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I'm looking for a game from the 1990s-2000s. What I remember from it is a little on the fuzzy side, but what I remember is:

1. The main character being something of a ninja with dark purple clothes, fully clothed, and a possible trailing purple scarf.

2. The Game was a Platformer on PC.

3. The game was intended for kids.

4. The game had a demo.

5. It took place, possibly, building.

6. The graphics were relatively good for the time. Everything had pixel animation with with differing color pallets.

7. I remember whipping hooks to get higher in the level.

Thank you for anyone that helps!

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Hi, I am looking for an old computer game (probably 90's). Here is what I remember about it:

- It is 2D.

- The main character is a gray mouse.

- It has many levels, each one has it's own background/style (I can remember that level 1's background is a blue sky, and level 2 has kind of yellow background).

- Sometimes the floor is like ice cubes, which is slippery and makes movement hard.

- Basically we need to move and find each level's exit, most of the time we jump to avoid falling and to avoid obstacles.

- I believe it's name starts with one of the first few letters of the alphabet (probably D ~ G)

I am sorry if the description is not clear, and thanks in advance for the help.

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I've got an arcade game that I just can't find the name of. It was a sit down 2 player light gun shooter similar to Lucky and Wild, without the driving. The players were depicted as (I'm pretty sure) biplane pilots chasing after criminals in a plane, shooting enemies and having boss fights with large vehicles. I played it in the late 90's, and I've never been able to find it since. Thanks!

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4-5 years old maybe more

Its a webbrowser/flash game

The art style was all sprites but not 2d sprites it had a 3d look to it the game looked even better then pokemon platinum

Your movement was grid based just like the old pokemon games

Your character wakes up on a beach and cant remember anything. he is blond there is a green 1 eyed monster beside u looks like a small mike from monsters inc but short legs short tail and small wings u never see it fly its ur 1st pet. The tutorial ends right at the only town in the game.

The game had amazing sound for a flash game every area had its own theme.

The game had gear potions and pets but when a pet died it was either ridiculously hard to revive them or they were gone for good. (Tramitic to 13 year old me i would always reload my save when the original pet died by accident bcus its the only 1 in the game no look alikes)

To get new pets u would have to kill monsters and hope they drop an egg.

U didnt heal when u left an area back to the base u had to use potions or pay the fee.

The game was longish u had to save the game in town manually. dying reloads last save.

There is a number 2 to the game that has way more features and is long enough tha i never even got to finish it when i was younger.

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Hello, iv been looking for hours on 2 games i remember playing when i was growing up. so i will give 2 descriptions of games from my memory and hope someone recognizes the description and can help me because id really love to play the games again for nostalgia. thank you.

Both these games were for PC

Game 1

so this game i don't know the exact year but i want to say in early 2000's but could also be the 90's, from what i do remember you start off with surviving a blimp crash and start off in a town or village. and it has a layout of baldurs gate with the downward facing camera, you could pick locks and craft lock picks from metal scrap i believe, and craft weapons and stuff, and i think there was also guns in the game, its had a baldurs gate mechanics feel to it but like a steampunk-isk vibe. with crafting mechanics as well. and do quests and stuff.

Game 2

this game i believe came from the same time era. if not the 2000's it came from the 1990's. All i remember from this game is the intro cinematic scene was you were in a coffee shop or cafe and it was raining out, and talking to someone or talking inside your own head, then you were like on a rooftop i believe and there were floating robots and one specific location in the game, you were in a news room.

that's all i do remember. i hope someone could help me figure out the games as i would very much love to play the games again. now the first game. i could be mixing up 2 different games into 1....i havent had the best memory the past few years and i'm sorry if they aren't very descriptive

Thank you!

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@pete0r dude thank you so much. the first game was right but sadly the second game wasent but it is perfectly okay. the first game is mainly what i wanted. i appreciate it!:

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Not sure if these are actually getting answered anymore, or if everythings just on reddit now, but I'll take a dip. 2 Games:

The first was an NES game that may have been a 3D monster battle arena game. You could be like a dragon-ish thing, possibly others, and you could face off against a second player in a very simple overhead arena. I've "remembered" this game for years, but never been able to nail down what it was.

The second game I'm almost positive I encountered back when PC Gamers and Electronics Monthly Magazines included demo discs, so it would have been early to mid 90's. It was a turn based strategy rpg set in a western-fantasy world. There was a halo/angelic motif to something in it, and the main character was a blonde dude with a sword. It was a story-chapter driven game.

