stop collaborating and go to sleep

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#1 Posted by svcheats1 (155 posts) -

Giant Bomb is kickass and all, but so is sleep :P

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#2 Posted by delsaber (216 posts) -

Sleep is for the weak, decaffeinated, and cats.

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#3 Posted by AtomicEdge (368 posts) -

Benefit of being a Brit is that the site launched at like 9am GMT!

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#4 Posted by Axersia (1926 posts) -

I actually skipped sleep to be sure I was here at the launch. :P

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#5 Posted by Caje (139 posts) -

It's already 7am here :)

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#6 Posted by Colino (178 posts) -

sorry but I'm in the UK right now, meaning that I woke up right when the site started... : )

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#7 Posted by ethan (843 posts) -

I'd like to go to sleep.

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#8 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

I never sleep.

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#9 Posted by Haklin (20 posts) -

Primetime launch in Australia.  Its 9pm here...i'll be on for at least a few more hours i'd say.

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#10 Posted by SarazinRuin (161 posts) -

I sleep during the day.

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#11 Posted by Axersia (1926 posts) -
Alucard said:
"I sleep during the day.
I've been doing that too lately. But not because of work or anything. Just because I'm weird like that and don't have anything better to do with my vacation.
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#12 Posted by MattyFTM (14891 posts) -

its 12:30 PM here. Just about lunch time. I sleep at night.

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#13 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -
AtomicEdge said:
"Benefit of being a Brit is that the site launched at like 9am GMT!
Yup that's so true. I'm wide awake, have had a good nights sleep, and am still capable of making changes to the website. :P
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#14 Posted by Grim (15 posts) -

'Twas indeed a great launch time for Aussies, no need for sleep for a few more hours.

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#15 Posted by Schizoid (1121 posts) -

Bah, I've only just woken up! Gotta contribute!

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#16 Posted by CrimsonSnake (63 posts) -

It's cool that I woke up and the site was here ahhhh Giant Bomb we love you in the UK.

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#17 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

No. I r insomniac.

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#18 Edited by SpaceInsomniac (6353 posts) -
Homer said:
"No. I r insomniac."
Ironically enough, I'm not an insomniac.  I'm just a night owl.
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#19 Posted by deactivated-5b3f096aee80a (4198 posts) -

You're right... internet is taking control of me as usual.