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@dray2k: None of these games were the ones that i was looking, It ran in my father's old Win 95 pc , What i remember is the camera mode was third person but not first, you only used a tank to single handedly destroy all the enemies in sight.

After 3 levels a warning would appear if i recall correctly it said something about the demo version and you can't advance any further and your tank is destroyed after you click ok in that warning, Obviously when you die, (tank destroyed) the camera would switch to a enemy UFO that proceeds to roam around the level, in that cyberspace level there were some turrets that would destroy these ufos
aswell but i can't remember much more.

I don't remember if the tank was coloured, only a blurry memory of a "blue/cyan" square (which at the time i didn't know what a tank was :P ) but that's it, i thought incoming was the game i was looking but you use choppers aswell alongside other vehicles, no, you only use a tank in that peculiar game.

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I can’t find two games, the first is a side scroller pixel game I played about 10-12 years ago. All the little pixel people had blue hair and there was a long horizontal map with pitfalls or drops that you had to get 100 or so people around to get to the end which was a door. You needed a certain amount of them to make it or you lost the level, I think as the levels progressed you might have needed a higher percentage. You could assign them jobs, and have them build little platforms, which took some time, so some of them might have needed to stop the rest while one built? None of the people ever stopped, you just needed to contain them until a path was clear. There was TNT and like 7 parachutes and 100 people you needed to get to the end? Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I’m pretty sure the title was like one word which was their fictional race or something. Let me know, please!

The other is a game I found online, you adopted an animal, horse, goldfish, cat, and some others I think, and they showed up in like oval frames on the main menu? This was also probably 8-10 years ago. Might have been some sort of flash game? I remember being able to go to different towns or something, there was a desert scene and an underwater scene and stuff moved very slightly.

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I am looking for a videogame.

Made in 1900-2006/2007.

Played at kindergarten.

Staring some anthropomorphic character,prehaps Mickey Mouse and/or Donald Duck but I can't rember well.

It was most probabily a action/puzzle/adventure platformer.

I rember a kitchen level,some machines that are like a treadmill,some zone warp spheres in levels for secret bonuses.

I rember a muddy castle or such,and a piano themed boss fight where you need to climb up and do something.

The platform is pc and its probabily Disney themed/made.

I have a extremely blurry feeling that there maybe was a submarine level with opening doors,but this is extremely blurry.

Please help me out.

If of any help,I played it alongside Claw and Jazz Jackrabbit 2,so probabily somwhere around their date.

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I made an account here for the sole purpose of asking for help looking for this 2D side scroller I used to play. The game was a cartoony strategy/adventure where (if I rember correctly) the main goal is to move from one side of the screen to the other. The game had a darkly colored background like that of a cave. I specifically rember one part of the game where you would knock over large dominos and you could walk over them. I also rember the main character. He a had a distinctive head very similar to mr. lemon head (except not yellow) A short body, and his hands were circular. The main thing I rember about this game was how you could grab things. You could grab a hold of blocks laying around and move them to another location or let go at any time. I rembered the main way that I would die was from spikes and when you fell on them the lemon head like character would fly up into the air yelling in a deep voice with smoke emiting from underneath him.

I should also mention that I think I was around 9 (possibly younger/older) when I played this flash game and it was on PC. I’m currently 15 so maybe around 2010-2011?

I understand that this is a flash game I played while browsing the internet and as such maybe impossible to find unless someone happens to have played the game themselves. However If anyone has any information regarding the name then I would be more than appreciative.

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@dosso: same game I’m talking about?

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Anyone have any idea what PKZ stands for? It's an old iPad RPG, and I just remember the acronym on the iPad for it was PKZ. It has a picture of a human and an orc on the cover.

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Hi! I played this game once. It was an online flashgame but I can't remember what site it was on. It has a number in the title like 42 or 49. It was a semi scary point and click escape game. The main character was trapped inside a birdcage and was very tiny. There was a house inside the cage that the character could interact with. I'm pretty sure there were ghosts in it. I really want to play it again though, I need to know the name! Help someone!

