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Today began like any other day for me. I woke up, grabbed my tablet to check Facebook and Twitter, than got out of bed to turn on my iMac and read the news. Pretty standard stuff, but as I was scrolling down the page I saw a picture of Ryan Davis. "What the fuck?" I thought to myself, "Why is Ryan Davis' picture on Joystiq?" I scrolled up to see what the article was about, and I was not prepared for what I saw.

I've been a GiantBomb member since 2009 I believe, (Wasn't active with the forums until about 2011) and the whole reason I joined the site in the first place was because of Jeff and Ryan, my two favorite Gamespot duders. The content and antics that I found pretty much made me fall in love with this place, and my appreciation has only grown stronger since.

I've never met Ryan or had any sort of interaction with him, but I felt like I really knew him. The laugh, the quotes, the assholery, Ryan was just a really fucking great guy. The kinda guy I'd love to just have a chat with.

This entire day I've been saddened by his passing. GiantBomb and the entire video game industry has lost something truly special and irreplaceable. It's absolutely incredible how together this community is today. No hate or bad vibes, nothing but love for one of Giantbomb's founding fathers. Ryan deserves every bit of that love and then some.

One last little bit here before I go: Recently I've been working on a story for Camp Nanowrimo, and as my sort of self tribute, I've decided to name one of the characters in Ryan's honor.

Thanks for everything Ryan.

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