Should I upgrade to a Gold membership? I give GB more money as Silver.

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I first subbed to GB years ago when I didn't have $50 to commit to a membership. The $5/month membership has always worked for me, but I'm wondering if it's better for the site to give $50/year as opposed to my slow trickling of $5 that eventually amounts to $60 by December?

Silver seems like a no-brainer since I overall give $10 more, but idk!

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Hmm good question. I've always gone for the yearly since you get store credit as well.

Now I'm really curious to see what the monthly/yearly ratios are like.

Edit cause I forgot to mention that my subscription came up at a bad time this Christmas and yeah, that didn't happen.

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I imagine the site makes out just fine either way and regardless always better to choose whatever option is best for you personally.

I also almost always opt for smaller individual methods even if it ultimately adds up more because I rarely have the cheaper at the time lump sum whereas I can almost guarantee (hopefully..) that $5 a month.

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@efesell: I like the idea of giving more over time and $5 feels like nothing in the short term anyways, so I think I'm good as is.

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About twice a year they have sales for a full year at $35 so I might wait until one of those swings around and jump to gold.

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I can't think of any reason that the GB folks would prefer a gold member to a silver member other than wanting happy customers.

I think the large yearly vs small monthly is usually better for smaller independent content creators since it provides a more predictable financial situation, but since GB is part of a big entity like CBS, I really can't see that applying to them in the same way.

If you're really just wanting to give the crew a bit extra, why not just get the gold membership for yourself and buy a month or two of silver membership for someone to make up the difference? That way, everyone wins. If you don't know someone suitable yourself, maybe find a community member that's active but can't afford premium. I think the store used to have a function for that, but I could be mistaken.

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Interesting thought... I could see a case for getting the Gold being that it gives them more money in the bank, so to speak, all at once and this could maybe be useful in securing more funding/support from CBSi overlords... A silver membership could get cancelled after a month and wouldn't carry the same weight I reckon when talking figures.

Personally I mostly get silver as my financial situation is... inconsistent... and I can't always justify having it month to month.

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@cptmorganca: We most likely make more money on Monthly subs overall but we're happy to have subscribers either way, obviously! It's probably more convenient for most people to be Yearly so we're happy to offer both options.

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I have had a silver membership since the site started memberships. 10 extra bucks a year isn't a big deal

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From a strictly business standpoint. Having 50 now is worth more than having 50 in 6 months. The fact being in 6 months than 50 is still 50. but the 50 right now can be used to make more money. Even if its just interest in the bank and makes a dollar. So that 50 now is worth 51 in 6 months. That's a vast oversimplification of course.

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For me I always do yearly. I don't mind giving the money, but if I had to remember to renew every month I probably would've stopped ages ago. It's a minor upkeep, but it's just enough that I would forget to do it and then be annoyed every time I couldn't watch a video. So in the long run, I've paid more as yearly than I would have as someone that occassionaly renewed for a month at a time.

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Do whatever's most convenient for you. If you want to fork over some more cash, you could always buy some merch!

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Any business would rather have more money upfront, especially subscription- based ones. The Gold subs also add consistency- they don’t have to worry about whether you cancel your sub after 1 month because they’ve already got your money for 12.

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@bigsocrates said:

About twice a year they have sales for a full year at $35 so I might wait until one of those swings around and jump to gold.

That makes more sense, economically.

Also, since those sales often happen more than once a year and, if you buy a gold subscription while having one still active they add a year to your expiration date, you can rack up the subscription for a few years each time.