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Okay, so when I was a kid (had to be some time around 2005ish) I was playing this flash game and it had a main character as a ghost, and it was a series of flash games as there was a story, in one of them, the ghost got trapped in a mine and it was Christmas when he got out of it. That’s all I can actually remember, the game was sort of a click and find stuff kind of thing. Can’t really describe graphics, sorry :/

Oh also, I grew up in Canada, so it may be some sort of Canadian flash game

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Someone help me, I have been searching this for a long time

Its a Flash game, 2D , side scroller in space in which You ride a two headed dragon ,each head has its own special weapon which you control using the left and right click. they sorta breath green fire

There were levels with asteroids and some power ups

I think the dragon was cyborg too

what is this game????

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Hopefully you guys can help me because this is the most obscure game ever! It was a PC game from the late 90s to early 2000's. It was a sort of educational game that was set up like a book. The characters were these like pinkish creatures. It was about them going to the beach and there was these little mini games things like you would build a sand castle, pick up trash, collect things under the water, and even help baby sea turtles get to the water after they were born. It ends with the family of creatures looking up at the stars. Literally the most random kids game but I really want to remember it! Thanks guys

EDIT: The game I think had the word storybook in the title

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The game is called The Magic Cirlce!

Under spoiler I added the details so it won't catch the eye since I've already found the game!

So, I thought about this game today, but I cannot seem to remeber the name:

I played it around 2011-2014, the game's about the itself, where you have to listen to the devs narrating, complaining and figthing each other over the game, the levels and so on. Also the player has to kind of 'fix' the levels, there are some broken parts, textures and all that, and the narrators/devs talk to the player.

It's first person, PC game, graphics were nothing amazing but they were nice. there's a point in the game where the player has to create his own dungeon, which in the game context

the player's being forced to create it as a new game for the narrator/dev to publish (I think that that's the last level, and it doesn't necessarily end, you can keep creating dungeons untill you're sick of it, and if the dungeon meets the requirements that the narrator/dev desires, you finish it and the game ends with, I think, a cutscene of the game being published).

Also I've got a few flashes of treasure chests, a really simple sword and few monsters at the dungeon creation part. The game is really simple by itself but I would love to give it a try, again!

Important detail: there is a gigantic eye that appears, if I'm not mistaken, in the sky sometimes, I'm not sure why or how but I'm pretty sure it's there.

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@hamst3r: No, sadly this isn't the one :(

But thanks anyway!

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@hamst3r: I don't think so, I don't remember a grandma figure in the game but thank you!

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@inkerman: Man that sounds super familiar. Do you recall what the visual style of the game was? Cartoony? Realistic? FMV? I know I've played the game you are describing but I just can't quite solidify my memory of it.

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I remember playing this game a few years back, it was a download from some weird european website. It was a space exploration game where you go from planet to planet looking that things, I'm not sure if it actually had any objectives when I played, if it helps, you start off on top of a yellow ship as a woman, and the planet you're on was covered in a thick green-beige gas. Something else I remember was that the playable character had rather large mammalian protuberances, and that the developer was catching smoke for making them look the way they did. I remember a video he posted where he said it was not pornography. It was a right laugh but I can't remember what the name was called and it's driving me crazy.

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I have this game I loved that I forgot the name to, here is what I remember

It is top down and indieish

It has hexagons as like places you can move your troops to

Its about humans that are trying to kill an alien extermination

There is about a billion aliens but they are super easy to kill

It came out from 2000 to 2017

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@hexagongamer: it sounds like it could be an Alien Shooter game or Alien Swarm.

edit: Was it PC or console?

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So, I've tried looking for this for years, and occasionally I try again. Have asked on other forums without response, just found this site, so figured I'd give it a try.

The game I'm looking for is from the early 90s, for Mac. I believe it came on a CD-ROM. The game itself was something of an educational game set during the age of sail -- the player would sail around the coast of Africa, and could go ashore to trade, speak with natives, etc. The thing I most distinctly remember about it was the conclusion of the conversation, occasionally the character would end with "Vaya con Dios" (there was a limited amount of speech in the game, and this was one of them. Another thing I remember was one of the trade items/resources that could be found was a "canary diamond."

That's about all I can remember.

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ok so this was a game i played in the mid-to-late 2000's (probably 08 or 09). it was an online girls game that was actually its own website if i remember correctly. in terms of detail, it involved a pixie and this pet that you could adopt and there was mini games and you could customize the pets home and all that. I'm pretty sure the pixie's name was Pippa or something similar, i vaguely remember the game being somehow tied in with other websites like MyScene, Polly Pocket. and Mattel-related games, but that could have just been the ads that were running on it. i think she had blonde hair, and i feel like she looked like a sharpened edgier version of Tinker Bell, and she had a very enthusiastic voice. i really want to know the name of this game, so if anyone could help. that'd be great! i know the graphics were very flashy and kinda crappy, and the music was slightly techno, it was a kids game online (For PC) aimed at young girls. hopefully someone can help.

