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Just because I want to support these guys. No more, and no less.
They work hard, try their best to make money without being like the other gaming sites that spam everything to us, and actually want to connect with their members. You honestly do not see that, or if you do it is very contrived type of thing. They do their best to balance business, and community. All with a very small crew in terms of the content they put out, and site management. 
So, I will put my yearly sub up in the hopes that it helps these guys grow and continue being able to continue what they have provided to us all for 3 years. I do not come for the reviews. I come for mostly the other content.

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#402 Posted by RaoulDo0k (93 posts) -

Once I get a job I'll subscribe to the site. GB and WhiskeyMedia has provided me more than enough hours of enjoyment to justify the purchase.

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 i got the year long sub, but I still believe 30$  without the shit would of been better. I've been using the site for over a year now being entertained for free by endurance runs and quick looks so I figured I would give back. However the Thursday and Friday shows don't really interest me due to my sleep/work schedule and the quest stuff is weird because it doesn't unlock anything. HD videos are nice and all but I don't really watch quick looks for graphics, I watch it for the personality that the crew brings. 
Now all that being said, Giantbomb needs more Snider in the podcast and quick looks.    

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First and foremost to support. There aren't a ton of things on the net worth paying for, but this site is definitely one of them. The hours of entertainment I've received from the Bombacst and quick looks are easily worth $4.16 a month compared to the relative cost of cable, netflix and other stuff I pay for. 

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These guys at Giant Bomb have been proving me entertainment over 10 years (previous site of course) so as a way to say thanks for all the good times. 
the T-shirt is a nice bonus too :)

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'Cause $50 ain't shit and these guys deserve to get paid for all of the entertainment they provide.

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Whiskey Media's stable of sites have been keeping me edutained for over two years. I would have gladly given them money even if I wasn't going to get anything in return. And the subscription also comes with a bitchin' shirt, which is significantly better than nothing!

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@CitizenKane said:
" Or maybe you just think Whiskey Media/Giant Bomb is so awesome and want to support their amazing website engineering and general shenanigans for the betterment of the Internet and human civilization as a whole? Let us hear your voice! "
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I like what these guys do and want to help them keep doing it.  
though the Bombcast move was, IMHO, a serious tactical error.

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I didn't have an account until yesterday when i signed up for a yearly subscription, and i signed up to support GB and Whiskey Media.

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T-Shirt and something to keep my sanity during work.

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Bottom line is I get so much info and entertainment from this site.  Things like quick looks and the bombcast make my days. This site really made me more of a gamer than I ever was in the past. Not only that, but I value the way they run the site and wanted to what I could to support them. I want them to keep what I love about the site, and was willing to pitch in for it. This is the first web site I have ever paid to join, and I never even really stopped to think about it. I will be very interested to see how things go over the next year, and I hope that I don't hesitate to re-up in 12 months.
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#413 Posted by WEGGLES (735 posts) -

Tshirt, and I would have subscribed no matter what anyways.  
Xbox Live is $50/Yr. I get a hell of a lot more out of this site than Xbox Live... so I figured it'd be worth it for me. 
And I figure I'd have no problem paying $30 to subscribe and $20 for T-shirt. So both for $50 is pretty much bang on. 

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#414 Posted by Dalai (7868 posts) -

Honestly, the T-shirt. Also, at this point I should help get the Bombcast to everyone. I still don't like that stipulation, but hopefully they can get to 5,000 soon.

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#415 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

Shwag and wanting to keep the site alive

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I went yearly because I really respect all the GB people, and have really enjoyed all the content.  They've worked hard to create a video game site that is different, progressive and damn funny.  They deserve the support, and 50 bucks is now cheaper than Xbox Live for a year.  HOW COULD I SAY NO?

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#417 Posted by Nonentity (267 posts) -

I committed because I love Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media. Everything else was just a bonus.

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#418 Posted by semyeotic (13 posts) -

honestly, because these guys' particular brand of crazypants runs alongside mine.

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#419 Posted by Xiemos2 (232 posts) -

i still think they shouldn't have charged more than $35 for the featureset, but i pitched in for the year to help support the guys. the bombcast situation was/is a raw deal though, no doubt about that. posting on forums from my phone is nice though :-)

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#420 Posted by ComradeKritstov (697 posts) -

Because of the Bombcast hostage situation.

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For this month I'm doing the monthly since I, ordered an iPod Touch, lost my phone and need a new one, and need to re up my gym membership.  Moneys a little tight so once all that gets payed I'm signing up for the year.  Mostly because I want to support the awesome whiskey sites. 

