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I have been a bit worried, the site seems to have less assets, and be making less quality content. In the days of Whiskey Media I was all for subscribing, but now, I am not really sure it is worth the cash... I really want to subscribe again, I just need a compelling reason to.

What do you guys think of the resent months of our loved Giantbomb.com?

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Same as I thougt before, awesome content when it finally shows up. 

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It's really been a feast or famine situation. There are periods when loads of quick looks and other videos drop on us and stretches where there is almost nothing. It makes it hard to visit the site daily when there isn't consistent material. At least we have the bombcast to look forward to every Tuesday.

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@upwarDBound: Bombcast does cure all.

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I wish they got more cameras.

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At least it's not Tested.

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I'm finding it harder and harder to buy the "oh man we still need to buy this" thing. A decent amount of time has passed.

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I feel like as far as content is concerned its the same stuff, which is great! It's why I come here! But I feel that the servers are slower or something here because it takes a bit longer to load content like videos and the podcast versus what it used to take. Also the audio sounds lower quality (or something is ever so slightly off about it) since they made the transition. Keep in mind these are both very minor complaints. So minor that I questioned whether I should even say anything.

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@Turambar said:

I wish they got more cameras.

Me too. Hoping for some Jeff and Alex footage from their upcoming road trip, though that'll probably be shot on their phones like most of the stuff of late.

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If your sub is coming due soon, just cancel it until you see the content you want. You can always sub later. And it shouldn't be a hand-wringing situation.

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Sick, everything sick.

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It really isn't worth being subscribed right now.

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Still the best gaming site on the net overall. You're right, there hasn't been much to write home about in terms of subscriber videos, especially in the past month or so. That stuff seems to have fallen by the wayside, unfortunately. Hope they finally get the gear and space they need to be operating at full capacity soon, little surprised (and perhaps a bit concerned) that hasn't been cleared up by now.

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Equipment still sounds like an issue there but we still get the bombcast. Also most importantly they are still free to be kind of crazy/themselves in everything; from antics in the bombcast to all the hilarious insanity in the TNTs playing around with the tools. I'm happy with the state of things.

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@SargeGulp said:

At least it's not Tested.

At least until the coming site redesign.

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personally i feel the TNT have become less good lately.. but maybe that's just me

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@SargeGulp said:

At least it's not Tested.

I'd say "at least it's not AnimeVice or Screened." The only thing wrong with Tested is the site design and branding.

As for Giant Bomb, the quality of the content is about where its always been (minus the lack of a Tricaster and a dearth of production in their video content). It's the sparse release schedule that's dragging things down. Same thing that's been mentioned: there are periods where a lot of content is released, then longer periods without a word. I just want more Random PC Game videos, damn it!

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I miss the presence of Will and Norm. This is why it was cool during DIablo TNT when WIll started posting messages to Brad.

Overall its still cool when stuff drops.

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@supamon said:

@SargeGulp said:

At least it's not Tested.

At least until the coming site redesign.

It's the same dudes working on it as it was before for GB. Tested was from what I understood a new group. Take your negative nancy attitude and shove it dear sir/madam.

GB's all about the personalities. It's the same guys at the CBS offices now as it was at the Whiskey basement. The content's been slow because they're still getting shit underway at the new office (They're still trying to get their hands on equipment after all) and they're prepping for E3. If anyone's concerned about the lack of content, all your fears will disappear come June.

I'm really happy with the way things have gone since they started working at CBS. The new faces they've been bringing in from the past have been interesting to see, and clearly everyone's got tons of good will towards each other. Every worry I had when the news was announced has gone poof. Really, truly happy with the content, and couldn't be happier for the dudes getting to do what they love.

Edit: Didn't actually read the OP before posting that. Figured it was just another of those generic "My Giantbomb's dead" threads. If you're up for your sub and you don't see the stuff you're willing to pay for - hold off. Capitalism, free market, vote with your wallet, all that jazz. If you don't feel what's here is worth paying for, don't. If you see they start producing content that's worth paying for, maybe still wait a bit. That way you've got a bit of a back log when you sub again to go through should there be another content drought.

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I'm still down with the site, sure the content seems a bit sporadic at times, that said I kinda like the disorganised nature of some of the videos that have been done lately (I love Monday's being the prime example) I'm sure we will see a load of new content post E3/when they get all of there equipment. And yes please do some more random pc games!

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I honestly don't know what they do half the time, not just talking about business from moving offices, it's like this all the time, we really don't get much content, we get some short quick looks, the bombcast, and TNT, occasionally a review, never video reviews, but they're constantly complaining that they're sooooo busy. I just don't understand, there are Youtubers who on their own pump out 10x more content than GiantBomb, love the site but content is scarce a lot of the time, and half the time I just don't understand why. It's somewhat understandable when preparing for gaming events though

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It could be worse. Has anyone been to Screened lately?

