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I know i'm late to the party but i was wondering should i do it? They are real affordable and my old 21 inch 720p tv screen is not cutting it. What do you guys think? Also please give me some tips or links to getting a good TV. Or should i wait for 4k to become mainstream and affordable?

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I think so. It's a good time to get a 1080p TV. 4K still won't be affordable for a while and this will be the standard for a few years to come. They're about as affordable as they ever will be at like 500$ for a 40 inch 1080p screen. Plus it gives you a chance to get a bigger TV which is nice. 21 inches is fine, but 40 is even better!

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Absolutely, get a decent 1080p hdtv for now. You'll notice and appreciate the difference w/1080p games.

Also look for one w/a game mode. Helps with response time which is crucial for games. Prices have come down a ton too.

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@pweidman: what do they say on them to have a "game mode"?

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Just get a Xbox 720 instead. I KID!

Yeah you should upgrade. TV's are pretty cheap these days and you are worth it.

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Decide what size you want and visit Costco. Lots of good choices. 1080p is near standard now. Good time for it.

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Yep. I'm thinking of doing the same.

Secretly hoping the kids break my current one. :)

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@pweidman: what do they say on them to have a "game mode"?

It's a feature. Should be mentioned in online descriptions or in stores. CNET is a great resource for info btw

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I don't know...how big of a television do you want? I wanted a 50" and at that point I am going to make sure its going to be 1080p (and it was). If you only want/can fit a 32"-40" then it won't end up being as big of a deal, honestly. At those sized most people can't tell the difference anyways.

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Depends on how far you are sitting from the screen. Bigger the screen the more noticeable 1080p will be. Remember almost all TV's 39" and up will be 1080p (you can find some 32's with 1080p as well).

Right now 4K isn't a good investment since there isn't good source material yet.

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Yeah I would say it's about time for a 1080p TV.

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Definitely, after playing in 1080 GTA took some getting used to.

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I was using an old CRT television up until about 10 months ago. It's kind of nice being able to actually read the text on some games now.

You can get a very nice 32" 1080p TV for under $200. I'm actually thinking of upgrading my living room TV to a 50" set that is $400.

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Yeah, you should get one. It's about time. Besides, it's not like the new consoles are gonna have native 1080p anyway, so there's really no hurry.

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@missacre: That's not true. Many games do have native 1080p, even at launch.

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I just upgraded from a 32" 720p set to a 40" 1080p TV specifically for the Playstation 4. Playing current-gen games on the larger screen really helps to highlight how badly we need this new generation. Even the best-looking games of the generation are looking a little blurry. That is noteworthy because these games all looked great to me on the 32" screen. If you plan on sticking with a TV that small, then I don't know that you really need 1080p. At the same time, 1080p pretty much comes free on a TV 32" or higher these days. Go for it.

EDIT: Also, 4k stuff is not going to catch on any time soon, and may never become common at all. Don't wait for it.

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@spoonman671: I know what you mean. I am going back and cleaning up some trophies and finishing some PS3 gamse before the end of the generation. Playing games like Dead Space 1, 3, and more and see all the low-res, crappy textures and more put the same thoughts into my head.

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If you're going Xbone you'll benefit from having a 720p native display. Preferable over those weird 768p sets anyway.

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Yes. Get a Panasonic Plasma while you still can. I picked up the S60 from Costco for $650 (it's a 50"). Sure, it's not as good as the newer ST models but it's close, far cheaper, and has much less input latency; and that's the big thing to look at. Do not buy any random TV, and I generally recommend against Samsung. They are bright but they have horrible input lag which will ruin your gaming experience. Check the AVS forums for input lag and televisions and fine something with the lowest, or close to lowest amount.

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@horseman6: thats funny i hear samsung makes great TV's and they also have a game mode on all their tbs

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Yes, especially if next gen will be your first exposure to blu-rays. I like netflix as much as the next guy, but their "super amazing HD" can't touch a well made blu- ray.

If you want a big screen, plasma. If your room is filled with windows and light, maybe think LED.

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If u have a tv that can produce 720p I would stick with that but TV's have come down in price over the years so if u can afford to buy a new tv I would get one that can produce 1080p.

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If you want something of a similar size. I play games on my computer monitor. Limited space in my bed room so everything is set up on my desk.

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I know i'm late to the party but i was wondering should i do it? They are real affordable and my old 21 inch 720p tv screen is not cutting it. What do you guys think?

Just as native 1080p was almost NEVER seen in console games during the PS3 and 360 era, 4k will almost NEVER been seen in console games during the PS4 and Xbox One era. 4k video content will also be slow to arrive, but it will be an entire console generation before 4k is widely accepted.