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Alright duders, help a duder out.

1. It was a point and click adventure game for the PC, probably in the late 70s/early 80s, you are a little (I think) cute alien, and the very first scene of the game is you being in this tall alien house, and you need to point and click your way down.

2. It was an arena brawler, you play as a leather jacket dude in the story mode, fighting in different areas, with wrestling moves. I particularly remember dudes powerbombing, rock bottoming and chokeslamming other dudes. It was kind of like the Backyard Wrestling game, but it was not a wrestling game.

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@eisai: I looked around a bit for this, and while there are a whole mess of games that sound exactly like this, almost none of them seem to be for Mac or have digitized voice samples. Some had digitized sound effects like the sound of your boat creaking and the hustle and bustle of the port where you'd trade stuff, but all of the characters only talked in text dialogue. Lots of sailing around Africa, but almost all only said MS-DOS and Amiga.

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There was this one old PC game that I used to play in 2014, and 2015 that I forgot the name of. Ever since I stopped playing it little scenes of it have come in my head. I've been searching for it for 2 years now, and what I can remember is that, It was in the future. One of those future games and in it you could see the other players in the game, and had to kill weird alien monsters things. I think one of the things you had to kill in the early stages of the game were nano-bots. The players had to kill those monsters to get stronger. I believe it was a popular game that was released in 2013, maybe early 2014? The controls were the Up Down Left Right buttons and to jump was with the space bar. to attack an enemy it was with the mouse. I can remember a certain part where my character was walking down by the street to find finish a task they had, the games quality was great. I loved this game so much and hope to find it again.

If anyone can find it. or find what they think it is please let me know. Thanks.

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I played the demo version of a game that was probably released in the 90s, it's a 3D game, third person shooter, for PC. You play as an alien that's shaped like a human. You get to choose from 3 different aliens to play with (the other 2 will follow you during the game) and get to choose your color. The first one's default color is red, his shape is average, the second one is blue/dark cyan, he is thin and as I remember faster. The third one is green and fat (he may be the slowest.) Those three aliens have guns built-in in their arms that can be upgraded through the game. The characters you play with can jump high. . The first level in the demo (i don't know if it's the first level in the full game) is in some jungle or a tropical rain forest, I remember that the weather was cloudy (it may be the dull graphics though, like the first ghost recon.) There were creatures wandering around the jungle that look like boars, they are friendly and don't attack you. Getting through the level you reach a cave where you find an upgrade for your weapon which turns your arm into some kind of a grenade launcher. That's all I can remember. Hope it's sufficient.

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I'm trying to figure out the name of a game that i used to play as a kid. You were like a shining ball it looked like a chrome one or something, and all you could do is roll and roll to go through certain levels, I think you could jump too but not sure, and there were some lights floating around and you could collect them. The backgrounds of the levels were real life images, there were different levels, castle levels, disco levels, space and so on. I remember the first level with the background of a mall, and you go further and you reach some ramp where there were light beans trying to kill you or something,another level where there were some ramps that helped you jump somewhere to reach for those ''lights'' etc.. its really hard to remember since this was 10 years ago lol. I ve been trying to find it for a long time but no luck all i could find was similar games like Ball Coaster type of stuff but im very sure the game wasnt on android or ios or any thing, just straight up pc because it just couldnt be, im telling you. I think the game menu was like purple with white text but like a little blurred, as i recall. I played it on my first pc which was back in the 2008 so the game cant be older than that, also it kinda had some graphics so i dont think it was below 2000s but might be, again, i have no idea..

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Hi i've been poundering about a game i used to play but can't remember

- I played it on pc the game is of year 2005-2007(i think) ,I don't know the specific year

- it was a game where you were in one city and in waves people were coming from entrys, they had tanks and 1 main guy with a minigun

- it was your goal to survive the wave and kill the boss at end of every wave

- the characters were human (i think) and there was 1 boss with minigun, there were vehicles similar to tanks,you had a menu where you can take your gun and you could also place traps

- it was an war game where you were killing people and you tried to survive waves there was 1 main map but you also had more maps

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Mega drive game.

