Slightly Mad Studios will release a console in 2022

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So 2019 is already getting weird. Slighty Mad Studios (developer behind Project Cars series), is releasing the "Mad Box." A stand alone console, set for release in 2022, that is promised to deliver VR support across multiple headset brands, 120 fps, and 4k.

Talk about a fucking curveball... It's too early to tell if it will turn out to be a total disaster or not. I'm always hopeful that another contender will step into the ring, but I've seen too many companies step up, drop the ball, and get knocked out in no time.

EDIT: Link for those interested in all the details ---

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This seems.... Slightly Mad....

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That is a long way ist a 'believe it when I see it" situation.

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Remember when those guys that made the Walkman decided to make a console? What a failure that turned out to be!

Jokes aside, I agree with @monkeyking1969. It would be cool to see another successful console in the market, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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It'll be interesting to see, if nothing else, how much people still care about 4k and VR in 3+ years time.

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@creepingdeath0: 4k is the new standard and will only become more important moving forward. As for VR that is harder to say. I would bet it will still be a fairly niche product in 3 years.

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I bet they'll get a console working that can display some games in VR at 120 fps. I just don't think it will be the VR games that you want to be playing in that year.

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ill bet money this never happens.

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No one is even going to be alive in 2022.

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Tech doesn't sell consoles. Software does and, there is an almost 0% chance that this thing will have a compelling software lineup.

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It can't be worse than the Soulja Boy gaming console.

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I'm all for a new console that adds more competition and everything, but the pics they just released don't necessarily look promising. But if it's competitive in the market and has software then yeah, sure! Go for it! If it's got the games, I will go to the games.

GameSpot: First Look At New "Mad Box"

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So it's going to be way too expensive, there is no word at all with talk for development kits at all, so no big studio is or will be using this at all. Also, this look it's going to be something like a Steam Box but more expensive with even less support. My question is, what makes this as a better alternative to buying a PC or a console that will be out in the market already.

The tech all seems legit and makes sense to me, but at this point why not just buy a gaming PC unless the games are going to be built just for this console, but then they have a huge hurdle to overcome. Unless they have a willing to lose lots of money for years to come to possibly not even be successful, then they may be able to pull it off by 2025. To me this is just the same idea as what the Ouya was just with a bigger budget and specs.

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As someone with a headset and wheel, I can kind of see why they think they have a problem to solve. I know some folks with money to burn who just 'want a sim rig i just want to drive the car with the headset'.

Any idiot can make some deals with chinese parts manufacturers and get a custom pc built (see walmart's disaster). The software will be the interesting part. If its a 'console' that implies it wont just have windows on it, which means custom linux?

Which means steambox. And even valve couldn't make that happen.

My verdict: Silly. Probably Vaporware. And they should just put the freaking effort into PCars3. 2 is ok but could be so much better.

edit: also its sinfully ugly. christ its the neon green and danger orange crap we got away from in 2007. and LOL at the watercooling loop in their render. Dream on.

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So, it's supposed to run on the multiple headset brands.... so it's just a prebuilt PC?

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I hope they team up with soujaboy :D. Still weird to see such a small studio undertake this huge of a task, did project cars sell that well that there investing in a console.

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My fingers are so crossed they're broken. Competent competition is always welcome in this space, especially considering how stagnant it's been for the past 15 years. If nothing else, I'd love to see what their business plan and approach will be.