visit screwattack a lot, led there mostly by AVGN/Video Game Vault via Gametrailers, but sort of fell out of love with it. It's not a bad site at all, though it feels kind of too nerdy. The content is mostly user-generated, and Stuttering Craig has probably the best announcer voice of any game website. He'd be fun to have on a bombcast. Too bad they're in Texas.
@Feser said:
" What is the Escapist like? I only go there for the Zero Punctuation "reviews". "
Outside of Yahtzee, their own original content they produce is obnoxious (op-ed articles) and actually kinda dull, such as their sketches (the spoof news "ENN",  "Loading Ready Run" and "Unskippable" which is their attempt at Mystery Science Theatre 3000 but with video game cutscenes instead of beautifully awful sci-fi B movies). 
In addition, the forums are heavily modded and you'll see suspensions handed out left, right and center. If you had The Escapist's mods here, there would literally be no users left (Hell, GB actually rewards users for getting a "first").  Their news section is okay, but that's about it.
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#73 Posted by face15 (1377 posts) -

I like the quantity of news at IGN and I like the number of quality video reviews at GameSpot.

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#74 Posted by Pastajensen (60 posts) -

I myself like Gamer.no although it´s in norwegian. I think their game reviews are pretty good and gives a good picture if it´s a good buy or not.

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#75 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

I used to use gamespot.com it was formerly very good. Now it's alright and I only use it infrequently to view a review from time to time now that I mainly use giantbomb.com. I have never really used any other site but I do once in awhile jump onto gamefaqs. I do still visit kotaku, IGN, joystiq and the rest but I don't really like them but it never hurts to get more then one view on a matter. But I will read magazines before any of those sites. 

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#76 Posted by Vinny_Says (5914 posts) -
@ArchScabby said:
" Giantbomb is a horrible site to ask this question.  No other site on the web has bigger fanboys then giantbomb.
for example:
@blacklabeldomm said:

@Tastyburger8 said:
" They are all shit. "
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#77 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

I go to both Gamespot and Gametrailers for reviews, news and other tid bits. I quite like both websites, though not nearly enough that I'd divulge into the community aspects of the site.

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#78 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

I listen to the Hotspot /GS UK podcast every week and used to listen to a ton of the IGN podcasts. I dont tend to go to either site for news  but will occasionally go to them to see their reviews on high profile games. I don't really like anything about Destructoid and my computer has always had problems running the site so I dont visit there, ive never really got a good feel for 1-Up. I really quite like Eurogamer they get news stuff faster than GB (though I don't come here for the news) and I quite like their sometimes overly harsh reviews.

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#79 Posted by inappropriate_touchscreen (99 posts) -

Giant Bomb is still my #1 because it's fun. But I'm still primarily a PC gamer, and the coverage here is a bit skewed towards consoles, so I still get some of my PC game reviews from Gamespot. Also, they have a larger staff, and can cover a lot more games, so I go there occasionally to fill in some gaps that Giantbomb might not have the time to cover.
Other than that, the Idle Thumbs podcast was going toe-to-toe with the Giant Bombcast as my favourite gaming podcast, but now that they're done, Giant Bomb wins.

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#80 Posted by sileonex (69 posts) -

IGN, Gamespot, Destructoid, Joystiq, Shacknews, Kotaku, CAG, and Gametrailers are ones I usually go to. Between all of them I can pretty much get as much of the news as possible. Beyond that I like reading(watching in GT's case) reviews from multiple sources.  The four game magazines I get help out with this stuff too. :D

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#81 Posted by mfpantst (2654 posts) -

So GB is my primary gaming website to go to.  I come here for news and for the GB people (video/audio and article content/humor).  I actually use some of the main ones but for very specific purposes.
Ign- I like their video reviews, I agree with EVERYONE that their reviews are shite, and I don't go to their website for their opinion, but I like the way they do video reviews.  That being said, that GB does a similar style (gameplay video focused) but with the GB tone, when GB does one on a game I care about, that rulez.   (I also like their guides for referencing)
And for all the people sick of the top 10 or whatever lists- I agree, but if I go there and see one I like, I'll read it.  I 100% agree with something Dave said on the Whiskey Media Subsriber info podcast- that long pages are better than short ones- so that annoys me about pretty much every other gaming website.

Escapist- I have been going to this website since issue one (yeah, that's when you could get each issue as a pdf 'magazine')  I have taken a break from there over time and come back.  I really like zero punctuation and like that their articles are intelligent (and not news focused) and approach games from a different perspective.  Read their articles on sex/EVE/second life/griefing, and i feel the brilliance of their format comes out.
Other than that, I'm not a super huge fan of the news-rss style websites because I feel like they look cluttered and clumsy, and I'm more interested in hearing people who like games talk about games than hearing the latest news on games.

