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I was hoping that this year's E3 would help me decide on which next generation console to get. Unfortunately for me it did not help to clarify anything. So what made/help you decide on which console to get? I am leaning towards the PS4 but the battery life on the controller is not that long but that can be fixed by buying a long cord to charge it or buy another controller. Another thing that got me thinking about the Xbox One is that Microsoft removed the necessity for the Kinect.

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At this point in time I purely would look at which first party games you prefer and perhaps which system most of your friends own.

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ps4.because they didnt try to force stuff on me and because they have way better games out or coming out.

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This E3 got me to pull the trigger on a PS4. Already own a Wii U. That Bloodborne reveal kinda cinched it. Also, I've been using a Dualshock 4 for my PC gamepad for a while now, and it's probably my favorite controller ever.

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I have both, but I use the XBONE more (mostly because of Titanfall, my most played game this year, and the social integration.) I would say the biggest differentiators to me besides the exclusives would be

1) The Playstation is more powerful and will have the better version of most cross-platform games

2) The XBONE has the better OS in my opinion, and does a better job managing friends/multiplayer functions.

Ultimately I'd say go where your friends are, and if you don't have friends with game machines or they are evenly split go with PS4.

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Wii U because the have the greatest quality of quantity first party games. PS4 because they have the second best first party games and it can play third party titles.

Edit: whoops quality and quantity should be flipped. :P

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Wii U because the have the greatest quality of quantity first party games. PS4 because they have the second best first party games and it can play third party titles.

Have to say, after this year's E3 I am considering something that I would have never dreamed of.

Buying a Wii U.

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Everything these past few months have made me more interested in the Wii U than the other consoles. I'll still most likely pick up a PS4 down the line, but the Wii U is the only platform with unique exclusives you won't be able to play much cheaper on your PC, as well as having backwards compatibility with the vast Wii library.

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I bought an Xbox One first simply because it had more games (e.g. Killer Instinct and...uh...Killer Instinct) I wanted to play at the time. If I absolutely had to recommend a new console right this very moment, I'd say get an Xbox One because, personally, their 2014 lineup seems more exciting to me. However, Sony's lineup looks really really good too so it's not like you'll be starved for games if you get a PS4. If none of the exclusives get you excited, then I say just flip a coin.

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It's a tough decision for me too. I really want to play both Uncharted 4 and Halo 5. But I'll have to choose one.

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I don't see myself upgrading for quite sometime. Simply no reason to at the moment with many of the big games either a year off or coming out for PS3 as well. I imagine we'll see some kind of price drop or hard drive increase by the next E3. Until them I am perfectly content to continue playing a huge catalog of PS3 games that still look great.

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If you think long term there is a good chance the Xbox One will turn out to be like the Xbox 360, and after some years the only exclusives you'll get are a new version of Forza, Gears of War, Halo and maybe Fable. Personally I'd go for the PS4, because it is shitty to screw the players who were naive enough to trust them, with exclusives that cater the better part of the their consumer base, but leave the poor guys who want something unique out of their equation, with one of the poor sods being me.

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I am really happy with my WiiU. I'll probably end up with all three sometime in this cycle, as I did with this current one. But looking forward, nothing on the Xbone or the PS4 is a console seller to me. Also Xbone taking out the kinect kind of ruined it for me entirely. Same with retracting everything they said about having to be online. Everyone bitched about it but publishers would have loved it. They wouldn't need to be the "bad guy" putting in DRM since the Xbone would protect them. They would have drawn most of the exclusives. I cancelled my Xbox live gold account when they announced they would no longer require online every 24 hours. When they went back on what they had said, and essentially did a major set back on what they had been designing. I wanted to see the console as they had dreamed it. Someone there thought it was a good idea.

Most cross platform games are coming out on PC now anyway, and some of them don't have game breaking bugs!

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Just touch her shoulder