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I’ve tried so hard to figure it out. For starters, I THINK it’s an indie game that came out within the last 3 years...4 years at the latest. The graphics are more real than cartoony. This game reminds me of pac-man but it’s jot pac man and pac man isn’t even the themes of the game. Super fast paced game, too.

1) you’re in kinda a maze.

2) you can see the sky (its not a tunnel maze). Not super important but know it’s not a tunnel maze. There are multiple levels.

4) scary robot humans or whatever are chasing you and I think you can shoot them. Sometimes there are a lot of these humans. I think their bodies sometimes shatter when you shoot them.

5) I believe you pick up balls. That or something similar to the pac man games where the goal is to grab these balls around the maze while being chased.

6) like a live action pac-man but it’s not a Pac-Man game. Again, graphics are more ‘real’ than cartoony

7) there is a number at the end of game title (I’m pretty sure). Like, Cyberpunk 2077 but it’s not that game. Don’t quote me 100% on that but I’m almost positive it had a number in the title.

Ill be super happy to provide any more info. Lemme know.



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So there was this game I remember playing.

I don't remember much but I am sure it was a 2D action/puzzle game on the PC.

The seting was in a sewer and the player controled a black blob with yellow eyes and you had to solve puzzles or move through the level by changing your mass (heavier to sink in water etc.).

I think I played it back around 2008 I don't know when it was made.

And I also remember not geting far because there was an enemy and I didn't know how to kill it.

The enemy looked like a wierd deformed baby and it would damage the blob on contact.

Looking back now I don't think it was made for kids.

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I’m looking for a PC game ... or at least I played it in pc... not sure if it was made for pc.

The game looked like pac-man. there were these insects I can’t exactly remember but probably FIREFLIES or DRAGONFLIES... or maybe both of them... or even bees... we had to eat these light dots in a MAZE LIKE place without hiting the other insects. something like pac man. And it had this awesome , cool music playing. it had very few levels, you could finish the game easily and in a short time.

the game had a dark cool theme... it didnt look too childlish or color full , it looked badass... the whole thing.

It must have been from the 90s or 2000. could be older but the quality was not too bad if I’m remembering well.

I’ve been searching for this for a long time... I’d apreciate of you could help thanks 🙃

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I apologize in advance this is going to be quite vague.

All I remember about this game is that it involves two characters, you swap between perspectives of each character to complete puzzles/mazes. The game was on pc and I played it in the early 2000s I believe the game was meant for kids. The characters were little round men, I remember one being yellow and one being brown also the yellow character was bigger than the brown one, but I could be wrong about colors. I remember rainbows being somehow involved in the game. It was low quality 3D graphics viewed from a slightly top down angle. The colors where pretty bright and cheery (again probably meant for kids). I played it on a windows computer running windows xp.

I have no idea how much of this I'm remembering correctly but I'm sure any guesses will get me closer to the answer. Thanks!!!!

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Hi everyone

I am looking for an old pc kid game where the main character was like santa clause and he can setup bombs (similar to bomberman) like candy.the game was similar to bomberman

Thank a lot in advance

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Hi guys,

i am searching for a game.

We played it on the ps2, i guess. So it also could be a ps1 game. It was the early 2000s.

The game was like a jump'n'run or parkour game and it was in a house with obstacles, i think.

You could play against (or maybe with) a second player.

You could choose different characters and all of them had a own special move or something like that. One of them could spin like Crash Bandicoot.

The characters were not humans and they were small, so they could run on the furniture.

I hope somebody knows the game. :)

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I’m hoping someone can help me, I’m going crazy trying to figure out this game.

It was a PC game. I played it in 2005-2006. The graphics were pretty good. All I can remember from the game is that I was a female character and had a personal assistant in my house, and I want to say that the assistant was a monkey. I believe there were logic-type puzzles to solve, and I think it was set in the future. I think there was fighting too, though, and I want to say that one enemy was a giant greenish blob-like guy.

Any ideas at all??

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@pete0r YES that's it! You have no idea how much I appreciate your response. I literally squealed with excitement :D

You are so awesome!

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I'm looking for the name of an old-ish 2D game similar to Lunar Lander but with better graphics. You piloted some kind of vehicle (spaceship?) in a (underground?) tunnel system. You had to pick up cargo, which would swing below your ship like a pendulum, and carry it to a specific point and drop it off, then land, without running out of fuel or crashing. I'm not sure if it was an old flash game from late 90s/early 00s or a game on an older console (PS1 or older probably).

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Im looking for a game similar to space panic. The levels are like original donkey kong game and it has enamies in it and the goal is to eliminate enemies by traping them into holes.

