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Inspired by Drew stating that Broken Age was a GREAT game to play with a drink.

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Gears of War 3, CoDGhosts, Barbie Dream House Party, Final Fantasy XIII

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A bottle of red goes down well with Gone Home.

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You Don't Know Jack with Jack is always a good time. Uno on XBL was pretty terrific with a bit of alcohol too.

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soda drinker pro

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spiced rum

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A bottle of red goes down well with Gone Home.

That sounds like a recipe for tears. Or maybe I'm just a baby, I don't know.

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Water goes well with pretty much all of them.

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Rock Band for me, take a drink between the songs was necessary for me.

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Pretty much any slow paced game is good with a drink. I always found RPGs to be most enjoyable while drinking.

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All of them.

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@noboners said:

@professoress said:

All of them.

I hope you're younger than me, otherwise I'm mildly worried about being agreed with by a cat named Noboners.

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I'd recommend games with breaks in them. I mean, you need to have times where you can safely drink without having to hit pause or move yourself away from the action.

I think most RPGs, adventure games, cutscene heavy action games, and old school arcade games work great.

Modern shooters, fighting games, and horror games are a bit rougher.

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all of them

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I spent many a cheery night playing TF2 with a drink and a few friends, fun but you have to accept the fact that you'll probly suck, although tbf as the game is in its current state that's relatively unnoticeable.

Generally though I dont mix the 2.

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Demon or Dark Souls.

Your choice.

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Yee bro all a dem.

The Strategy genre is a perfect mix for substance abuse. Take damage? That a shot. Do damage? Take a hit. The longer you play the longer "the affects of great responsibility" will wear you down until your decision making is just madness-based.

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Skyrim on PC loaded with Mods... its AMAZING

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I like fighting games when I'm drunk. All of them. Only when drinking with friends, though.

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Starcraft 2 Marine Arena, this game is awesome!

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But of course.

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Any driving game.

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Civ will always be the best game for that

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Audiosurf, before you know it you've played a whole discography. One handed, as a bonus, so nothing stops the flow!

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I'm not a drinker but it strikes me that The Stanley Parable might be a good game to drink along too, it's impossible to lose and it's packed with humor.

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Me and my girlfriend used to play drinking Mario kart... It got out of hand quick. Rules such as if you fell off the track, you had to drink until you were back on. Rainbow Road really did a number on us.

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I like to play strategy games, Xcom EU and Fire Emblem Awakening for instance, with a little alcohol. You'd think it'd impair my judgment, but it actually helps me think clearer within the context of the game.

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Dark Souls. Play in human form for drunken invasion fights.

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I second Dark Souls. You die quick as shit, whether you're invaded or not (I tried killing the four kings while drunk, it was... interesting).

Also Skyrim is pretty fun to play while wasted. I don't remember any of it, except that I remember having a great time and later I came back to my save file to find out I'd turned into a vampire!

Good times :)

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Civ 5 maybe? Nice relaxed turn based game. Mouse in one hand, drink in the other. Any other point and click adventure games you can think of.

Those are the kinds of games I would play with a drink, anyway. Just as long as I don't drink too much. Gotta keep it at a nice buzz level. I remember a couple of times where I tried to play WoW after getting trashed. It was a fucking nightmare with all of my keybinds.

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Civilization, just about any sports and / or fighting game dating back to Tecmo Bowl, just about any point and click adventure too, Binary Domain, most of the good Final Fantasies (and all of the bad ones), Grand Theft Auto V is a GTA game so..., and then I thought Renegade Ops was pretty fun.

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@chop: My friend, I went with Civ V. Thanks! :)

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Super Mario Under Water Levels

They always make me thirsty for MountainDew, DR. Pepper or Pibb.

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I played Demon's Souls last night while munching on Ole Smokey moonshine cherries.

I lost 42K souls over the course, but I attribute that to the bosses rather than any real-life fruits.

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Take a shot every time you die in Dark Souls.

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Condemned. It'd be kind of like role-playing.

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I've had a fun time drinking then driving the crazy cars in Far Cry 3.

Red Orchestra 2: Party at Stalin's Place is fun with a few beers and some nice headphones. You can get really immersed into that game as you are slurring out coordinates for attacks.

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Hearthstone and a beer go pretty well together.

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Brothers. There are benches.

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Action games just don't work all that well when drinking other than a mere few beers. If you're on something like three Cuba Libres and a couple beers, I recommend a JRPG or Civilization V.

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Never understood peoples need to drink while playing videogames. I like to drink at parties or bars, maybe when watching a movie with friends, not when I'm home alone playing a videogame. To each his own though - I've been playing a lot of Assassins Creed and those games honestly almost play themselves.

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I don't get the mindset when people say something can't be played with a drink. Are you really such a lightweight that you're done in to the point where you can't comprehend game mechanics after a glass of Scotch? Jesus guys, I know Dark Souls is unforgiving, but it's not an airliner. In fact, I find that playing difficult games with a drink nearby actually soothes the sting of loss. I take otherwise frustrating failure in stride after starting a buzz. And sometimes the loosened inhibitions allows me to do things in games that I normally would have over thought my way into bungling. I aced several of the Saints Row IV side activities after stumbling my way home a few months ago.

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@noboners: lol, i'm just messin with ya youngster.

Alcoholism can cause impotence. :)