The "Can't remember the name of this game" Thread v3.0

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@moskelosk This looks like it might be just it!! Thanks a lot! :D

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This was a computer game that I played between 1995 & 2005 I believe.

What I remember is it being sort of a puzzle or obstacle course kind of game. Each level was a different area & you had to figure out how to set up different things (like jump pads & boosts) to get your character to the end of the level. I believe the end of the level was marked by a flag or some sort of portal that took you to the next level. ** It’s NOT portal or chips challenge **. I vaguely remember that parts of each level would be something that you couldn’t touch, like maybe the floor was lava or a wall had spikes - something like that. Im pretty sure that you had a certain amount of attempts to get past each area before you had to reset to the area you were at last. It was not easy & each level got more difficult.

Other things that I vaguely remember but am not sure about: I think you were some kind of agent or spy. I think you were caught by the villain & he traps you in his lair or whatever & you have to get through each area/ level until you reach him. I think there might have been a screen at the beginning of each level where he would pop up & say something to you before you start & he was watching you or whatever. I think that each level started by him saying something, then it shows you the ending point & moves past each obstacle or whatever until it gets to there starting point where you are.

I can’t remember if you controlled your movements or just set things up & then clicked to go or whatever. It may have been something where you move thru one step at a time or set it all up & go through it in one motion. I think was sort of like an arcade/ puzzle game where there weren’t infinite ways to get from point A to point B. It wasn’t 2D.

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Platform: Arcade

Genre: sidescroller - platform - adventure - 2D

Estimated year of release: end of the 80s

Notable characters: As I remember, the main character was kind of a knight, but he was round... or his shield was round. In my memory it looked like a armadillo.

Notable gameplay mechanics: the shield was the main item and it was possible to hold the shield in any direction to protect from attacks (probably throwing knives).

Other details: The first stage was too dark, looked like a cave or something like this and the shield was color purple.

Observation: it is NOT -> Black Tiger, Rastan, Rygar

Thank you guys!

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Hey! Just talking with my friends and I remember a specific part of it that I liked. Your teammate was a sniper? AI and when you aim down the sights at an enemy your teammate would take him out. Pretty much instantly too. And quietly.

It was a recent game. Maybe a call of duty? Maybe splinter cell? I can't remember.

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And quietly.

Is that, uh... Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V? I think Ghost Recon: Wildlands also had a similar mechanic. I haven't actually played either.

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There was a game for the PS2 that I rented. I think it was Japanese and you played as spies or some shit. First level was on a train as far as I can remember. You had to beat the levels on singleplayer mode to unlock co-op mode for that specific level, which pissed me and my brother off. Haven't seen or heard of it since until it recently popped into my head.

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@cure_optimism: Was it Th3 Plan? The second mission of that one is on a train and you have to unlock co-op by completing bonus objectives in single player.

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Yep, that's it. Isn't as old or as Japanese as I thought. Apparently made by a French development team and released in 2007. Thanks, man.

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There was this PS1 game I remember renting from the blockbuster with my dad before my mom made me return it for being too violent. This would have been 97-99, and I remember the game being third person and science fiction-y, and there were several levels where you drove semi-realistic tanks? It might have been rated M, but I'm not sure.

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Looking for a game I played on some demo CD i borrowed from my classmate. I came with "Killgore" I think was the name, Nascar, Sin and thief: the dark project.

The game I'm interested in is a strategy game where i think something made earth inhabitable in the future and both genders split into faction fighting over the resources of Mars, I think. You choose whether you want to play as either the girls or the boys. It's a sci-fi game with mechs, aliens and base building.

Would really appreciate if someone could tell me what it is. The name of the game had the year in the title (2320 A.D.) or something and it had a "skirmish" game mode.

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So a game I've been trying to figure out on and off for the past few years has been killing me and this seems as good a place as any to ask.

From what I remember, it was a platformer/puzzle game, if I had to guess made in the late 90s and on PC. The general plot of the very beginning of the game was you were a kid who had to repair your mom's hot tub, and went to some oddball parts place, and when you installed the new part you turned the hot tub into a time machine. You went waaaay back in time to around when Archimedes was alive (if I'm not mistaken), and aliens had a plot to get this time machine back from you. After this the details get a bit fuzzy, but stick with this lastbit. When you're beating sense into the aliens while platforming, you zap them with your TV remote, and the aliens are generic green blobs, I think.

I'm not sure if anyone can help with this, and even if you do the chances of me getting to play are probably slim/next to none, but at least it'd finally solve what the hell it was called.

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Can't remember thename of game I played, it was an 8-bit game in which a soldier is dropped from helicopter(Its not contra :) ) and after each mission the helicopter appears to bring him for next chapter. It was similar to 'contra' and 'double dragon'

He does not have any weapon initially then he punch some wooden box and get a gun. Its a sci-fi futuristic game, with big ships and canons etc.

The name was something like 'CUBA' or 'QUBA' or may be it is the name of one of the levels.

Please help to remember me

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played a game but forgot for which console.I believe it was before the ps3. It was a topdown shooter i believe, with cars but if it gets destroyed you become a guy with a gun still in a topdown shooter fashion. At one point you fight a boss where at one stage it falls of the arena and becomes some sort of tentacle monster of some sort i think. It was also couch co-op with red and blue cars and people. I faintly remember a cutscene where the characters run through a white door of some sort. Hopefully someone knows this game

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I remember playing a game on PS1 or PS2 back in 05-09 where you started the game as a smaller robot but you could find other robot shells or stronger robot bodies and you could turn into them and use them. Each robot had different guns and sizes and stuff. Was multiplayer.

