Silly question but what's the video where they go to Jeff's house?

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*hangs head in shame* Sorry for the stupid question but what's the link or title of the video where they go to Jeff's house and go through his collection? I cannot for the life of me find it, tried searching. I remember my partner watching it (they are premium), I've been meaning to watch it for years. Super thank you in advance.

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Game of the year 2012 recap video. I think it’s day 2 or 3, not too sure about that. You should probably watch all of them from that year cause they’re great (and you don’t need premium for them).

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Man, that was a great year for GOTY videos, but that one was my favorite, too. I’ll have to go back and rewatch that...

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Obligatory "I miss the GOTY skits".

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Ryan and Jeff showed some type of acting skills in this I think.

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That was an incredible skit. I remember sitting my wife down to watch that, I was so impressed.

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