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I'm new to the site, would anyone care to explain how to do well in this fine establishment?

I get that this is a VIdeo Game site, but I don't know what's expected of the community and what I can do to contribute here :D

Oh, and if someone can tell me how to upload a friggen' background on my profile and would like to share some..that'd be great (think of the boss in Office Space)

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Don't use all bold.

Read the rules.

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What's with the bold type? You think you're special or somethin? You think you're better then the rest of us? Is that what you think? Ok I guess it's alright.

Just don't be a dick that's about it. If you wanna upload a youtube vid or pics or something in a thread make sure you have some text to back it up and get people discussing stuff or it'll probably get locked. Also don't be a dick. Aside from that you'll do great here! Welcome by the way :)

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@Canteu: Yeah sorry about that, I was messing around with the buttons and forgot to use bold :)

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@_Chad: Thank you for the link, and the tip for not being a dick (which is hard for me to do)!

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Be nice to people and you'll be fine.

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@TheSouthernDandy: Hahaha, yeah as I told I pressed a button and shouldn't have..much like Homer Simpson XD

But thanks for the polite and warm welcome, and I won't be a dick.

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Generally speaking, the best stuff to do is start blowing through video content and posting blogs/reviewing games. Or you can join the wiki community, 'cause there's still a lot of work to be done all over our fine website; we have a style guide here. Finally, off-topic has its own subcommunity of folks who actually don't seem to post very often in the video game boards, which shouldn't be surprising.

It's a pretty standard community. We emphasize spelling and grammar a lot more than a lot of video game boards because a large part of the forum community is made up of grown-ass men rather than the traditional 13-17 age make-up of a message board these days. You're allowed to cuss, but really, don't be a dick. And, if you plan to stay long, start booting up that Netflix account for purposes other than watching TV; people on this site have seen a lot of movies.

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Simply read the rules and abide by them.

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@Kerned: Thank you, and I'll be on my best behavior!

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@KruelAK: Oh, also. Welcome.

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Talk. A lot.

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@Canteu: Thank you, much obliged

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The best way is too create a thread about a game you would them to do an endurance run for. The staff collects them all, and whichever has the best argument for why they should, determines the next ER starting in April!

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@KruelAK: Post several blogs about your feelings on ape escape and which of the apes you managed to make close personal connections to through their various mannerisms and the tactics they used to avoid being ensnared in your net before they eventually fell to your superior mind.

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Also get acquainted with the Persona 4 endurance run.

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@_Chad said:

Also get acquainted with the Persona 4 endurance run.

And also don't ask for endurance runs. That gets people's panties in a bunch.

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@MildMolasses said:

The best way is too create a thread about a game you would them to do an endurance run for. The staff collects them all, and whichever has the best argument for why they should, determines the next ER starting in April!


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Please don't use a tiny background that tiles a million times, dear god.

It's pretty easy. Don't be an ass, and pretty much the only word you can't say and get away with is the "F" word that refers to homosexuals. But cunt seems to usually be ok, for whatever reason, as long as you aren't actively being an ass when you use it. anguage is ok as long as it isn't you being an angry asshole, like me!

Don't post a thread if it doesn't have discussion value. If it doesn't but you still want to post it, post a blog.

As for what is "expected" beyond what not to do, try filling in some wiki stuff. It helps out everyone, and you'll get points. Who doesn't love points?? Check out the list feature too, and think about making one or two, even if it's just "favorite characters" or something.

I'd also recommend going back and watching the Endurance Run videos, as they play pretty deeply into the community here. Also check out the list of the funniest Quick Looks. and watch as many as you can manage.

Oh, and say good bye to Brad, he's leaving us soon :(

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Don't say anything bad about Patrick in the videos he is in, otherwise that's all the video comments will be about. Actually, if you have any negative to say about the staffers, keep that to yourself. You can disagree with their opinions and post why, but don't be one of those assholes who attack them personally. I mean you can do that, but as said before people will just bitchin back and forth about that.

