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Posted by NTM (11570 posts) 9 months, 16 days ago

Poll: Should I buy a 4K TV before or after an Xbox One X/PS4 Pro? (57 votes)

Get the 4K TV first. 44%
Get one of the consoles first. 39%
I'm not sure, let's see what others said. 18%

I could add more options, but those are the only two I care about since, at this point, I am pretty dead set on getting all of them despite it perhaps being a waste of money. I plan on getting a 4K TV today, or an Xbox One X within this 50 dollar off discount time period, but I can't do both right now. I may get a PS4 Pro a little later. I hope people can give their opinion on the subject soon. Thanks in advance.

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When I got a PS4 last year I went pro even though I don't have 4ktv. I still enjoy it a lot since GOW, Horizon, Uncharted, etc have performance boosting modes. I'm not sure if I see the point in going 4k if you can't experience it in games, movies, or TV, so I'd get the X first.

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@deathstriker: I don't really care for the consoles in the sense that they allow for unlocked frame rates since they're often not that good. That said, I do like that they do make frame rates on games that couldn't keep a solid frame rate, more solid. Plus, for 1080p TV's some games allow for supersampling which is nice. I'd be excited just to have Doom and Halo 5 run at a solid 60fps/1080p. That said, some 4K TV's upscale lower resolutions pretty well, and the one I'm looking at supposedly makes it so 1080p looks almost as good as native 4K.

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Depending on how good your TV is, I might get the consoles first. If you're rocking a 10+ year old TV, and the size is pretty small, maybe get a TV first. If you're doing alright on that end, then maybe the consoles and get the 4K TV later.

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Do you need a new tv?

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Might pay to hold out on the TV until variable refresh rate (basically the HDMI standard's version of adaptive sync, i.e. freesync/gsync) starts showing up in TVs. Might not be until next year for the OLEDs, but apparently Samsung announced QLED screens with freesync recently? Depends on how long you can wait. Xbox One X supports freesync, and I imagine it'll support VRR as well.

That being the case, I'd get the Xbox now. But then again, being on the precipice of tech change with a buy decision to make always sucks, so I wouldn't blame you for pulling the trigger on the TV sooner rather than later.

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Okay... So, as I do this often (hey, I still like asking though!), but I plan on, in a few minutes, going to my local Target to buy an X. I don't think my TV is great, but calibrated I haven't had much to complain about. I don't look at it and say 'damn, this sucks' or anything like that, but I know it can be better. I have a 40 inch TV and sit 5.6 feet away from it, so the size is fine, but my next TV might be a 55 inch. Thanks for the posts that I got even though I am not giving many people much of a chance to give their opinion, though you can still post when it comes to 4K TV before or after a PS4 Pro, and still give insight for others.

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Okay, I just got home from Target. I got the X. I have a question though, should I set the system up and start playing games even though I don't have an external hard drive yet to transfer all my base Xbox One data over? Or, should I wait a few days since my brother will be over and he can bring one so I can transfer it then?

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I own neither of those consoles and I love my OLED.

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@dryker: I probably won't be buying an OLED. Although they're better, I'd probably be sticking with the best 4K TV for gaming under $1000. As far as I know and have researched, the TCL 55R617 is the best one under that description and was the one I was thinking about getting. I just got an X though, so it'll have to wait.

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Get the 4K TV first. But make sure it's a set with really good HDR support with HDR10+ and Dolby vision. Playing in HDR even with the standard consoles is a bigger wow factor then playing in 4K.