Fantasy setting.

Walking an overworld, also had a ship that you could use to traverse water.

Get into battles, grid based?

I know it's not much to go on, any ideas?

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When I was a kid in kindergarten (2002 ish) , my teacher had this game on her ~Windows 95 computer (she would let the kids play on her computer).

It was this golf game and the first level was Egypt with the pyramids, having the hole placed on one of the pyramids. It was really easy to get a hole in one. If I had to guess, this game's theme was golfing around the world. I believe you had a driver club to begin to tee off with. I'm not sure, but I don't think this was a mini-putt game. I could be wrong on that.

The graphics were pretty pixelated and it wasn't 3D and the "perspective" was right behind the tee.

Does anyone know what game I'm trying to find?

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Hey everyone, I have a game that I can't remember the name of it was a pc game produced very early 2000's late 90's. You played a one of I believe it was 5 neon colored npcs (neon green, neon blue, neon pink, neon purple, and neon yellow) You would solve puzzles and answer trivia questions such as questions about the globe that's all I can remember. It was back in the late aol cd era. Please get back to me if you have any ideas.

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Somebody retweeted a gif of a game yesterday, I meant to look it up but forgot.

It looks like a small indie game as yet unreleased, a new 2.5d FPS, with sprites like Doom, but it seemed to be set in a snowy locale with enemies like yetis. Player was shooting them with a double barrel shotgun, as you do. Looked very fast-paced.

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PC Game about a family that live in a spaceship or a futuristic house ( i can't remember)

The point of the game was about interacting with the objects and family members inside the supposed spaceship

So it was kind of a point and click game

I'm 90% sure that when a i opened the game ubisoft logo appeared, but i can't find the game

Played it arround 2004

Graphics were quite colorful

Game was probably for kids

Sorry if my english is bad

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Hello. I can't remember a name of a game I used to play when I was younger (I'd say circa 2006 but not sure). It's a 3D PC game where you play as a guy who's inside a big ball and the screen keeps moving forward so you have to keep bouncing through different enviroments (like mines or pirate ships), collecting coins or something, avoiding/fighting enemies and platforming - a lot of platforming.

It was sorta like a runner game, except you could just bounce at the same spot, but the screen was still moving and it could push you down from the edge and kill you.

I know it had a lot of levels and the goal was something about the main guy's crush.

Yea, and the cutscenes between levels were in a comic form, I think.

Thanks a lot in advance! <3

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Thanks in advance if anyone gets this one - I haven't even played it so I only have genre/era/vague box art memory. I saw this PC game at a Best Buy, picked Sim Tower instead, and never saw it again. Given I can't even find this game now, I probably made the right choice but it has driven me crazy ever since.

The game was a office/factory building or management sim for PC. Not sure if it was DOS or Windows based. IIRC the box art was a bit more colorful than serious and implied an isometric or top down view (maybe like Theme Hospital). I believe this was around 1996-97, but definitely no earlier. I clearly remember debating between buying Sim Tower (Windows CD version) and this game. It was a difficult choice being similar genres, but as a kid with little money I took the 'safe' Maxis choice :-)

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Mega drive game.Fantasy setting.Walking an overworld, also had a ship that you could use to traverse water.Get into battles, grid based?

I know it's not much to go on, any ideas?

Maybe King's Bounty?

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Hi, I'm trying to remember the name of a game I played as a kid, back in the early 2000s (or possibly up to 2012). I have very little memory of it, but from what I can recall, it was an action/adventure PC game. I think the plot was something along the lines of you playing as a family and travelling along a map, fighting various monsters. I remember a desert like background from one screen so maybe it was something like a family roadtrip gone awry? I don't think it was a platformer, but I could be wrong. It was possibly a 2D game but I'm not certain of that. I remember the graphics were impressive, but again, I was a kid. I think I remember receiving the disc in an envelope but I never ordered it(?) and I think it was maybe a trial version sent to me, if that helps. Sorry for lack of detail, it's been years since I've played, or even thought of this game. Thanks in advance to anyone who can find the title of it

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A pc game which resembles an educational JumpStart game, you play as a cat or maybe a dog and I just remember seeing grassy hills. Then you walk into a building and there are different portals you can walk through to play different games. I'm sure it was geared towards little kids and it was from the early 2000's. It was 3D and the graphics weren't as poor as you might expect. I think it even had some sort of coin currency.