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..still planning on finishing, starting or playing through again?

As I am not buying as much (mainly because there wasn't much out in July) I have been looking at my backlog and having just finished a game I am thinking of what I will try and get through next after I finish the couple of games I started last week.

Some of the games I still need to finish/start:

Tomb Raider

Crysis 3

Army Of Two Devils Cartel


Anarchy Reigns

Any suggestions on what to play next?

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Fucking anything I have, man, but right now, it's all Fire Emblem. (Those Paralogue chapters are gonna be a bitch, though.)

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Ittle Dew and Persona 4 Arena are the only two games that came out in the past two years that I'm playing atm. I've been enjoying old games a TON recently though.

However I did play XCOM last night (free on PS+ finally got around to it) and I could see myself getting into it.

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I have so much its ridiculous, not even going to start naming stuff as i dont know what im going to play next half the time.

As far as what you should play next i would recommend Tomb Raider, i had a good time with the main story, took about 12 hours to do. I skipped over on the collectables and some of the optional tombs as honestly i didn't find that stuff fun, but the main game is a good thrill ride.

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  • Saints Row: The Third - The Complete Package
  • Hitman: Absolution
  • FTL

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I still play Max Payne 3 on and off. Great shooting mechanics.

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Just from the last two years? Finally started playing BioShock Infinite. Replaying AC2 (I know it's 2009 but it's fantastic), and Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

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I'm gonna replay arkham asylum and arkham city back to back since I got those games before I had an HD tv

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Xcom Enemy Unknown. I'm really shit at it and I've failed the campaign twice. I'll play it again though.

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If I could actually remember anything that came out last year...

Someone mentioned P4:Arena though, which I have been meaning to go back to. I had planned to get deep into it, but I got sidetracked by other stuff and never went back. Getting really good at that game is probably a fools errand at this point, but I'd still like to play it some more. At least get back to my previous semi-competent level.

As for more recent stuff, I need to finish Soul Hackers. Only got like 2/3 of the way through. I have a feeling it's going to be extra hard to adjust after SMT4, so I'll have to wait awhile longer.

I also want to get around to replaying Ni no Kuni at some point. I beat it, but I didn't get very far into the post game and I want to.

Eventually I will get around to replaying just about any game I enjoy though, so it's only a matter of time.

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At the minute I'm a few hours into Far Cry 3, and Darksiders 2. They have both been on the radar for ages and it's cool have the time to play them both at last. I also can't leave FTL alone at the minute either, it keeps calling to me. So, yeah... you should play Tomb Raider, game looks great.

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I've only played 1 game released in the year 2013 and only 11 games released in the year 2012. So a lot.

Not to mention all the games I've not played from all the previous years...

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I just picked up New Vegas and all its DLC, along with the new Bioshock game, and I never even got around to starting Crusader Kings II when I bought it a month ago...

I suggest you start with Vanquish, game's badass

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Yakuza 3 and Dead Souls. I played 4 first and fell in love with the series. Tracked down the first 2 on PS2 and now I'm pumped to play 3. I know Dead Souls sucks but might as well...I bought it for $10 new.

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I plan on actually playing the Uncharted series before I receive my PS4. Would be stupid not to when I got Uncharted 3 for free from PS+.. gotta see what all the hype is around this series. After TLoU, I regret skipping out on Naughty Dog's previous stuff.

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Even though I'm going far beyond two years. There's a survival-horror game I came very close to beating, but didn't.

Loading Video...

Back in the ps2 generation I had this game, and I loved the hell out of it. Problem started was when I got to the final boss fight, and then when the final boss reached its last form, it fucked me. I was missing the Missile launcher attachment and I had such a difficult time.

It was just fucking hard, hell I have a friend who had a hard time with the last boss battle too, and he had the missile launcher attachment. In the end we both got pissed and never finished the game. Though I found out what happens at the end thanks to youtube. Still I wish I finished this game with my own two-hands. I hope they release this game on PSN one day.

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Man, there are way too many to name. I have some 20~ games I need to play.

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My list is so goddamn long I don't know what to do.

I need to finish Rogue Legacy, DmC, Shadowrun Returns, Banjo-Kazzooie: Nits & Bolts and Dragon Quest 5 then start Fire Emblem: Awakening, Shin Megami Tensei 4, Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest 6 and 9.

That's not even counting the games that are coming up! I'm fucked.

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Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 are kinda the main ones I'm trying to get through so that I can clear more space on my hard drive. Wanna get started with CoH 2 ASAP.

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I'd like to play The Witcher 2, but I want to build my PC first. I still need to play Pandora's Tower and The Last Story, but I haven't had access to my wii. I keep meaning to play Dragon's Dogma, but still haven't gotten around to it. I'm waiting on some sort of re release to play Resident Evil 6. Older games from this generation I mean to check out: Resonance of Fate, The Last Remnant, Vanquish, and Singularity.

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My current summer jams.

  • Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Ni No Kuni
  • Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
  • The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings
  • A Link to the Past
  • Kentucky Route Zero Act 2
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Dust An Elysian Tail

There's a hell of a lot more in my actual backlog though. These are just the one's I realistically plan to get to.

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I plan on actually playing the Uncharted series before I receive my PS4. Would be stupid not to when I got Uncharted 3 for free from PS+.. gotta see what all the hype is around this series. After TLoU, I regret skipping out on Naughty Dog's previous stuff.

I don't get the hype around uncharted. its got pretty set pieces but that's about it.