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Link to stream It's still going on!

If we use our hobby for good things, maybe we can change the culture surrounding our hobby for the better.

Anyway, hopefully this doesn't get locked for spam or whatever, but my message is clear regardless. Also John Romero is for trans rights.

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Hbomb is rad and this has had some wild call ins.

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I didn't get to see it, but seeing Ben talk on Twitter about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and apparently her heaping praise on Mystical Ninja Starring Goeman is really just some amazing and wild stuff. This is a really great thing and I look forward to tuning in now.

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@sethmode: I dunno if that part is true or not but she did come on stream to talk a bit about N64 and just generally have a real uplifting message.

It's a very nice stream.

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@efesell: It seemed perhaps a little too much to believe, but I really want it to be true.

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People want Obama to join the stream, so I guess that might happen?

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Crazy how this thing has taken off. Good for Hbomberguy!

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Just to update, in total the Donkey Kong 64 stream ran for about 57 hours and ended up raising a whopping $340,000 for the UK trans youth support charity Mermaids (not counting his intention to also donate any money from Twitch bits and subscriptions garnered during the stream). Guests included John Romero, Grant Kirkhope, AOC, Chelsea Manning and a slew of others. Even apart from the money raised, this thing has really become a beacon of positivity and support for trans folk like myself, and it makes me so happy to see so much buzz around it!


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That's amazing! :) I wasn't aware, was watching Egoraptor's charity stream and missed this. Amazing, heartwarming news

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that's awesome.

sometimes the gaming community is alright

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This stream definitely escalated to a pretty crazy level by the end. 300k and a bunch of fairly high-profile people (like half of leftist youtube, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, John Romero, etc.) is super cool.

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Hbomb's a stand-up dude. Although, it's funny: even after seeing him hit high 6-figure view counts on his Youtube channel, routinely pull in thousands of retweets on Twitter, and then raise so much money for charity there's still some dusty corner way in the back of my stupid brain where he's still "the guy that did that fun but kinda crappy STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl Let's Play on the Something Awful forums like 10 years ago."

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Nani?! That’s rad!

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Good effort, although the gushing when Alexandria came on was about as cringey as you could expect.

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@shindig: Think you’re on your own there.