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Yes, not much need to elaborate upon this title, I believe, but for safety's sake, let's!

Every once in a while, I see a topic locked for reasons that are beyond me. Necro'd threads and the like, I understand, but it sure seems to me that there are an increasing number of threads that just get the grand, ol' lock without proper, if any, explanation. Any particular reason for this change, or we just got mods being lazy?

It's just a weird thing to see in the forums, is all.

Edit: #PoliceState

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Inb4 lock. I actually haven't noticed this or maybe I'm automatically assuming why they're getting locked.

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@xanadu: Part of me is hoping this'll get locked without an explanation, as well. But yeah, just something I've increasingly seen of late, and it boggles the mind.

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I always assumed it was a spam message that necro'd it, mods removed the message, then locked it, which leaves the thread still popped up as new but mysteriously locked.

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I always just kind of assume that it's either: thread has been answered sufficiently, isn't productive and is going down a bad road, or the creator wanted it locked. Not claiming those assumptions are right by any means, but that's just common reasons I've seen explained in the past. So I generally look in those directions first if I'm curious enough. This is excluding necro's. Those are obvious.

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Illuminati shit

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@do_the_manta_ray: A better way to get this answer would probably be to contact the mods using that link on the right side. Not that I don't appreciate getting this answered publicly, but that's your go-to ticket for asking the mods any questions you might have.

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Which recent topics specifically are you referring to? The only locks without closing comments I see are topics that were completed giveaways or old topics bumped by spam accounts, those should be obvious and don't really require a separate post by a moderator stating why they were closed. Keep in mind that topics bumped by spam accounts will still stay at the top of the forum list even though the offending post has been removed - you just won't see the removed post. But if you look at the creation date and last activity date of some of these topics, it should become clear what happened.

I just looked through the last 10 pages of forum posts and don't see a single topic that fits the description you're giving of threads that were inexplicably closed.

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You ever play that new wolfenstein? It's like that, but more REAL.

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@mike: Ofcourse I don't recall the name of the topics that I wasn't able to post in over the last month... I do have a semblance of a life. Isn't that right, puppy? No, you're getting your food, just ha- Auch!

Anyway, it sure is a pattern I've seen more and more of in recent times. And I'm not necessarily referring to the last, couple of days alone. It's a little something that's been on my mind since the end of the summer. And to reiterate, in some threads, it makes absolute and complete sense, in others, I'm left baffled. There's plenty of each variance. Mod scene in GB has always been kinda' iffy, if you don't mind my saying so, it's very much left up to you fellas behind the curtain; and that comes with all manner of judgement calls, the exact nature and decision-making left for us mortals to only guess about. So I was, yet again, wondering if something had changed in your approach in these recent times.

It's just seemed overly aggressive to me of late. And might be that I ran into a lot of topics that warranted your modly approach? Absolutely. Nonetheless, I remain a wee bit puzzled.

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@do_the_manta_ray: Well I guess I'm just not sure what you're referring to, but if you cite some specific examples we'll take a look at them. Or if you don't have time for that, the next time you have a question just use the PM All Mods link and we'll look at it and get back to you.

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The mods on this website are super intense, getting more and more lock happy in the last couple of years. I'm surprised this is still open, to be honest

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Haven't noticed this at all. Everything I've ever seen locked was either done with an obvious reason or with a moderator explanation prior to the lock. Definitely no pattern I've noticed but if you're this insistent there is one, it would be helpful to have even just one solid example.

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In my whole history with GB I don't recall a single locked topic with no closing comments. The only exceptions are blatant spam topics and delete/merge requests.

I'm pretty sure discussing mod decisions on the forums isn't allowed. Your best bet is probably to PM Rorie or the mods.

Also, hey, maybe don't be a jerk to mods?

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As others have said, I don't recall this ever being a thing.

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I have noticed this before, threads being "Locked Down (baby)" with no reason given. Most of them did deserve to be shut down but it'd be nice if the mods could commit to always stating why they lock each thread.

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The problem with the community here is not the community. #powertrip

@imsh_pl It's perfectly legal and morally just to question authority. Relax.

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And comments like that are exactly why topics like this end up having to be closed. If you guys have a specific problem or question then please use the PM All Mods link, alternatively you can send an email to Rorie at