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How much of the 8 hour show were you able to watch? How did you remove time for it? What did you have to sacrifice to get in on the madness that took place?
Mine was probably one of the craziest. Out here in Asia, in my place the show began at 10:00 PM. Yeah, at night. It went on till mothereffing 6 AM in the morning. And guess what? I stayed up all night watching it. 
At times I would drop of to sleep on my chair and just felt like quitting and going to bed. But I thought it was my turn to do some Endurance running for the crew :D
In the late hours of night I played The Last Remnant in windowed mode while watching the stream to stop myself from sleeping off.
It's 12pm now and I just woke up half an hour ago. (Missed the Live Party stream :( No one told me about it)
So what did you do to catch the show? Did you catch it in your office or in school? Or did you just not go to work so that you could watch it?

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All of it and the after party. I woke up, sat on my computer chair and didn't get up unless I was going to the bathroom or eating. I am mentally exhausted. 

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I watched it with a side of garlic bread.

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Yup, what Milkman said.  Got some Taco Bell during a Dance Central skit though and missed some of Screened's Denizen and that's about it.

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At my university, when I didn't feel like studying... too bad the stream kept buffering up.

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Generally watched the whole thing through, taking piss breaks whenever Comic Vine segments came up (I have zero interest in comics, it's nothing personal).

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@FixerofDeath: lol, me too. Those segments were quite boring. 
And your avatar is crazy!
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Being in the UK meant it started at 6pm for me, I watched it until around half 1 in the morning. Fell asleep and just finished watching the after party on catch up. I wish I could have caught that shit live. :D

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I was fortunate enough to see the entire show thanks to my desk job.  It made my shift fly right by.  I had to leave about 20 minutes into the after party, but seeing as how that was dependent on people coming across the mic and saying something, I didn't expect to miss all that much.
In summary: day well spent!

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@rjayb89: How long was the party? 3 hours?
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@armaan8014: Yup, about that much.  I wasn't actively watching the stream during the after party unless I heard Will or someone else talking.
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I live on the East Coast of America, so...it's like I was on their time but 3 hours in the future.

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I didn't watch it due to having to work =(