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So I'm debating between these two consoles to collect and I'm wondering which offers the best games or is better or easier to collect. I'm leaning toward dreamcast,but am unsure. Any ideas?

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Dreamcast is the more unique machine and has lots of great games. Be prepared to invest in some hardware though, Dreamcast keyboard, arcade stick (optional), fishing controller, VMUs, maracas etc.

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Are you doing this purely as a collector, or do you have specific types of games you like to play?

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A Genesis is the more solid "real" console, with a nice lineup of quality games, but the Dreamcast was the console of beloved exclusives and weirdly great features and peripherals. I couldn't tell you which you should collect. The Dreamcast side of things has been more difficult for me to find.

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Depends on how much collecting you want to do for your money. You can amass a nice pile of Mega Drive stuff and hardware for not too much. Dreamcast games and hardware, on the other hand, costs a bomb unless you just want to pick up the shovel ware games. Plus the odds of finding a working DC are getting slimmer and slimmer whereas MDs are going strong to this day.

Heh. I've been lamenting the loss of my own Dreamcast for a while now. Been meaning to get back into it but man, I don't have the kind of money needed to build up a worthwhile collection.

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@subwayd: that's the thing. The dreamcast games imainy want are sonic adventure 2, MVC 2, Street fighter alpha, house of the dead, crazy taxi, code Veronica, and soul caliber. Maybe I'm missing some must haves though.

I already own a SNES so I'm not sure how many genesis/mega drive games I want or are worth ow one. I know I want the sonic games, but I'm not sure where to go from there.

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I don't care for the Genesis. I like the Dreamcast fine. Still have both of them, but I don't play them.

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So bought a dreamcast at this vendor show I go to. Seems clean. I notice though the console is kinda noisey. Is that normal? Like, when playing soul caliber (only game I own for it so far) it'll make some squeaking noises sometimes.

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@ravensword: "Dreamcast" and "noise" return a lot of results on Google so I guess it's a pretty common issue. I don't remember to have heard any weird sound myself when I owned this console but even it is was the case I would probably haven't noticed it.

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Recently got an everdrive for my Genesis love all the great shoot em ups on there. I also have a Dreamcast which has the best Soul Calibur game and Crazy Taxi. Tough call but I'd probably go with the Genesis if I had to pick one.

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The Dreamcast is probably more 'collectable' but I've not switched mine on in years, and my Genesis gets played weekly.

Talking of collectable, I once had a Sega Multi-Mega. Bought it new for £30 and a friend dropped it on a concrete floor after a week.

They're worth more than 10 times that now.