Slow quick looks?

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Is it just me, or has it been taking way longer for a quick look to come out for most games? im not sure if this is due to a bogged down schedule with Giant Bomb, a change in how they've been recieving codes, or what, but games like Remnant: From the Ashes took days for a QL, and we still dont have anything on Astral Chain, Oninaki, Ion Fury, or Wreckfest.

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I'd imagine a bunch of releases during the same week, plus Pax, Labor Day and whatever have played a part in some games not getting covered right away.

Astral Chain QL is coming from GBeast this week. Oninaki I haven't even heard about and I don't think I've heard any of them talk about it either. I'd guess that Ion Fury is maybe not going to get any coverage due to the censorship mess that happened. Wreckfest already came out officially on PC last year and they recorded a QL of that, don't think they'll do a seperate one for the console versions.

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Jeff has also been a bit busy recently...

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I think they said on the Beastcast that there was a delay in some Quick Looks due to a combination of embargoes, a lot of stuff coming out all at once, and various scheduling stuff. Astral Chain in particular was one of those QLs that's coming late because of those circumstances.