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In an attempt to get more into sportsman a whole, I picked up a few cheap sports games

I bought NBA 2k7, FIFA 09, Madden 08, and NHL 08

Any other recommendations? What's a good starting point for wrestling games?

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If you have a Sony system then you'll want a copy of MLB The Show. I prefer the pitching in the older games, around 09 or 10.

I think the wrestling game that people like is WWE All Stars. Or you might want to try one of the early UFC games or Fight Night Round 3 instead.

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I recently bought the new fifa, having never played a soccer game before and I got really into it after I got some of the more intricate controls down(not shooting the ball miles over the goal was probably the hardest thing to learn)

Also if you know how American football works any of the Madden games are pretty self explanatory if not kinda boring on the defense side of things

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I've played a little bit of the NBA 2K games but the one I really know is Madden. The thing to remember about Madden is that it's half a strategy game and half an action game. The problem is that the game doesn't teach strategy. So here's a few tips;

-Your job on offense is to confuse the defense. The defense's job is to predict what the offense will do and stop it. So on offense, you need to be unpredictable. Vary run and pass plays in such a way that you still move the ball but don't have a clear pattern.

-Some plays can set up other plays. For example, several runs in a row can set up a pass play. That's because the defense will call a play designed to stop a run. If the do, a pass play could go for a big gain.

-On offense, it's ok to have 1-4 yard gains. These plays can set up 15-50 yard plays if you strategize correctly. Also, play to use all of your downs. Don't try to make a first down on every play.

-On defense, you essentially have four plays; a run-stopping play, a pass stopping play, a neutral play that can stop either type of play, and a hybrid run-pass stopping play. You'll see a ton of plays but they're all variations on those concepts.

-Call a run stopping play if you think the offense will run, pass stopping to stop passd, or neutral/hybrid if you aren't sure. You'll know what to call based on the patterns the offense falls into (ex, always running on first down) or the situation (passing on a 3rd and 7).

-The action portion is more satisfying on offense. Passing is all about timing. You want to pass the ball usually when the QB is standing still (if you pass while backing up the ball will be lobbed and arrive to the receiver late). Try to pass to the receiver just as he is getting open. If you are late or early with the pass the defender will knock it down. Also try to read defenses before the pass play starts. If you see that the middle of the field only has a few defenders then that spot will probably be open for a pass.

-Running is all about reading blocks. Blockers try to block defenders in such a way that lanes open up for the runner to run through. It's the runner's job to find those lanes.

-Defense isn't a ton of fun to play. I don't have a lot of advice for this really. If suggest relying on good play calling and on the AI to help.

Hope that helps a little. Sports games can be a lot of fun once you learn the technicalities.

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I don't actually have anything to add to this thread.

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Fire Pro Wrestling is available on PSN PS2 Classics. Virtua Tennis 4 is pretty cheap to pick up these days. I would say thats well worth playing still.

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wwe games are mostly good. wwf warzone on ps was very good but the moves are hard.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 will be dirt cheap now. What it has over FIFA is that it's arguably better to play single player. FIFA's AI only really knows one way to play so repeated games against the AI might grate after a while.

On the other hand, FIFA is better with friends.

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Mega Man Soccer

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Fifa 98 Road to World Cup on the PS1

WCW No Mercy on the N64

Tecmo Bowl for the NES

All bases covered with the best in their genres. Go nuts

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I play (and love) the NBA 2K series so I would first suggest you grab something a little more recent like 2K11 or 2K12 as the mechanics have changed in pretty meaningful ways since 2K7. Some tips to start out with the series (sorry if I sound like I'm dumbing it down, I am not sure how familiar you are with basketball):

(Some of these mechanics may not apply to 2K7 as I don't remember when they were introduced)-Learn icon passing. Its the only way to ensure the ball goes to the player you want. Each position has a button associated with it and it doesn't change, PG is always A/X, C is always LT and so on. Offense is about getting the ball to right player at the right moment and this is how you can ensure you get the ball to the right guy.

-Learn the quick pick controls. The bread and butter of NBA basketball is the pick and roll or some variation of it. There is a button to call for a quick pick as well as a way to also indicate which player to set the pick. Especially on easier difficulties you can generate most of your offense off of this (passing to the roll man, using the pick to attack the rim or setting up a drive and kick).

-If you aren't familiar with them take a moment to look at your roster. Just because a guy is a 68 overall doesn't mean he isn't useful. Sure there are some guys who are mediocre at everything but a lot of your subs, especially deeper on the bench, are specialists. They may be a killer 3 point shooter, a lock down defender or an expert passer. Knowing what everyone can do is essential when subs come in.