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#422 Posted by schmitty (17 posts) -

I love the content on giantbomb and tested and I want to see more of it!!
I love how the sites are geared toward people like me: smart people over the age of 21.

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#423 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Because I wanted to reward the GB crew for all they've done and for not splitting up the bombcast.

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#424 Posted by ZombieGoff (14 posts) -

1) "Portmanteau." Where the f^ck else am I gonna hear that word on a video games podcast? NO. WHERE. ELSE. Is where.
b) The New Yorker name check.
3) This is the first site I have ever given any money to, and I dropped the $50 without blinking.  And I have been on the internetz  A LONG TIME.  I am old. Whiskey's model is weird but f^ck it, here's a Ulysses Grant, earned a hundred times over. Smart often drunk OCD-fueled video game podcasts are this nation's greatest unsung resource.
4) Speaking of OCD: The Giant Bomb site's Quests were really outstanding for my OCD thanks thanks thanks.
vii) Thanks also for making the videos play on iPhones.
Summary: The Bombcast guys take games, and thinking about games, and talking about games, very seriously -- but they do not take themselves very seriously, and I think that's the best part. The key to being really good at something is to never think you are good at it when, in fact, you are good at it, because then you keep thinking about it as if you still trying to figure it out.  I mean, you can think you're good at it, but, you know, you should think deep down that you still suck. 
Oh also: Lincoln Force.

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#425 Posted by Artemis_D (832 posts) -

Plain and simple: I love these Whiskey Media folks.  Giant Bomb brought me here, but I've fallen for the company as a whole over the last couple years.  I never signed up for a a Gamespot subscription back in the day, because Gamespot just wasn't a site I was that into.  I really was only there for the Weekly Hotspot with the guys, and once they left so did I.  I'm all for support these fellows.  

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I'm not that into all the new stuffs with Whiskey media as a whole is doing, like the friday live show, HD video and such (DAMN you Bandwidth 'shake fist').  I'm just showing my support and love for Giantbomb.
then again the video downloads with mp4 instead of flv is a nice change.
I am not very font of the idea of splitting the podcast into 2 section.  At 1st I though it was gona be 2 short separate podcast but that's not the case.  
it just seem wrong to not have the entire community to enjoy the full bombcast at relatively the same time for full enjoyment and discussion.

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#427 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2727 posts) -
Just subscribed.  I did it because the podcast is free for all now up front.
Yeah, I waited til AFTER it was free.  I'm weird that way.
Doing the monthly thing, might bump it up to annual here in a month or so, but for now just going to do the month-to-month thing.
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#428 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

I didn't want to have to wait for the Bombcast split deal, I really wanted to support Whiskey for all the great content and I was on a t-shirt shopping binge and the Whiskey one is sweet.

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#429 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3210 posts) -

Because I would have paid for the Bombcast two years ago and now I get the chance to pay for it now (and hopefully some bonus podcasts too).

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#430 Posted by sammo21 (5294 posts) -
@CitizenKane:   I did it so I could support GB mainly.  The other stuff is nice and I cannot wait for my shirt!
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#431 Posted by raggedglory (219 posts) -

I have watched enough videos on the site since it launched that I've gotten WELL over 50 dollars worth.  Hell, the persona 4 endurance run alone was over 100 hours.  If they continue making entertaining videos with stupid hi jinx and keep putting out the bombcast I will continue to support them.  Also that shirt is pretty rad, even though I will probably never wear it.

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#432 Posted by Pabsi9 (226 posts) -

T shirt n cause I support GB, Tested n Screened....I spend about 7hrs on GB n man these guys are fun to watch n there's always a podcast no matter eat

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#433 Posted by TheBooya (172 posts) -

Because I believe in the cause that is Giant Bomb, and all of the awesome people behind it.

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#434 Posted by TheBooya (172 posts) -

And because they let me on the premises... that's worth at least $54 per year.

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#435 Posted by Xshinobi (560 posts) -

I want to support the sites I love :). Too bad I couldn't afford the yearly sub :(.

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#436 Posted by Tophar01 (171 posts) -

I was just gonna do a month, but the "better deal" and the t-shirt got me to get a year. 
I figured after watching all the way through both endurance runs and enjoying them greatly I figured they earned at least $5 from me.  
Also they make me laugh on a weekly basis. 

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#437 Posted by drewm135 (262 posts) -

Honestly the features are great but I did it because I wanted to support something as amazing as Giant Bomb and the other Whiskey Media sits

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#438 Posted by Devil240Z (5708 posts) -

Just to show support. I have been onboard since day one. I love this site and what it stands for.