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Hello all,

My general rule of thumb is: never pre-order anything. However, I am considering pre-ordering Far Cry 5 for PS4 from Best buy to get a $10 "rewards certificate", basically a $10 gift card towards future purchases.

I also have the Best Buy 'Gamer's club' membership, so I get 20% off on top of that, so it would be $48 - $10 = $38.

What are the chances this game is going to be good? I enjoyed Far Cry 3 quite a bit, but didn't finish it. Did not play Primal or Far Cry 4. But the setting and story of this one appeals to me.

Would you pre-order to get the extra $10 off? Or do you think there is a good chance this game will be bad?


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@maartendc: I'm pretty sure it's going to be very similar to all the previous modern Far Cry games so there will be a baseline of quality you can rely on. That said, it's also probably going to be a very Ubisoft game which means a large map and a ton of activities and collectibles on it for you to engage with, but whether they themselves will be engaging remains to be seen.

I think if you haven't touched one of these games since FarCry 3 and you enjoy that style of gameplay – sort of open approach and a decent mix of stealth and action combined with abilities and leveling – then there is a good chance you'll at least have some fun with it. So if nothing else interests you in the coming future and you want a game then I'd say go for it, but if there is anything else close to it's release that you are feeling more jazzed about then probably hold off for reviews (and by reviews I mean people streaming it of course because who reads reviews anymore).

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@maartendc: Id say it depends on your stance on the potential tone of this game. Waypoint has voiced concerns about the unveven political scance of this , but ultimately other than Primal every Far Cry game has been at the very least a servicable stealth action paint by numbers open world game. id wait for reviews though

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Judging by the game play footage released, it looks very similar to previous installments, but with some welcome improvements (no more climbing towers to reveal the map, according to pc gamer). I'd say if you liked Far Cry 3, go for it. The game probably won't dip below 38 dollars for a while.