-At least at first let the CPU handle substitutions. The game will let you have the CPU substitute based on a rotation and minute totals (like real coaches do) and for the most part it works fine.

-Defensively starting out just pick one player and guard him. The game will give you a helpful arrow below your player pointing to the guy you are guarding. Rather than frantically switching to guard the guy who has the ball just stick to guarding one position until you learn the feel of the game.

-Don't worry about switching defenses. You can play zones or throw in some junk defenses but don't worry about that stuff early on. Man to man will be fine for 99% of the time.

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Some excellent posts here, thanks a bunch for the in-depth suggestions.

I should've mentioned that I was looking more for 360/PS3 titles, though. Those are the oldest consoles I still have

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I play Fifa primarily in Manager Mode against AI when I should be playing other games. Building up a team and progressing through a career gets so addicting.

So...I guess play Manager Mode is my advice.

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In an attempt to get more into sportsman a whole, I picked up a few cheap sports games

I bought NBA 2k7, FIFA 09, Madden 08, and NHL 08

Any other recommendations? What's a good starting point for wrestling games?

Get into Ultimate Team Online Modes

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I play a lot sports games, and I definitely think there's a sweet spot for each one in regards to what year you should pick up.

Nba - 2k8 or 2k11. These two allow the best combination of movement speed and player control. 2k8 is easier to master and more arcadey, but it's the one id recommend if you are playing against someone. 2k11 is hard and punishing at the higher difficulties. I've put in hundreds of hours on both of them. Both are sensational.

Madden - 2004 or 2011. I haven't played 2004 in a long time, but it was a pretty revolutionary game at the time. Not sure how it holds up tho. 2011 has a similar level of ultra control that I mentioned about the 2k basketball games. The game feels superb, and it's really fun to build a team once you learn how to master the game.

MLB - unlike the other two franchises, the show remains very consistent from year to year. Even when they add new controls, they usually give players the option to default back to the old. I really like 2010, but currently playing a season in 2012 and it's great. I'd avoid the 2k baseball games. They're very arcadey and inferior to The Show.

Haven't had a bunch of experience with wrestling, but I do really like boxing games. I prefer the controls and experience in fight round 3 over fight night champion.

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Right, I'm going to get real deep about FIFA and PES so listen up or run away.

  1. FIFA is presented really well with a lot of time spent on making the game sound authentic-ish and the commentary is good, if a little repetetive.
  2. Pro Evo is better as a podcast game. Atmosphere is a little lifeless (although 2014 improved this) and commentary is invariably second-hand..
  3. Both tend to favour a different tempo to the game. FIFA, with its animation-lead system, opts for a slower approach and doesn't offer you much in the way of space. Despite this, scoring is rewarding, although forcing a quicker tempo tends to make the AI not cooperate.
  4. In contrast, PES offers a slicker passing game which lends itself to a quicker, more immediate experience. You get more space to play with and don't have to worry about animations finishing before you can pass the ball about. As a result, there's more goals to be had in PES.
  5. As mentioned, they offer different ideologies when it comes to certain things. EA seem to have a massive hard-on for ball physics where as Pro Evo's always been about making the players feel more like their real-life counterparts. The star players really can shine and you can recognise that nicely, even if you're playing with an unfamiliar team.
  6. EA's series also seems to have an obsession with possession football. Everything's to feet with short passes. Ironic as it means tall strikers that can hold the ball up simply don't get the chance to do so.
  7. FIFA certainly has more content on the disc thanks to the licenses and plenty of interesting modes. Ultimate Team being a personal favourite with career mode giving you the chance to build a team in your own image.
  8. PES offers leagues, cups and the Master League with is an absorbing mode where you can either mould an existing team or start with a bunch of goat herders and grind a team out to become something special. There's also an online equivalent which borrows a couple of ideas from Ultimate Team but has no micro-transactions.
  9. And now a word on licenses: FIFA has the lions share so, if you're into real kits and team names, there you go. However, PES on the PS3 is super, super easy to mod. Just download a file, stick it onto a USB stick and transfer it over. Konami give the community plenty of editing tools to get around this issue.
  10. In conclusion, get both. Might even want to try the World Cup games (2010, 2014) for a bit more flavour.
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mario tennis

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Fire Pro Wrestling is available on PSN PS2 Classics. Virtua Tennis 4 is pretty cheap to pick up these days. I would say thats well worth playing still.

I second this opinion