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Hello, I only signed up to try to find the MOST OBSCURE GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED in the past. this game will be really hard to find. The game is an old PC underwater 2D platformer where you play as a young scuba diver (looks like a kid) with pre-rendered graphics. for some reason, you can't swim in the game, you can walk and jump. There are also doorways which leads you to different areas. I believe the game is very colorful and most likely, the intended audience is kids.

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@aerithlives: No. By "pre-rendered" graphics, I meant the protagonist looks 3D even though he's actually 2D. Also, the protagonist is human.

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@tidyyoy: There's a game out there called Diver Jimmy Arcade that seems to be out on various PC game sites - I found a YouTube playthrough with a quick google. It's hard to determine how old it is but it looks like what you are describing.

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I think I might have just fallen foul of a trap... ...look for a diver, find a Command and Conquer online launcher link.

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@aerithlives: Yes!!! That's the first game I was talking about, thank u very much <3 Now lets see if u guys can find the other game.

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@bambus: Was it Dragon Valor? There aren't that many full 3d platformers on the playstation, so you should be able to narrow it down. Was the character human? If yes, that cuts down on all the ones with animal mascots. Were the graphics realistic? If not, that cuts down on all the gritty games with horror elements. etc.

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@aerithlives: not Dragon Valor. The character wasnt human, and graphics were not realistic. Also, it could be on PC as I said.

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Ok, this game is one my cousin would play on his computer when I was young. It was in a fantasy setting, there was some kind of morality system, and you controlled a giant hand. That's all I can remember, I never even played it but always thought it looked cool.

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Never mind, I've been searching for this game for years and then the second I ask a forum a random youtube video mentions it in passing and I recognize it. It's called black and white in case anyone else is looking for it and finds this.

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Okay. This game is probably very difficult for anyone to know. Mainly because I can't remember much about how it actually played.

It's a PC game, I used to play it on Windows, pretty sure it was a program of its own not an online game but it might have been online. It would have been free anyway.

It was a visually dark game, mainly brown I think. But you played as a colour. I think blue, I'm not sure why that comes to mind. And there were computer AIs that you'd play against, different colours I think.

The game is 2D, toolbar kinda thing across the top and the main screen is a dark map/world mainly brown coloured. May have rendered differently for each level. You had your main colour and you had to take over or spread out (somehow) your colour over as much of the map as you could, either on a timer or once the world was covered. You were against the other colours, like two of them I think.

I can't really remember a whole lot else, but it's been bugging me for so long. It had some cool dark music I think. Other than that, can't remember a whole lot else. It was the best game though!

Used to play it years ago, like probably late 200s? If anyone finds this I will genuinely be so thankful but I have looked everywhere online trying to find it with no luck.

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@martinlee392: Until I realised you said 2D I was going to suggest Darwinia - but that is definitely 3D. It fits the right time period though. hmmmm…

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Guys help me out remember this old game where the graphics and the military styled clothing of the player character looked similar to those in the game commandos (the graphics are also similar to Doom). The view was top-down 3rd person shooter and you moved up down left and right and rotated your character 360 degrees to aim your gun in different directions. You could find all sorts of weapons including grenades. You could climb up ladders (character would accordingly get closer to your face while going upwards). There were dog-like creatures (probably just dogs) that you shot where they spilled pixelated green blood. The view was top-down while rotating your character (not the screen) to aim your shots.

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@omar59: Maybe you should tell us if it was a PC or console game.

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Hiya, there’s a game I’ve been trying to remember for years but I can’t find the old disk anywhere and all my google searches turned up empty. I used to play this game constantly so would love to find it again!

It was a game that I swear had encyclopaedia in its title or to do with it anyway. It was on PC clearly made for kids as it was educational. Basically you explored around this like house and garden etc (this bit I’m pretty sure was in first person) and played mini games (I don’t think all the mini games were educational) but I remember you could like look words up etc. I also remember this one mini game where you were using a lawn mower and either trying to get the bugs running around the screen or avoiding them I don’t remember haha.

I’m not sure when it would’ve been made but I estimate probably late 90s early 2000s. I’m sure there’s more to this game than I remember but if anyone has any idea just from that I would be very grateful!


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There's this SNES fighting game where you can play by yourself or with another player. It's in somewhat of a style like Final Fight but with the right combination, you could put enemies through a window in the background. Well, I remember this one level where you're in the entrance of a towering building, fighting your way up to the top where the final boss is at, and you could skip up a few levels in that building by throwing one of the enemies through something that's like a map (sort of like one you see in a mall only this one had a window in front of it) and upon smashing it a bus appears out of nowhere and you can skip up. In the final boss fight, you're fighting the boss and in the end you throw him into this power generator and it triggers a chain reaction, forcing you to leave the building, and then it switches to a cut-scene showing the building and all of a sudden, you see explosions appearing randomly on the building almost non-stop until the screen turns black. If anyone knows this game, I'd appreciate it because I can't for the life of me remember the name of it and I've been looking for it everywhere.