So all in all that can be distilled to one thing, don't be a dick.

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Stick to the rules, and if you have any doubts about them or need anything PM the mod team. If you want to contribute to the site try writing blogs, posting reviews, working on the wiki, or if you're able to making video content or photoshops for the site. I hope you enjoy it here.

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I'd say go watch the Big Live Live Show Live If you want to get a good picture of the shenanigans the staff gets up to.Listen to the Bombcast.watch the Persona 4 endurance run,watch the Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point Quick Look.Start posting on videos and the forums.This is the first time I actually made links.So if they don't work just find them on your own time.So welcome and have fun getting acquainted with this awesome site.Oh yeah,also.....Don't be a Dick.

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Eat a pizza

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Begin threads with "Am I the only one?"

If anyone asks for relationship advice, tell them to touch their shoulder.

Brad quits giantbomb, no exceptions.

Follow these rules, and you shall do fine, my son

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@KruelAK said:

@_Chad: Thank you for the link, and the tip for not being a dick (which is hard for me to do)!

Unfortunate wording, my friend.

To change background, from your homepage click:

1) Settings

2) Icons and Backgrounds

3) Change profile background.

Fairly straightforward stuff.

Also, you should watch the Persona 4 Endurance Run, the Euro Truck Sim Quick Look, and all of the Sleeping Dogs Quick Looks as well as the Day 5 2012 GOTY Recap, which includes more of Vinny playing Sleeping Dogs.

One last question: Did you come here for the naked cartoon pussy?

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#28 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4311 posts) -

Well if you really want to "fit in" (bad choice of words, I admit) then you can create something cool that has to do with the site.  That kind of stuff gets a lot of attention if its awesome.  

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Here you go,

Loading Video...

you'll thank me later

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@Gamer_152: Thank you, I will be doing my best to help out on the site however possible!

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@Little_Socrates: Thank you for giving me some detail on the site, I appreciate it and I am pretty good with Spelling/Grammar so that shouldn't be an issue.

By the way, badass picture..Clint Eastwood is the man!!

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Just don't be a dick.

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Giant Bomb's golden rule; Be an asshole, but don't go too far.

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Don't have an opinion cos people will shove it down your throat.

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THEY LOVE THAT TOO, i think they call it discussion. also just look for the patterns of posters ,like every site there is Nazi jerks and then there is every one else.

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I'm new too and struggling with this "Don't be a dick" rule, it's so fricking hard!

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Realize that China doesn't fucking care.

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@RobotHamster said:



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Check out my favorite video:

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@Miketakon said:

@RobotHamster said:



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Give your opinion of Mass Effect 3. It's a great way to get posts in a thread.

When watching site content, make sure to comment about how much you hate Patrick and how annoying he is and how annoying it is whenever he interrupts someone or goes on a tangent about something he doesn't know anything about

Ask for a new endurance run

Just do the opposite of all of these and you will probably be good.

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In the end, you are all alone in a world ruled by violent animals. Never forget that.

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If you have a random talent that you want to talk about they usually make great and popular blogs here. Plenty of people have used their talents to make GB related content that is usually hilarious or interesting, so you can make friends quick that way. Either way just be nice, ignore the whiners, and you will thrive! Welcome duder!

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@KruelAK Welcome to Giant Bomb, GLHB.
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Be sure your created threads incite discussion. They can even be inane so long as they incite discussion and are kept to the "Off Topic" section.

If you want to post something that doesn't promote discussion, post it in a blog and be sure to clear the box that posts it to the forums.

Do the very un-Internet thing and remember that the people on the other side are exactly that: people. Even when we disagree, we can still be civil. Polite, even.

Watch the back-catalog.

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Watch the back catalog, like said, starting here:

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes, and the insight into the community here!

I'd love to reply to each and every one of you, but I am restricted to only a few replies a day.

Hope to talk to all of you soon :D