Graphics are cartoon like pre rendered 3d.

It has a levels with underwater background.

Im not sure but i think the main character is a young boy with yellow shirt.

I played it on pc.

It has been made about 2000 - 2005.

Finding the game would bring a lot of childhood memories. :)

(probably my English is terrible but because im not good at it i cant see any problems in the text! Sorry if there is mistakes.)

EDIT: i found the game. It was worlds of billy 2.

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The game I am looking for is deep within my childhood memory so i apologize if at times its vague.

In elementary school (this would probably be around 2009-2013) We would play a game in our computer lab class that i cannot remember the name of.

The objective was to escape a dark house/mansion where you controlled some kind of character with the keyboard arrow keys.

Some of my friends who share this vague memory think it had something to do with a wizard, I remember it seeming almost cartoon like.

For genre it would probably fall under puzzle but Im not sure, it was 2D and a eagle eye view (if that makes sense, looking down on the character).

You may have had to get keys in the house.

Sorry if any of this information is me dismembering, this would be amazing to remember and bring back some good memories.


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Looking for a game on PC. I think I only ever played a demo of it off of a demo disk (so I guess the possibility exists that it never came out).

Probably would have been late 1990s / early 2000s, but I couldn't tell you how old the disk was at that point.

It was a birds-eye view RC car racing game. I think there may have been 4-6 different types of RC car you could choose to drive, but the demo only let you pick the first one and only let you drive on the one track.

There were weapons/powerups on the track you could drive over to pick up. I definitely recall an oil slick weapon, and possibly some kind of electric weapon. I don't recall the others.

It definitely had some amount of multiplayer, probably splitscreen.

That's, uh, all I've got. Hope someone can help me on this one, it's bugged me for a long time. My brother who I played it with has no memory of it, so no help there.

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Hi people.

Looking for a game on PC. it was a demo on one of the disc had at the time (so I guess the possibility exists that it never was released).

the game came out the same time as turok seed of evil if i remember correctly around 1998 to 2000

what i can remember about the game is that it was a 3d game where you had just crash landed or been shot down by something on an alien planet and you control an number of different ground vehicles to try and rescue or repair your drop ship,

you had to fight alien creatures to get back to your drop-ship and was a 3rd person game.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Logged in with my Google account just so I could post to this and hopefully get an answer. My internet searches don't seem to be turning anything up, so hopefully, someone on here might know what games I'm talking about. I say games because there are two of them, but one is sorta like a prequel to the other. Both of them were free games you could play online. Let me just go into my Discord messages and see what I spammed my friend with... now a bit of editing... and here we go!

I remember that you played as a woman looking for her brother and his companions, but I can't remember why. But they all had these RED SUITS OF ARMOR, and the helmets made their eyes yellow and they had things on them that made it look like they had pigtails. The girl's name might've been something like Layna, or Leina, or something along those lines. She used a staff and she had a projectile weapon of some sort attached to her arm (I remember a scene where it seems like she's calibrating or upgrading the arm weapon by holding it up into what looked like a hologram of the device) but I remember that after some combos she's say something like "fury strike" and there was a ground pound that I THINK she said something that sounded like "AY-OH-NAH" when she did it. I think the enemies were bug-like and there was this VOICE that controlled them and tried to corrupt anyone who could hear it, including the protagonist and her brother. I remember her coming across her brother's friends in various states of f***ed up, and at least one of them mentioned how her brother was going crazy. But I mostly remember the red armor. And I might've played it through AOL? I at least played it during the time when we used the AOL browser. There was also a 2D spinoff game that had to do with her actually getting the suit of armor since she had to steal it from her village or whatever. That actually started with her out of the armor, where she was depicted as very tan with brown hair, even though in the one shot we get of her from the original without the helmet on (that's how the game starts, after I bit of exposition, we see her putting the helmet on) she appeared as a pale-skinned and dark-haired woman.

Okay, I think that's everything. If anyone knows anything about these games, please let me know.

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@tgjessie: it’s not really RC Cars but maybe Ignition?

Cant link to anything on my phone. I will edit a link in later.

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@eulisker: If you mean this one, then no, that's not it. I don't remember it being 3D (though I can't say for certain).

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@tgjessie: Re-Volt comes to mind with RC cars and powerups, but again it is 3d so maybe not.

