Skunny Kart in the 90s

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Hello Troop,

Did anyone have the Skunny Kart in the 90s? I am looking for a bundled game that was included with it. It was a game in space, where you would go from planet to planet for resources, and could attack other spaceships.

Anyone have a clue of what I am talking about?

Thanks for your help!

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#2 finaldasa  Moderator

Well I just went down a rabbit hole.

Turns out Skunny Kart has a weird history.

According to the developers of Wacky Wheels, a similar kart racing game take liberties from Mario Kart on the SNES, they were creating their own game when they sent out a demo along with the source code to Copysoft. Copysoft decided Wackey wasn't for them and Apogee decided they would fund the development (yes Apogee as in 3D Realms).

Right before Wacky was released, Copysoft released their own Skunny Kart.

The developers of Wacky were rightfully upset, but no legal action was ever taken.

What in the actual world.