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So to all the sim racers out their how do you guys manage these? The easy thing to say is that for the most part I don't use them. Once you get skilled enough in how the cars handle you find that those driver aides really do get in your way. That being said a lot of the modern super cars found in GT5 and Forza 4 are designed around these aides. For example, the MP4-12C wildly fish tales without some TC and ASM turned on. Also some cars like the Nissan GTR are a few seconds faster with the aides turned on no matter how skilled you are. Even the 458 performs better with the aides turned on. How do you guys manage these issues when it creeps up with some of the modern cars?

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I'll use whatever aids that makes me go faster and/or gives me advantage.

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Beastman Aids

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you just have to play around with the options to find the perfect fit for each car.

i just general keep the options the same for every race.