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Hi, there was this old game, I think on pc, it was about jungle animals? There was an option to play as sandbox. There was also this map where you could go to new places when you leveled up. There was this air balloon in the game too, (there weren't any interactions with it though). The game itself was "raising" the animals. You could play as them too. One of the first areas is in a Savannah. You could make it rain so the watering holes would be filled and then you could get grass grow and stuff, to feed the animals. The whole food chain thing was there too. A few distinct animals I remember were, lions, giraffes, flamingos, zebra,small rabbit looking creatures. So you could for instance play as a rabbit and eat grass, or a lion and eat a zebra, or a giraffe could drink water and plants and so on. There was a mini map in the right lower corner showing where all you're animals are with red dots i think. Oh and you could also end up with them all dead if you dont feed them water or if lions dont have any prey to eat (all the prey are dead cause there is no grass).

This game was a game I played about 10 years ago or even longer. I dont think it was pay to play. The name is almost at the tip of my tongue but i cant remember it. I would really appreciate it if someone could help find it :)

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Hi! I'm trying to recall the name of a game I only vaguely remember. It was a ~90s game, 3d. I only had a demo version, with a level where you start next to a portal in a swamp. You could use many weapons, including a hammer you could throw and it would come back. You could hold items. Later on in this level there was a witch that that threw fireballs at you. There were also starfish-like monsters that spit stones at you. I remember a puzzle where you had to throw a rock into a spike trap to break it. There was a house set on wooden poles and you climbed to in on a ladder. Near the end of the level you fought a warden and you had to cut his palm off in order to use it to pass through a locked door (the lock was hand-shaped).

I can't recall anything more. I hope it's enough to figure this out :)

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Loading Video...

Aha, I found it! Or, rather, my brother found it. I guess I was wrong about him not remembering it. Apparently there is very little about it here on GB.

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Hello I’m looking for a game I used to play from the 90s as a kid. It was a 3rd person style game and you would fly around in a helicopter or tank/car and could blow stuff up.

I don’t really remember much but there was a lot of hills and it was a very green map with a lot of grass.

Unfortunately I can’t remember much about this game but hoping someone knows what I’m on about.


EDIT - nvm I have found it now, it was called SWIV 3D and is apparently nothing like I remember lol 😄😄😄

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Hello Everyone,

The game that I cant remeber is a late 90s early 2000. I played it in PC. the character is a female with short blue hair, you can find part to upgrade the weapon, the planet seem to be like it exploted and now has a lands that are floating and has different lands. if i am not mistaken it start off in a junkyard... thats as much as I remeber from the game. I remeber i could never finish it because it was a used game half way to the game it crashed at a certain level.

Thank in advnace

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Help please! I can't remember the name of an older computer game i played back in elementary.

Had legoish graphics u were a car looking for lego pieces to build boats and other cars. I remember there being ducks and boats. U would move around with the arrows on the keyboard. Anyone familiar with a game like this?

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@moskelosk: yes, that's the one! Thank you very much

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Please~~~ help me find this PC game that my friend's bro was playing.

-Tactical turn based rpg

-Maybe jrpg?

-I saw this game in 1995 ~ 1999

-One of the main character's ally (female) got kidnapped and brainwashed. Later, she shows up as an enemy.

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--ANSWERED BY Eulisker. The game was Killing Time--

Hi fellow gamers,

I am trying to remember a game and have been unable to find it for the last 20 years. Now I am fed up and I hope someone here can help.

Here are the details:

- I am almost certain it was an old ugly 3D first person shooter for PC, possible even macintosh

- You are a soldier? and you are not dead, but somehow you got into hell and are now trying to escape.

- It was made somewhere in the 90s

- It had a demo, which had very catchy music when you ended the demo.

- I vividly remember chefs with the classic CLEAVER chef knives walking around, they also appear on the art/demo end screen/game case?

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@kuba-orlik: I've found it! It's King's Quest: Mask of Eternity


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Yes! That is the game. The demo was very different from the actual game and my memory is clearly warped. But this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoXziVizjPQ stuck with me as a child. Thank you very much for helping me rediscover this game!

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For the life of me, I can't remember this old pc game, it was based on some popular toys (which I cannot remember as well) back in the early 2000's I think. The game played out like this, you pick a frame of a bot of some kind that had a single color to it(aka orange, light blue, pinkish red), add weapons to it, and then during the ride up to the arena, you fill up 3 green bars, which I think helped give you an advantage, and then you fought another opponent in said arena, kinda like a battlebot type game. I remember playing this as a kid, and the name of it has been lost to me.

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I need to find the name of a very weird game that some YouTubers did a video of

This game has a Russian protagonist (may be named Ivan) who was bald and had many asian lettering tattoos on his body, and I think you break out of prison in the first mission. That's about all I remember for the game.

I think it may have come around about 2011 2012 somewhere in the early 2010s.