I really don't have a problem with the site, but that's probably because I don't watch the videos right away. So when there's a drought in content, I still have a backlog of videos to catch up on.

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The video player for subscribers is pretty crap. That's about it. I understand it was changed to allow for ads, but I don't see why we can't have the old one back.

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Yeah, everything seems fine, and the sporadic constant is due not only to the move, but also the lack of many big games coming out. I miss random PC game and Load Last Save, though I have a feeling that is due to Dave being busy with redesign and Vinny being a dad. Hopefully things will pick up after E3 and get regulated out. I'm still in the middle of my sub anyway, so it's not like I've got a reason to cancel it, I'll just let it run out until things pick up (which should be LONG before it runs out in September.)

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I'm not complaining or anything, but we were told that this change would be a good thing, but I've yet to see it.

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@Aelric said:

Yeah, everything seems fine, and the sporadic constant is due not only to the move, but also the lack of many big games coming out.

They don't have to just cover the "big" games. :\

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I dunno, I feel like we get different versions of the opinion expressed by the OP around this time every year. Last year many threads accused the GB guys of needing a vacation because they weren't passionate about games and that content had gotten boring, and other than the ER's the two years previous there hasn't been much going on either.

Y'know what? I think it's just because there isn't a ton of stuff coming out at in the spring that makes the site less interesting to come to.

That being said, I think there has been a drop off in unique features for a long time, but this predates the move from Whiskey Media so I'm not attributing that to recent events.

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They've started showing repeats. That tells you everything you need to know.

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Its still the best video game website. BUT, there is far too litle content at the moment. There hasnt been any subscriber stuff for over two weeks now. And even that was only jar time which, dont get me wrong, is awesome but is just jeff recording stuff at home. What are they doing with all their time?! I mean we dont get any random PC game anymore, no more behind the scenes stuff. Its just TNT, Bombcast, occasional (and increasingly less frequent) jar time, and shitty production I love mondays. They just REALLY, REALLY need to get some new cameras man.

I understand that they are building up for E3 which is cool, and i look forward to all the content that will provide. But the old Giant Bomb i feel would still have been supplementing us with small videos leading up to going. Like vinnys video of showing the space all packed up, or jeffs video about the badges etc.

I thought the move to CBS would just make everything bigger and better. Instead its just made everything smaller and less frequent.

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I would like to see more premium videos for sure. I understand that they don't have all the equipment they need to do all of that stuff yet, though. Content across the board is strangely sporadic. TNTs have gotten shorter and the crew seems pretty jaded about them. We'll see if it picks up in the two or so post E3 months, and if it doesn't, a subscription becomes a bit hard to justify at that point.

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I still like Giant Bomb.

@Aelric said:

Yeah, everything seems fine, and the sporadic constant is due not only to the move, but also the lack of many big games coming out. I miss random PC game and Load Last Save, though I have a feeling that is due to Dave being busy with redesign and Vinny being a dad. Hopefully things will pick up after E3 and get regulated out. I'm still in the middle of my sub anyway, so it's not like I've got a reason to cancel it, I'll just let it run out until things pick up (which should be LONG before it runs out in September.)

I'm sure they've mentioned on Bomcasts & other content that the lack of Random PC game is basically because of a lack of PCs to play this stuff on. Or something like that? I know they've done a Flight Club once at CBS but I'm sure PC issues were specfically mentioned for the Random PC stuff. Plus as you say, guys do have other stuff to do.

I can see why people might be a bit annoyed by a lack of new content to a certain degree, but first there was the buyup by CBS & so needing to get a whole bunch of new equipment. Then Vinny became a dad & Drew went to North Korea. And incidentally, the stuff about Drew's trip to NK was totally awesome & some of the best content I've seen up on this site, subscriber only or otherwise. And then it's E3 prep time. Busy time of year for the crew. But then as a fairly recent subscriber I've still got lots of unwatched content in the archive to go through so it really doesn't bother me.

Oh & I know it's the internet & so everyone moans about everything, I'm as guilty of that at times as the next man, but c'mon, why are you moaning about the redesign? It's being done by Dave & Alexis. As opposed to the people who did the Tested site. Which really isn't that bad anyway, it's just the rushed out the roll out way before it was ready.

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The changes have been subtle. As a non-subscriber I actually think that there was a point where there was a lot of premium videos during the first part of the partnership, but it dies out later as everyone said. The actual quality has also taken a slight dip, things that can be attributed to the lack of equipment.

No negative drastic changes have occurred though, so as a non-subscriber I am pretty ok with how things have gone. While content overall seems to be sparse right now, it is summer/pre-E3 so I can cut them some slack.

