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Hey guys, this is too great an opportunity for me to not inform you of.

I tried the SoftXpand trial for 20 days, it's an amazing co-op program that turns your PC into two: You get two monitors, two keyboards and two mice, you hook them ALL to the same PC, and then you and your friend sign in to two different Windows accounts, and you're both on at the same time, on two instances of Windows!

And then you both launch the same game and you play LAN! I spent two weekends with friends playing games such as SC Conviction, Borderlands 2, CoD WaW and Torchlight 2 on LAN co-op, it was such a blast.

I didn't buy it because it costs 50 bucks, but today is the LAST day of their sale, the price was cut to 14$

If you've always wished you could play two-PC co-op with one game copy, now you can do it on one (powerful) machine with one copy, and without internet!

Sale link http://www.miniframe.com/buy-now-1000-fb.html?resource=DuoOv30ml

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this thing takes PC co-op into a new age, where's the love?