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This was a 90s or possibly early 2000s game similar to Myst in that it was a puzzle adventure game, point-and-click. It was set in China I think--I thought the name was Xin or Xiang or something like that, but I can't find it. It was in something like The Forbidden City, with a lot of old architecture, statues. I don't remember the story at all. Thanks for the help.

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Mine is a mid 80s game. Remember it on spectrum. You played a cop who wanders round station picking stuff up solving problems. I remember he got drunk in it. Also there were some ducks which you shot which were outside station

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Thanks for the reply but I remember the graphics been more drawn like. U had to stand over items to pick them up and could only carry so much.

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Hello everyone, again I come here looking for a game for the life of me I can't recall:

Platform: PC as far I know
Genre: sidescroller - platform - adventure - 2D
Estimated year of release: 90s?
Graphics/art style: 2D, similar I think to Captain Claw, more or less?
Notable characters: you use a lizard I think it was
Notable gameplay mechanics: usual jumping, attack with tail, jump over water (acid?), you could also climb obstacles
Other details: I think some enemies where some kind of frankestein monster?

That's what I most can recall of it :(

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Ok, well, this is a game that I haven't myself played but would like to if only I could figure out what on earth it was called...

Here's what I know/remember:

- I saw a youtuber doing a let's play of the demo version, so it probably came out no more than 5 years ago, based on when I got into watching lp's.

- It was a puzzle game

- Probably a computer game (but I can't be sure of that)

- The premise was that a large sailing ship (think 1800s) was attacked by a kraken-like sea monster. You would interact with various objects on the ship to go back to different snapshots in time during the attack. Your goal was to fill out the ship's log providing a cause of death for each person that had been on board (drowned, eaten by monster, etc). Seeing the different snapshots in time (that you could move through) gave you more information about the progression of events and who was who.

- It was mostly in sepia tone I think but this was a demo version so that may not have been final

I remember at the time being like this looks super up my alley, but it wasn't out yet so I decided to just wait until its full release, and then promptly forgot about it. Abandon Ship made me think of it and I'd love to track it down. If this at all rings a bell with anyone, I'd really appreciate it.

EDIT: RESOLVED. The name of the game is "Return of the Obra Dinn" and it sadly has still not yet been released in full.

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@comodo50: Sounds like Gex to me. I know there's a spooky-themed level, but I think I only ever played a demo.

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@catalyst21: It must be Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom that you are thinking of.

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So, my problem is your typical problem. Did not remember the name of the game. It's an RPG game with 3D isometric. Part of the story is the character driving then having an accident. Later, he realised that he's already in another world with steampunk and magic? I already search all existing game in google and steam only to meet failure. I hope somebody can help me in this problem of mine.

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So the game I'm trying to find I recently heard about it through the Giant Bomb Infinite chat room. I only opened it up once, but forgot to bookmark it.

It's an incremental browser game, that's basically a command prompt with a bright green font, and with a column of menus on the left side of the screen. I remember tutorial messages popping up on the right side.

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I recently saw the trailer for "Grip". many can immediately see that its a spiritual successor to "rollcage". a game released in 1999.

But I played a game on my friend's laptop which also looked extremely similar to grip and rollcage but didn't look as old as rollcage. I'm assuming its from the mid-2000s because I remember the game looking better than rollcage from 1999 but not good enough looking to be any more recent than the mid-2000s.

The vehicles in the game look very similar to the vehicles in GRIP and they have guns in them, so you can shoot the racers in front to push them off the track. I only remember one map. Its a desert-like map with dusty tracks through canyons and also the UI looks futuristic too unlike the rollcage. Think of the UI from deadspace but orange.

I played this game on my friend's laptop a few years ago but I can still identify the game.

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@hamst3r: Do you have any specific names? I did some general searching, on the off chance my brain's fried, even though I'm pretty positive it was a Mac. Still had no luck, even with all sorts of different combos of search terms. Thanks for an attempt, at least!

Will post what I remember again here in case someone else sees and has any ideas.

Early-mid 1990s
Educational game
Age of Sail
Trading around coast of Africa
Trade items included "canary diamond" and "beads"
Conclusion of trading/talking would sometimes end with "Vaya con dios" (speech)

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Back in the mid to late 90s my dad and I had several games. Myst, King's Quest VI, Mechwarrior... But the latter is what I'm most interested in remembering.

