Should The Hitman Challenges Be A Regular Feature?

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#1 Posted by ShaunSharky (104 posts) -

I really enjoy watching the Hitman challenges whenever the Bomb Crew do them. It's always entertaining and I typically get several genuine laughs out of each one. I'd actually love to see these turned into a regular feature, putting out one every week or two. Would anyone else watch them if they did?

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#2 Posted by Brackstone (922 posts) -

I think part of it working is having Brad, Dan, Jeff and Vinny all in the video, and I like it as an end of year treat.

I do think some more cross coast content would be good though. The EDF quicklook was great, and I sorely miss things like the Rocket League tournament and even that Gears of War Horde mode video they did a while ago. Doing Hitsmas style challenges more regularly could fill that void, so I wouldn't complain if they did decide to do it.

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#3 Posted by Sahalarious (788 posts) -

I'd watch if it was structured, one episode per mission then it's over.

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#4 Posted by TheMaxDaddy (40 posts) -

I have rewatched hitman content on this site as it is so good. The first hitsmas in Paris where Vinny does some amazing stuff is probably the best. This year's hitsmas was also very good.

I would greatly enjoy more hitman content. I suppose they like playing the elusive targets for themselves though and taking their time.

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#5 Posted by ShaunSharky (104 posts) -

Hopefully they'll make it a more regular feature than just once or twice a year. I could see a Hitman challenge each month for 2019, with both the East and West crews taking part.

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#6 Posted by Shindig (4948 posts) -

Nah, there's only so much I can take of Dan going loud before I get bored by it.

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#7 Posted by deckard (359 posts) -

No thanks, I’m officially sick of Hitman content at this point.

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#8 Posted by Rigas (842 posts) -

You can't have Hitsmas every day.