Some recent videos are not tied to any wikipages,

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I have noticed that some recent videos are not tied to any game pages on the wiki, this is less obvious since you can't see the wiki on video pages anymore but it's problematic when you try to find all videos where Warframe is being played. It's extra tricky when it's a video that doesn't have the name of the game in the title so you have no choice but to rely on

I wish it was more obvious on the video page that it's tied to a wiki page and even more obvious if it wasn't tied to any page at all. I also wish us wiki editors could edit the video part of a game page and tie it into existing videos more, there should almost be a video filter for all videos not tied to any page at all to find videos like these. not tied to american truck simulator. Not tied to Dungeon of the endless or Warframe. Not tied to Wario Ware, Spelunky, or jackbox party pack 3. not tied to Risk of rain 2.

the two latest pokemonday night combat videos are not tied to the Pokemon let's go page. not tied to Apex Legends. not tied to Apex Legends. not tied to fitness boxing.

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@forcen: We changed our workflow recently and I think some of these slipped through the cracks. I'll try to get them updated!

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@rorie: Are Playdate videos supposed to be tied to pages too? After listening to the beastcast from a few weeks ago I was trying to find out when the GBeast team had played Dreams and eventually discovered it was in this:

But that doesn't show up when you go to the Dreams video page at all.

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Most other playdates are tied to pages, I think every video is supposed to be tied into a page usually unless nothing in the video that ties into anything on the wiki. I feel I remember seeing even old mailbag videos are tied to object pages like Pizza:

I wonder if videos and wiki ties are shown in the api? If not then they should be.