There was a game with live action cutscenes that I thought was one of the mechwarrior games. I remember something about a Naga model, but can not be sure if this was the same game. The only information I can provide for certain - in addition to the in game cutscenes - was that it was definitely a shooter game. Probably a sci-fi style shooter. The game was on the PC and I thought it had more than just opening and closing scenes. The scene in particular I'm trying to place involves a male wearing a helmet sitting in a cockpit. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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@rainavera: If it's a mech game, then it might have been one of the two Heavy Gear games. The first of these definitely had live action cutscenes. Not sure about the second one, though.

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Hey sorry for my bad english but i can't remeber name of this game.

I played that game on friend pc.

But i lose contact from him ;-;

I remember to play in he steam acount.

I remember being 2d and rpg.

The fight mode is like Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight

I played not much but i remember, a girl (child?) live with your parents, this girl have a sword and enters in a magical school but she does not have a magical stone and your parents don't have money to aford (I Think XD).

So she goes on an adventure to find a magical stone that some children at school kept talking about.

I remember she goes to school first time she meets a girl have problem with monster (Snakes?) in the path and this girl use water magic, atacks and cures.

This is all i can remember XDDD.


Case Closed

Fortune Summoners is the game XD

I search on the google = magical stone, school, girl

On images passing bye in page 23 i see the game. XD

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@x19: Umm...I played this game 4 to 5 years ago on my pc..The main character moves around to different parts of the world..In every part he faces enemies of one type of element like water,fire,ghost..At end of that part of world he faces the boss of that element...He has an inventory to collect things..He carries a wand..One of those wands that I remember is sun and moon wand.. There are many plant like things on his way which he can whack to get some items.. .

I am very desperate to know which game it is..If anyone does know the name of this game then plzzz help

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K...I found the game I was asking for before...Thx guys if u tried to help...

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Hi, really hope someone can help

I played this game a long time ago on a friends ps2. Its an RPG game, however i think it was only a demo...I'll try to provide as much accurate detail as i can from what i can remember.

The game, if i remember correctly, started off on a train where it would follow a female protagonist, until which more characters appear where you can then select one of them to play their "story". a lot of them were locked from the start, but end goal all these characters would team up.

the main female protagonist's story starts of in what seems to be an abandoned church? I remember clearly the first section of the map had creaky floors that you can only pass over while "sneaking" otherwise you would fall through. The battle system was initiated when the player had a Exclamation mark above their head, If you couldn't avoid the enemy in time you had to fight them. The player then could use their gun to mow down bunch of enemy mobs (I think were like goblins or dwarves or something, i vaguely remember) I do however remember this game was pretty difficult. If im way off the mark my apologies.

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I'm pretty sure this game was on the original play station. All I can remember was that it was a fantasy game where you lived in a house next to a cave dungeon. The dungeon was full of treasure chests that were bigger than you and some werent real and would try to eat you. One of the bosses was a griffin or something that flew and you couldn't hurt it but it would blow fireballs that destroyed the floor and it would also slam down on the floor. You had to beat it by making it fall in one of the holes it blew in the floor. Thats all I remember.

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So there's this game I used to play, some time between 2009-2011.

It was a multiplayer game on the COMPUTER.

The premise was to use these 3D "alien bug creatures" (cant remember what they were called) you owned to battle other users.

You could use these capsules, which came in different colors, to evolve your creatures. And you could also trade capsules with other people.

I obviously cant remember the name of the game. I thought it had "nano" in the title but its been too long. This game when I got it had its own desktop icon, and I didn't use steam to get it. I also believe it was free (not 100% sure).

Any help is appreciated, Thank You!

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a "Shoot 'em up" game on Windows. I played it on Win95 or Win98 and as it was just a trail version, I am not sure if it is transplant from acade.

This game is a colorful game and alike with Galaxian. You control a dog with big ears and enemys are animals too, like bees and squids. They shoot beams and buttlets to you. The first boss I met was a huge flounder. During the battle, when you killed an enemy, they will drop one "bottle" and for every hundred bottles you got, your weapon will upgrade. Bosses will drop a lot of bottles and one more life.

I think this game is in 1998-2002, as I was really young I can not remember the exacatly year I played it.

Thanks for any help

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Around the early 2000's, my friend lent me a GBA game that was a Jump'n'run game similar to Sonic, but definetly wasnt. I remember that it had partners that you could collect that would give you different abilities when equipped, they would hover behind you while equipped in a level. Im pretty sure the character you played as was a brown rabbit of some sort, he could hover by flapping his ears too. One of the bosses was a hippo pilot at an airport. There was a desert level and jungle level too, I think.

I've been looking for this for years. Anyone have a clue? It might have not been an official release, maybe a homebrew, since I have never been able to find anything resembling it on ROM sites. Please help.

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