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@warriorsorb: If you know the system and the genre it should not be difficult to look through the sidescrolling beat-em-ups until you find the one you're after. Just go on a site like gamefaqs that has pretty much every game in its database. If you can't take the time to do that, you obviously don't care that much.

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@aerithlives First, I only knew the system and genre because that's what I remembered as a kid. Secondly, it's actually more difficul than YOU think. I have been spending time, about 11 years worth of time, searching for this game. I've searched all the sites I could, including Wikipedia and Gamefaqs, looking through lists of beat-em-up games and I've searched the gameplay of each game on YouTube and even went as far as looking at final boss level videos, and none of them were it and the lists were incomplete according to the posters. Thirdly, don't judge people about anything as you are in no position to be judging anyone.

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Please help, this is driving me crazy! I played this pc game as a kid, late 90s. You played as a preteen-is boy, I know he had a dog, and you were solving a crime by exploring the city and solving different puzzles and decoding clues. I feel like there were gang members who stole his dog?

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@warriorsorb: Don't take things so personally. I have found obscure games doing the method I described to you. I was trying to be helpful, but since you're clearly not interested in what I have to say I will refrain from telling you what game I think you're looking for.

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@aerithlives I wouldn't have taken it personally if you had said it without sounding like a dick, including that last statement. While you may have been trying to be helpful, some of the things you said felt rather hostile towards me.

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Hello! There is this particular PC game (which I am pretty sure was bought for me at Staples years ago) that I am trying to remember the name of. I played it back during the early 2000s. All that I recall from the game is you are assigned to work in some sort of factory/power plant and have to play in a large array of puzzling levels. I fondly remember the game over you get when losing; the building becomes engulfed in a purple substance and eventually corrupts the entire world (which basically terrified me as a kid lol).

I wish I could give more details but this is as best I could remember. Thank you in advance for trying to help out. :)

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Okay, so there is game I played when I was in elementary school (the year I played this was probably 2013-2015.) I need at least the developer, because I liked their games. It was a mobile game. The game had dinosaura with guns on their backs, I think??? You could log onto a server, and the owner could spawn in a boss for everyone to kill with no reward, or the could do PVP. There was also this one server map that was only social. There was no killing or bosses. It was just some stupid online shooter game on mobile. Another game by, if I remember correctly, the same developer is that you play as fish. I don't remember anything from that one, but I remember that I loved it and that it had terrible controls.

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Ok so I’ve been looking for this game for awhile now. I don’t remeber much except the following:

It’s a mobile game the was a bit popular around 2011 I think?

It looked kinda like A little war but that’s not. I don’t remember actual gameplay, but I do remember that you had you own personal character that was kinda like the leader. Then you had a couple of rows of people that you could pick which weapon they would use. I.e a mace or a sword. I remember that you could upgrade the armor for both the shoulders and you character. And I think your character got special skills, like fire blast or something. If anyone could tell about this game I wouldn’t be super grateful.

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@aerithlives: The whole point of this thread is to help people find games, not redirect them somewhere with a shrug. If you can help, awesome!

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Hi, I'm searching for an old Racing Game I think it released around 2000. I played it on Pc and I only got to the 3 tracks (because of a Game Over and had to restart) 1. track is in the America Desert (something like that .

The 2. track was on a Mountain by a ski resort and when you drive the skier over (or better explained kick them far away) they made a similar sound like Goofy.

The 3 tracks were at night on hills where it was going up and down and on the side was water where you could sink and this map, I think had cows on that map could drive over (like skier more accurate explained kick them really far away).

The cars can lose up to 3 tyres and still drive and only broke down after the 4 one broke up (was really funny from what I remember with the sound) and by a Game Over (you get a cutscene) you are on the start of the race your character stands beside the car and then kicks it and the tyres fall of (car got repaired for that scene) and then this got photographed and got a newspaper article about it.

And I can remember the first part of Intro of the game It was in the America desert the camera goes from left to right to a road sign and switched between that and the cars driving (car scene was very short) until they arrive at the sign where I think the Logo of Company was on it and then the Cars drive past it and the road sign fell over. (sorry for my Bad English)

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I can't remember the name of this one game I played when I was a young boy in the late nineties or early turn of the milennium.

It was some kind of PC title - I'm not sure what tech is was specifically making use of, I only dimly recall a Windows 95 OS on our family PC of the time.

It was very reminiscent of Starcraft 1, since I remember it as being an RTS game of humans vs. generic aliens, possibly even inspired by the Xenomorph from the film, Alien.

The thing I recall the most about it is the FMV opening. It was very sombre and presented as a horror, with these Starcraft-esque power-armour wearing dudes searching some kind of destroyed military base/spaceport/etc. These marines, let's call them, end up finding a pair of dogtags hanging from a pipe dangling from a busted ceiling. When they do, there's a flashback to a different squad of guys entering some kind of science lab, and they're jumped by an alien that eviscerates them in pretty graphic detail for the time.

