Tablet or gaming device for 1.5 year old

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My son as a year and a half. He loves playing puzzles on his mom's Kindle Fire. We were thinking of getting him a leap frog or something like that for Christmas, but we weren't sure what the best such device is. Wondering if any of you duders had any experience with any of these things for young kidskids. Thanks!

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@eddiephlash: the leap frog stuff is OK for 1.5 years. Get ready to chew through batteries though. Plus, they really are a bit sluggish. The Wayforward produced Spongebob beat 'em up taught my son the basics of fractions and other math principals really early though.

Really, this year, the deal is with the Amazon Fire Kids edition. It has a no questions asked 2 year warranty, and 1 year of free games, books, shows etc. Here is the link.

Edit: fixed the bad link, sorry.

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Well, a tablet would help a child get more familiar with electronics and is much more versatile. Though I'm not sure if his eyes would suffer on the longterm from staring at screens. It should be in moderation.

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Get him a 2DS. They are insanely durable and there's a ton of child friendly games for it.

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Anything but the Leap Frogs, they are slow and expensive and have no use outside of "toy", and imo kids know how to use tablets better than their parents don't give them a watered down experience even at a young age the only benefit is the Learning software itself but there is plenty of that on the app stores.

Any well priced android/apple Tablet with an Otterbox is a fantastic option, I used to put otterboxs on iPad minis and drop them in front of customers when I worked at Best Buy and those "carpet" floors are little more than cement with 1/4 inch of short carpet on top.

I've dropped them so hard the sound made me swear I broke it but it never did, I personally would say get a Nexus 7 or an iPad mini or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The Nexus 7 can be obtained for an Insanely low price and imo is the best bang for your buck, the Mini is of course very nice but between the Tablet itself and the Otterbox it is a costly thing to hand to a child, the Galaxy Tabs are nice as well but TouchWiz is kinda bad so you would need to find a new interface which isn't hard but that is where the Nexus wins due to the stock OS being pretty awesome.

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To be honest, whatever tablet you get them is going to not be working within a year. Happens to everyone I know with kids, especially very young ones. Don't go crazy money wise. Just get a cheap one that will run the few things you want it to run.

I worked in Harvey Normans (Electronics store) and the amount of people buying ipad mini's for their young 1 - 5 year old children was crazy! Some folks seem to expect these things to be indestructible. We had a line out the door the day after christmas, most of the people were folks who had bought tablets for very young children and the screen was broken instantly, they were all trying to get it repaired under warranty (which they were not covered on).

From my experience, when buying for very young children, just get a cheap-o 7 inch tablet. Spending big money on anything else is just crazy, and frankly a waste, as they will not get any use out of it.

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Thanks guys, this was super useful info.

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Id say none. Dont get him into electronics at such an early age, buy him toys, played with him and just have fun :)

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I got a $20 android phone on clearance for my toddler. It's loaded up with his books and communication cards.

I honestly don't know what I would do without it. At $20 if he ruins it, oh well and so far it's been quite durable.

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Coloured blocks and a train set. Crayons.

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@bluefish said:

Coloured blocks and a train set. Crayons.