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I’m trying to remember an old game I played back in middles school in the early 90s. It was a jester or clown like guy, he was the bad guy, and you had to solve these puzzles and games to make your way through the island. Does any of that sound familiar to anyone? I think it was on an apple computer.

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I can't remember old game. It was released on PC around 1995-2005. Some girl was trapped in sunken ship and you were in role of guy, who had control of doors, lights etc. You can only see through cameras and navigate this girl with items in her surroundings. Like, when she sees blinking lights, she will follow. Your main quest was help her escape.
Thanks for help.

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Alright, I'll do my best to explain this game.

It was a PS1 game, RPG (most likely a JRPG). Combat was turn based, random encounters, and you had a small party with you like Final Fantasy games. Art style was sort of like Breath of Fire 3 with sprites and hand drawn pictures of characters faces during speech. At some point you either found or took over this tower on the world map that became like your base of operations. You could go up each level and talk to your party members and stuff, and there was a bald guy with a monocle that called you "Master (whatever you named your guy)", and would correct others when they didn't call you that. Also, you eventually got access to like a speed boat thing that you could use on the world map. This is kind of vague, I know, but I hope someone can help.

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im trying to find this RPG styled game.

it was on pc and im not sure but i think it came out around 2010-2014

The mani character was a male that had to juggle two girlfriends. when you failed you got sent into sort of a nightmare world made by the 2girls. The title was the girls names. They were the same name just different spelling? can anyone help?

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I remember an experimental indie PC game that was posted on a game dev forum probably in the last 10 years. It was a simple 2d platformer with I think gameboy-like graphics. After a bunch of people had played it the dev revealed that the game was randomly different for each player: some people played the game with shorter jumps, less health, bigger spikes, fewer rooms, etc. Apparently one of the variations had it so that you couldn't even get past the first jump. I doubt it was ever published outside of that forum.

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@boomshake: The Experiment or Experience 112, or some combination of words and numbers depending on where you played it.

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Hello! I am trying to remember a game that I played back in the late 90s/early 2000s. It was on one of the online websites like miniclip or addicting games. It had a little green dinosaur or other animal that would be moved around the screen using arrow keys to eat blobs or bubbles of slime. If the bubble was smaller than it it would eat it and get bigger. If the bubble was bigger it would stuck in the bubble. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Okay, so does anyone remember the game, that came out around 2009 I believe, and it was like skylanders, in the sense there was a pad and you put figures on it, but it wasn't action like skylanders. It was on PC and I don't think it was too popular. It was 3rd person and it was from a little bit behind the character. The first figure you got was a white thing, maybe a bear? The bad guy was a darth vader thing, with a black robe thing. Thanks in advance for anyone who can name it.

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Im trying to remember a old video game i used to play when i was a kid i will try to explain in detail . it was about two alien races at war with each other one was characteristically blue and silver and the other was brown and orange the fight though out many planets and you assemble build and command them , you build bases , large sentry towers and a variety of solders and tank like vehicles in the first cut scene i saw the silver warriors were shot down by the brown warriors on a city being destroyed and you command them to an extraction point its also the first mission and tutorial its a sci-fi and i would like to know if anyone knows the name

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Ok, this might be a weird one. It a game that came out within the past few years. Your a kid who in his living room playing a faux-Nintendo game but every time the kid falls asleep there a monster or specter or something—in other words the game gets pretty dark. I think they played it on a UPF within the past year, but I cannot remember the name of the game.

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Trying to remember a game that I read about in Game Informer(?). I am not sure if it was ever released, but I do know it was an MMO, and I believe it was somewhere between 2004-2009 that I read about it. It was for PC, and the big thing about the game was one player would end up becoming the end boss that everyone else is trying to beat, and whoever beats them, replaces them as the boss. It sounds like an interesting concept, and I am trying to find out what happened with that.

Thanks in advance

If your details are correct, I'm assuming it's not Godus. That wasn't an MMO and it was later than 2009.

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A few years ago, I found a channel dedicated to cataloguing obscure doujin games.

The computer I had them bookmarked on totally crashed. And I'm having trouble even recovering the hard drives. To find the Firefox bookmark folder. And the Youtube account I viewed it on is seemingly a long since abandoned one with a forgotten password.?

But one of the games showcased was essentially a Darkstalkers fangame. It was starring Lilith Aensland and seemingly a platformer, maybe with a few Adventure platformer/"Metroidvania" elements? Had to tell or remember, but it was definitely a 2D platformer.

Would like to find and play the game. But I have no idea what it was called, but I'm pretty sure part of Lilith's name was in the title. I think it was something like Lili/RiriPura. But searching that in Google doesn't reach me anything of the sort.

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So a game I've been trying to figure out on and off for the past few years has been killing me and this seems as good a place as any to ask.

From what I remember, it was a platformer/puzzle game, if I had to guess made in the late 90s and on PC. The general plot of the very beginning of the game was you were a kid who had to repair your mom's hot tub, and went to some oddball parts place, and when you installed the new part you turned the hot tub into a time machine. You went waaaay back in time to around when Archimedes was alive (if I'm not mistaken), and aliens had a plot to get this time machine back from you. After this the details get a bit fuzzy, but stick with this lastbit. When you're beating sense into the aliens while platforming, you zap them with your TV remote, and the aliens are generic green blobs, I think.

I'm not sure if anyone can help with this, and even if you do the chances of me getting to play are probably slim/next to none, but at least it'd finally solve what the hell it was called.

This sounds a lot like a Commander Keen game, but I don't know if any of those had time travel.

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Sure, i used to play that game in 2002-2005 I guess. Its a hand drawed game, like comic books (maybe worst).

It's a pc game, in a escape style, that u have to click and collect some objects and use them to take another things (like turn on the lights or find a key)

Everything that i remember of history of the game: it starts with your character in your room and you dont remember what happenned last night, but your girlfriend is missing. I remember at some point of the game of using orange juice in a fire pit to take an iron or something like that. I remember to use a vicious lamp to get a dog distracted and enter in a house. The history was too big and u find your girlfriend and she wasnt missing and a lot of crazy shit happens.

haha can somebody help me?