As they're killed off, the camera sorta pans away from a guy getting his ribcage ventilated to follow his dogtags flying away from a spray of blood and falling onto the floor, and the shot transitions into one of the original party holding the tags. Then more of the aliens show up to attack the first group of guys who flee, being picked off one at a time as a few of them escape outside. There's a huuuge swarm of monsters and their gunship comes flying into frame, shooting up a ton of the aliens before somehow being overrun and crashing. Then the FMV ends on the classic top-down last stand shot.

It's not much to go on, but you guys have worked some magic before, so I hope you'll be able to help. I've scoured lists of strategy games on DOS and gotten nothing from that, at least. I really think the release date must have been somewhere between 1993 and 2000. The name was something like "seed" or "infestation" or something along those lines. It's not Enemy Infestation, or Dark Colony either, I checked those out.

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@egorme: Unfortunately not, the opening is too different.

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So in this game as i can remeber were boy and girl girl got kiddnaped by some thing and boy needed to save her first level was in forest(pixel liked game but not that much it was in pixels but characters choud be very well seen) checkpoints are portals there are like castle levels Egypt levels and Last one is in Space where you beat the final boss please help

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i remember playing a game in maybe 2011 or 2012 when i was in kindergarden and i cant remember the name of it at all. all i really remember is it took place on a spaceship of some kind and had a large screen in the back or a large man in the back, i remember having to do a typing game for one of the areas and it wasnt a flash game it was on all the computers in the computer lab, thats all i can really remember it wasnt math blasters either.

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hi peeps am trying to find the name of a game i played once about 20 odd years back. Think it was on PS1(may have been on pc and other systems as well but not sure) basically main character was a boy he may have worn a cape, game was kinda a side scroller/point and click style game. I remember it had teleporter pods to get around and some platform style play sections and that's about all I can remember, not much to go on I know just hoping its enough that someone might have a name suggestion.

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Update: A friend of mine found my post on here, as he often goes to both this site and topic from time to time, describing the game I couldn't remember and though he doesn't have an account on here, he did manage to help me out. It was Final Fight 3. I can't be more than happy

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I'm trying to remember this game I used to play on the PSOne or PSX for those that are cultured.

The genre was either puzzle/RPG or JRPG.

The graphics were something like Final Fantasy Tactics.

The year must've been somewhere between 1996 to 1999.

All I remember so far about that game was in the beginning of the stage there was this huge table and people were standing around it. The room was lit but the background show somewhat rain outside the windows. A few buttons here and there one of the people performed some move (similar to how Gafgarion does his Night Sword technique) and afterwards, you had to do something else. Keep in mind that I was around maybe 4 or 5 years old when I got this game and frustrated, I got rid of it.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please help me discover the name of this game.

Please and thank you


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@kingukitsune: Vandal Hearts has a intro that sounds a bit like your description and has a FFT look to the gameplay. There are some playthroughs on YouTube that might be a bit better at confirming if it is what you were trying to find.

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@stantongrouse: Heart of Darkness that wasn't it
Vandal Hearts: Something close to that
the graphics (I apologize in advance for not wording correctly) like the characters have that Final Fantasy Tactics look or Disgaea if that makes sense

But something like Vandal Hearts you're very close though.

Again, thank you for trying though.

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Hey everyone, trying to think of a game that came out...anywhere between three years ago to last year, I'm bad with time occasionally, sorry. PC game primarily, I think GB had a QL or QLEX of it. The game was that you were in a spaceship and were piloting around, I think it was pretty much open world. The gimmick was that your only interface with the ship and the universe was the ship's instrument panel. There was a radar screen and maybe a couple of other screens, and the rest of your interface's real estate was knobs and switches and such. I think I remember the panel being green in color.

Want to rewatch the GB coverage and think hard about getting it (or maybe something similar). thanks ilu all

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@kingukitsune: Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth or Eternal Eyes maybe?

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@woodroez: Affordable Space Adventures. Wii U exclusive I believe.

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@aerithlives: It was Hoshigami.

Now I can complete this game.

Thank you very much Aerithlives.


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Its an old computer game, probably late ninties but could be way wrong.

I think you play as a knight or a king or something in a kingdom that was afflicted by a curse. I cant even recall what kind of enemies you're fighting or if its truly open world. What I do remember is that the Player Character has the heraldry of a sun on his shirt. Honestly the closest I can think of is the king for Monthy Python/Holy Grail.

I believe it was first person. Graphical fidelity similar to maybe OG deus ex or system shock 2?

I hope this is not a case of a childs memories being completely warped over time and wasting everyones energy! lol

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Hi, I've been searching for a computer game I played in the 90s. It was about a boy who was trapped in a laboratory of some sort. Each level consisted of a different maze, and each had different hazards; I remember that some of these hazards included fire, ice and even a laboratory monster (or was it a dog?) that would run at you. If for example there was ice, then the boy would slip and could crash into another hazard or drown if he "crashed" into water. If the boy died, the level would reset. But you could defend yourself from ice or fire if you collected special protective shoes...

It was a pretty difficult but interesting game.