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#82 Posted by RaceKickfist (222 posts) -

I used to go to destructoid, but giantbomb took it's place and i've never looked back. i still browse kotaku occaisionally because its so easy to link to from io9, which is one of my favorite haunts. also, destructoid stopped doing art attack fridays, which makes them jerky jerkfaces, and that forces me to browse deviantart for fun game art. Of course, i wont browse deviant art, because f that. 
@SileoNex said:

" IGN, Gamespot, Destructoid, Joystiq, Shacknews, Kotaku, CAG, and Gametrailers are ones I usually go to. Between all of them I can pretty much get as much of the news as possible. Beyond that I like reading(watching in GT's case) reviews from multiple sources.  The four game magazines I get help out with this stuff too. :D "
also, that. 
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#83 Posted by Brenderous (1241 posts) -

IGN is pretty good. Community is pretty lacking.

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#85 Posted by zudthespud (3332 posts) -

I often check IGN for reviews, but that's it. The only others I have experience with are GS and The Escapist, GS does nothing IGN doesn't do and The Escapist is terrible.

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#86 Posted by CookieMonster (2517 posts) -

Gamespot are dicks for not letting me delete my account. 

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#87 Posted by Gabriel (4136 posts) -
@gla55jAw said:
" Kotaku when I'm bored. IGN for Greg Miller and podcasts, sometimes for reviews. "
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#88 Posted by EpicSteve (6908 posts) -

I don't use other sites too much. I read Ign's reviews, and utilize Kotaku for news. And I listen to the Shacknews podcast.

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#89 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1136 posts) -

I pretty much think this and Gamesradar.com are the only two good gaming websites.
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#90 Posted by citizenkane (10875 posts) -

I really don't visit other gaming sites much nowadays.  Everything I need to know I get from the GB staff or from in the forums here.

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#91 Posted by MattyFTM (14804 posts) -

If I want the latest gaming news, I'll generally go to Joystiq. It's far from perfect, but it's miles better than Destructoid or Kotaku. Aside from that, I find Sarcastic Gamer entertaining from time to time, but Giant Bomb is really the only site that I visit super regularly.

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#92 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

GameTrailers - Infested with fanboys and imbeciles.

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#93 Posted by sarahsdad (1320 posts) -

Probably 95% GB, 4% GI, and 1% Shacknews 
It's not that I dislike other sites, but since most of what's reported isn't too time sensitive, I'm more interested in listening to discussions, which I get  from podcasts: 
Giant Bomb 
Weekend Confirmed 
Gamers With Jobs 
Bonus EXP 
Game Informer 
Major Nelson

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#94 Posted by melcene (3214 posts) -

When I was laid off, I stopped hitting gaming websites as much.  When I'm at home, I prefer to be playing rather than looking over websites.  Most of my checking out gaming websites is at work.  My husband had said earlier this year that I used to have my "finger on the pulse of gaming" but that I had lost it.  Giant Bomb seems to have pretty much made up for it.  I mean, I check in with some old forum friends, have Game Informer and some other game companies friended on Facebook, which has been great for keeping up on stuff.  But Giant Bomb, between the site itself, and the forums, really seems to put me back into that keeping up on stuff that I needed.

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#95 Posted by Dtat (1749 posts) -

I don't really like most other sites. I hop on over to Gamasutra every now and then. They have some decent articles.
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#96 Posted by Chirag4 (586 posts) -

They've all become too ad-centric for me. I do like Shacknews and Destructoid though. I only visit Destructoid for the news.

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#97 Posted by Sweep (10175 posts) -
@Video_Game_King: Brad is a freelance journalist. He works from home, doesn't go into the whiskey office, and is not an intern.  
How do you not know this? You are supposed to be the king?
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#98 Posted by wickedsc3 (1044 posts) -

Basically just Gb and i get gameinformer in the mail.  But i just started using 1up its kinda cluttered but so far so good

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#99 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

I get most of my gaming news from Twitter. G4 and GamePro are typically the articles that twitter leads me to. The rest seems to be equal to the low bar that is set by the average gaming site.

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#100 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is streets ahead of everybody else as far as I'm concerned, both in terms of covering games I'm interested in & in the quality of that coverage.  I disagree with them plenty, but they're excellent writers and they're smart guys who -and this is important- aren't afraid to be smart.  They also aren't afraid to take games seriously, which I admire in an industry where even a lot our own journalists (not to mention a lot of so-called gamers) seem to look at games with contempt.  I don't know whether that's down to peer pressure, or still the effect of how society as a whole sees games (childish), but it isn't exactly a healthy attitude.
Now to be fair, the Giant Bomb staff themselves have said they don't consider what they do to be journalism, which I think is mostly accurate.  They are entertainers first and foremost, which is fair enough, and they are undoubtedly good at that.  Don't be fooled though, they are every bit as smart as anybody writing for RPS, and if they chose to they could be writing stuff just as good (and they have on occasion, when the mood has taken them).  The question is though, given the choice, would the audience even want content like that, or would they rather watch them pull funny faces for an hour?