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@Aelric said:

I have a feeling that is due to Dave being busy with redesign and Vinny being a dad.

I was going to mention that I have my pessimism on hold until Dave is a little less busy with rebuilding the site.

However, I see so many people using excuses like the latter suggestion. Vinny being a dad is an amazing thing, but it has nothing to do with his day job. They moved offices, sure, but that was months ago now. It's the combination of the lack of transparency about some of the behind the scenes stuff coupled with the lack of content compared to before the switch that makes it difficult. It's just hard to see why.

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It's the same as always except apparently a little less effort put into everything. Yah I know they moved, like two months ago.

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Dave got married, Vinnys a dad, preparing for E3 and not many games coming out at all worth metioning. 
All good reasons why everything seems slow

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Like people have said, there's either a ton of content coming out at once or none at all for days at a time. I understand they've packed everything up for E3 at the moment so I'm not too bothered by this week but it has been like that for the past couple.

The content that does come out however, is not of the quality of past content. They keep going on about not having enough equipment or a tricaster but the excuse is starting to wear a little thin now. I'm hoping after E3, everything will return to the quality it was around October last year, which in my opinion was the golden age of GB.

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The lack of content isn't necessarily due to CBS. This time of year is always really slow. They're all busy preparing for E3, and very few games are coming out.

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They should just hire Rorie to do dumb stuff in front of camera, so we would have something to watch while they are busy writing reviews and other business.

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Bombcast has always been the most important part of what they put out for me. I get that on my ipod and come to the site to read the forums. Not really interested in anything else like quick looks, reviews, previews etc they cover their thoughts on games in the bombcast. If there's a funny moment in a QL I just watch it in Turboman's QL montages.

Also I'm more interested in the multiplayer side of games and Giant Bomb isn't the place for that. Plenty of Youtubers who play multiplayer games a lot more, are better at them and so I spend more time watching their videos and listening to their opinions.

To sum up the Bombcast is number one, as long as that lives I don't care.

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Combination of the move, less games interesting games coming out, personal stuff and e3 prep does seem to have lead to less focus on content. So yeah I do think its got worse since the move but can understand why. If it is the same in anither 3 months I'll be annoyed.

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I Subscribed for the random pc game, so until the start making those again I won't renew. I might not be in their line of work and not know something, but why did they get work computers that they cant use for gaming? I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that is silly.

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I am similarly frustrated by the lack of content, but I have to assume all of this is just a bunch of circumstances preventing them from getting back to normal. The acquisition, site redesign, E3, lacking summer release season, and the personal lives of the crew all came together to form a perfect storm that created the content drought.

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I feel like that there's been an overall decline in the quality of GB, honestly. The content that goes up is usually pretty good/funny, but there seems to be a whole lot less of it than I remember. Lack of subscriber videos is really bumming me out, especially with how crazy and enjoyable they were getting by the end of GB's time at Whiskey. The parting of ways of the rest of the Whiskey Media crew also has been a drag, but I suppose there's no way that could have been avoided.

The biggest thing for me is that the move to CBSi has caused GB to lose its' zany startup 'ghetto-fabulous' quality. It's hard to put into words exactly, but I feel like that made a lot of the mistakes forgivable and the whole endeavor way more endearing. Now that they're part of a large corporate infrastructure with (supposedly) more resources it makes the issues with the site(many of which have been there since the start) a lot harder to ignore.

I'm willing to give the guys more time, though. I still have faith that once everything settles down after the redesign everything will be better than it was before.

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You know, this is my favourite site on the web, it is one I'm proud to be a part of, and that is why I think it is important for members to voice their opinions about it, so it continues to be great.

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They gave us TWO lost Time Trotters episodes. That alone makes this move worth it.

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I'm subscribed via a dedicated subscriber account

Let's just say I haven't had to login that account very much lately. I also echo everything rebgav said

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There's not enough content on a daily basis and the quality of what's there hasn't been so hot lately. It also seems like there's always an excuse as to why there's a lack of content, which can be pretty frustrating as someone who has paid money to this site for a long time. It seems like too often they fall back on the weekly stuff (thrown together ILM, Bombcast, TNT) to count for the week's worth of content, which isn't enough, let alone when you have a bunch of your user base paying you money.

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@Lunar_Aura: Now that's avatar dedication!

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I'm holding judgement until after E3. I'm assuming that moving to the new office and then getting ready for E3 has been the cause of fewer updates recently, but if it's the same after E3, I'll be pretty worried.

Coming home to watch a GB video is one of the highlights of my day, and it's a bummer when nothing goes up. Hope to see things get back on track soon!

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Eh, content has been kinda poor. It's probably got something to do with the lack of releases in 2012. I haven't really enjoyed any GB content since the SNES Party.

Also, too much Brad. Brad bums me out every single time.