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@flibberdipper: I know I have played the game you are talking about or at least seen it played. I'm going to have to think on it for a bit but that all sounds too familiar.

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I remember seeing some footage of a game early in development that was unashamedly inspired by Dark Souls. It dealt with giant animals instead of Demons and I remember the early footage had snow or mountainous terrain.

The only clear thing I could remember was they had to change the name due to legal issues.

EDIT: Nevermind, managed to find it. Its Praey for the Gods and it's a Shadow of the Colossus inspired game, not Dark Souls

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I have a hard time describing this one, but it is a computer game I played when I was younger, in the 90s. It is a maze chase sort of game, where you play as a knock off grittier version of packman. The levels have enemies in them, and the power pellets give you projectiles instead of invincibility. The game had story telling aspects to it as well. From what I can remember, the game is called some form of "pack man" or "packman," but I cannot find it using Google, as only Pac-man pops up.

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I'm trying to find a game I played when I was young around 10 years ago or something like that. It was a demo actually about a Black Blob which was inside a pyramid or something like that. The blob could become soft to slide between narrow gaps or hard to crush the creatures that were there which were hostile and it could basically become like not glued but it could attach itself to walls when it became like hairy around or spiky? It was a PC 2D game colorful. Idk what kind of game I'd say it is.. a bit of action since you had to kill the creatures that try to bite you or kill you and a bit of puzzle like with traps and so. I think that it was on a CD of Joker magazine or a PC gaming CD where you get a magazine with it. The creatures were a bit of greyish perhaps or different color than the blob and had sharp teeth also there was like a troll thing with round head which you had to pull off his head to kill him with the spiky or sticky form of blob. And I think that blob became bigger when it ate little pieces of blobs for its health or something I don't quite remember how it went with HP. If any1 could help I'd appriciate it.

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Pc game

Mid 2000's

A first person Sci-fi shooter

Possibly multiplayer only

I can remember playing this game and it being on some planet but also being able to get into spacecraft and fly directly up for a period of time and eventually you break through the planets atmosphere and can fly around its immediate space,

So possibly it was a multiplayer first person shooter where you can fight on the planet with your guns or take to the skies in spacecraft and fly into space for dogfights......

The progression from the planet through the atmosphere into space was all seemless without loading which I thought was unbelievable at the time which is the biggest memory of the game,

apologies for the description it's the best I can remember.

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PC Game

Early 90s I believe

Single player first person 3d

I remember playing this game as a kid it was a first person 3d adventure/puzzle? game that also had a good/evil system. It also was voice acted if I remember correctly.

You started off in a small yard with an old man who you believe to be your dad and you do some basic fetch quests until he tells you that your the son of a king and you are a pendragon.

The game progresses and you meet multiple other knights? who you have to do things for to earn their favor. I think at one point you have to fight a skeleton to get a key while a boulder rolls at you and the game also had dragons and a level where you enter a castle.

Wish I could say more or maybe I'm remember things completely wrong.

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@wollywoo: Oh yes actually that is the game I played. Thanks for letting me know I was searching the web for it but it never came out when I searched black blob game since it has a strange name I guess. Anyways thank you.

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Hi, this is going to sound super Generic, but this has been bugging me for literal decades.

I was born in 94, and I have memories of my older brother playing a game on our family desktop in the late 90’s early 2000’s (i think this was before halo came out, but definately before Halo 2). The game was an FPS that took place on a spaceship that has been infested with alien lifeforms. I can’t really recall much besides I remember that the game was quite bloody for the time (bloodsplatters on walls and floor) and there is only 1 scene in the game that I can reconstruct that would be helpful to identify.

- (I think this was early in the game) the stage has a corridor that eventually turns into a U. On the left is windows to outer space, and after walking down the hall a big brutish alien will come out and attack by overpowering you. I remember it was kicking my brother’s a** repeatedly until he figured out how to juke it and go to the far side of the U shaped hallway where he got the rocketlauncher and blew the beast up.

Some other info that may help:

In the introduction/ demo trailer if you were offline on the start screen for too long there was a cutscene where the hero approaches the ship in his fighter and hails them, what he gets back is a video of a woman who is all bloody either asking for help or warning people to stay away until blood spatters on the screen.

- i believe it had full 3d graphics, so no doom or quake.

- I believe it probably had to be a demo because this was back when most pc games were on cd’s, and I dont remember ever finding a strange disc for the game.

- the Aliens were no Xenomorphs.

I hope that helps.

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@jkob09 Woohoo! I kept coming back here trying to guess one of these and failing. Now I win.

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I am searching for a game, can't remember year,may be 90's, i use to play it in pc, 2D game,

their were key open door most important we were playing in building and view was building cross section(confirm) climb floor by floor killing aliens(i think), and going another building(sorry that's not much but i remember only that)

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I played this game on pc in the 2000s.

This game is a single screen 2D puzzle game with many levels.

The art is very simplistic cartoon. You are this red dude with a hat trying to get to the ladder to get to the next level.

There are obstacles. I remember you can eat mushrooms and the oddly coloured mushrooms are poisonous.

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I'm in my mid-40's now, but about 20+ years ago I recall playing a third-person space shooter/adventure that started out flying around some planetary base/city at night and had to defeat enemy craft to advance/continue game. However, at least with my copy the game was glitch and you could never complete the starting level. it just kept resetting itself (not a complete restart)....the base/city was all black with yellow (?) was laid out like a grid pattern I think.