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This month we've been tackling a lot of game of the year subjects but we still have time to award the things that really matter in the games we played this year. Namely STABBING DUDES IN THE FACE AND NECK (in a game obviously). Violence in interactive entertainment has always be a cause for debate so let us not hide our interests but rather relish in the ridiculous satisfaction we feel when we experience this simple yet effective game play trope. Here are all the games this year I have witnessed some terrific laceration of tracheal cords and evisceration of faces belonging to Non Player Characters in virtual environments. I'm actually a pacifist at heart but I show no mercy to robots.

Syndicate - Objective received, extracting chip from subject. Through the freaking eye socket!

Dishonored - By all means try to go non lethal but you're missing out on some classy knifing to the face and neck.

Mark of the Ninja - A guard with no vocal chords tells no tales.

Far Cry 3 - Sticking a big ass knife in a dude's jugular and then proceeding to humiliate him. Why? Because kill everything that's why.

I Am Alive - Don't shoot! I'm unarmed! Except when I'm slashing your throat.

Darksiders 2 - I pity any giant monster who gets a huge scythe blade through the mug.

The Walking Dead - You gotta aim for the brain. The hammer kill is sickeningly sweet.

Prototype 2 - Crushing faces with claw hands and arm blade messing up fools. Nobody calls him a bitch.

Assassins Creed 3 - He's like "Ugh ugh ugh ugh!" Hidden blades and tomahawks are the ultimate combo.

Hitman: Absolution - There is no neck or face safe from Agent 47, unless he gets smoked and reload a check point.

It feels like it was not the Year of the Bow but rather the Year of the Face and Neck Stab. Game developers seem to really like assassination as a major design theme this year. I'm certain there are more games out there prominently featuring blades cutting into heads. If I had to choose a top pick it might be Hitman: Absolution since there is just a goofy amount of items to use to brutalize the countenance of your enemies. Runners-up would be Assassin's Creed 3 because it's the franchise that begot this category and Far Cry 3 because of the stupid quick time knife fights and take down moves. So what does everyone else think?

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I didn't think about the incredible amount of stabbery in Videogames this year, until I read your post. I just remember, that people were freaking out about the violence showed in this years e3 trailers...remember that god of war thingy?

Thank you for poiting out the fact, that 2012 was a knifparty...